Black People : The Making Of The Negro As Defined By White Racist Luciferian Human Beings

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Making Of The Negro As Defined By White Racist Luciferian Human Beings!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Listen Up!!! I Conform Only To That Which Is Beneficial To Black Afrikans Obtaining Our Freedom, To Be In Afrika!!!

So, Do Not Come Talking To Me About Some Word Your Black Behind Behave Exactly As It Is Defined!!!

If It Is Not About Our Freedom, (Reparation/Repatriation) Then It Is Of No Interest To Me, Beloved!!!

There is a race of people who have been cloned from the Black Designed Of The Black Cosmic Universal Being, those who wear the form and image of the Black Designed Natural Universal Beings, those who wear the Divine Mind and Blackness with self proud and Divine Awareness having no ignorance about What the Divine Essence, God Is.

So, what I am about to share here today, is going to have the Negro dissatisfied with this Divine Truth concerning the acquired mental and spiritual Nature been created and applied conditionally to the today Black unnatural Race of racial racist Black Afrikan people living all over the world today, no longer identifying with Mother Afrika!!!

The first thing I must let you know is that the Brand New Black Negro is immune to the Divine Truth about themselves, they wear the Mind that Lucifer has created for them to be guided by, so everything the Black Negro look at and believe about is to the Mind of the Human Being no embarrassing consequence of the way they believe and behave today.

So, all that I share Divinely about the Black Afrikan today is not to be looked at as a put down, the racist Luciferian Human Being has already done that by the remake of your Black behind, my intention is to bring you back to your original self, beloved Black Divine Beings of a Natural Design but now live being the design of that racist devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being, all of you, Body, Mind, and Spirit is just a creation by the Racist Devil Himself, calling himself Human and making claim to have a right-hand seat next to God Himself, the God been made by that racist liar which the brand-new Black Afrikans has pledged their Mind way of believing too.

You see, a conversion has taken place with the Black so call Afrikan Race, a change of Mind Use (Mental Energy) has taken place and now has the Black Afrikans to be not qualified to allow the Divine Truth to be enlightening to the Black once Divine Being anymore, all that the brand-new Black Afrikan can do is believe the way the Mind Lucifer has created for the brand-new Black Afrikan who now used to believe with and never to Divinely Think again.

Yes! a Helluva conversion the Black Afrikans did experience and a change took place in the Mental processing of events and information that now pass through the Mind Lucifer has created for Black Afrikans to be guided by, beloved.

So you see, unless there is a collective gathering of Black Afrikans for the purpose to engage in a Divine Spiritual Retreat for the purpose to undo what Lucifer has done to the mental processing of information by Black Afrikans today, then there is in no way will the Brand New Black Afrikan of today who has experienced the Lucifer Conversion will ever return to the Divine Nature of our Black Design.

As we Black Afrikans are today, that which is Divinely Shared with Black Afrikans are of no revealing enlightening use to the mind of the Lucifer Black Human Being, it is the Lucifer Human Being Mind that controls the Narrative of the doctrine used to educate the Black Afrikans today.

This means, that there is no want by the Black Afrikan to Learn, just to be educated about what to believe and believing mind care not about what is Divinely True, if not a part of Lucifer Narrative then automatically, ignore sign pops up.

I warned you that the lying integrationist, assimilation, civil rights hustlers, will attempt to usurp the issue of Reparation and allow me to inform you that all Reparation is not the same but will confuse you if you are under the mental conversion of Lucifer.

The Reparation that is real to the thinking mind of the Divine Mind is that Reparation that is connected to Repatriation, that is the Reparation that is associated to the Chattel Enslavement of our Enslaved Ancestors, they who endured that activity that went on in that evil institution, Chattel Slavery, which our Enslaved Ancestors did earn and now we the descendants carry the responsibility to collect what belongs to our Enslaved Ancestors which has nothing to do with civil rights or community development, but with everything to do with our Enslaved Ancestors Freedom away from America to be back in Afrika and there is no Divine Mind that will compromise that Divine Truth!!!

So, listen Up!!!, yes you, Black Divine Being functioning with your Divine Mind and have no problem with identifying your self as being of the Divine Design, let not the troubled brand-new Black Afrikan take control of the issue, Reparation/Repatriation, that issue is sacred Divine with power and when collected, is capable of having Afrika to become a Kingdom Again and to have Black Afrikans in Afrika to be Governed by a United State Of Afrika Government and to have Afrika to be for the Black Divine Beings again with a Divine Mind guiding us unconverted Black Afrikans with our Divine Mind intact to our Black Natural Body.

I know the way to our Freedom but you do not appear to be ready to do what is required of us Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors to do in order to have Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans again and as long as the converted brand-new Black Afrikans live uncontested being guided by Lucifer Mind, then it is woe to the Black unorganized Afrikans who are allowing that racist Luciferian Human Being to control the Reparation Narrative, Reparation/Repatriation belongs to our Enslaved Ancestors who have yet to be Free at home in Afrika, beloved, you being the descendants to act as our Enslaved Ancestors Proxy today.

Remember, not everybody wears this Black Coat is Black, beloved!!!

Divine Respect
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