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    THE MACK VS THE IMMACULATE Story: How Luke used Decius Mundus story & others to tell about the virgin birth tale.

    By Andre Austin

    Many scholars have published their findings that the Gospel of Luke plagiarized from Flavius Josephus works. Today I’m interested in Luke’s stories about two cousins Elizabeth and Mary’s birth miracles as it relates to the Decius Mundus (Anubis) story of Paulina & Fulvia two husbands named Saturn and the Egyptian story of Isis and her sister Nephthys.

    I was able to break down the bible code when I learned that the Barren Elizabeth was fixed and was then able to give birth to John the Baptist. My memory recalled that John the Baptist is a personification of the Egyptian God Anubis. With that the dominos just fall down into place.

    1. Nephthys, a noble, regal lady is the mother of Anubis and she was barren like Elizabeth. Both John the Baptist 7 Anubis were born in summer solstice 6 months away fro Horus and Jesus born on December 25 @ the Winter solstice. With “the enigmatic remark made by the Baptist at john 3:30 he must increase, but I must decrease as the sun passes through the summer solstice, the days begin to decrease in length until the winter solstice” Murdock p.240. Osiris had sex with Nephthys thinking she was Isis. Both Nephthys and Isis are associated with Apropdite (Venus) who gives off virgin birth in the foam of the sea and a castrated penis is thrown in the water. Osiris penis was thrown in the water and Isis was never able to locate it with the help of the Anubis dog. Isis then takes Anubis as her own son.

    2. Decius Mundus pretends to be the god Anubis and has sex with Paulina.

    3. Both Paulina and Fulvia, dignified ladies have the same father Saturninus

    4. Both Horus and Anubis have the same father Osiris, Horus has been identified with Anubis from the hybrid Anubis-Horus, the god of Cynopolis or “Dog city”. Both are associated with being born of a Lotus or honey Meliote. This Meliote is similar in name with Mistletoe that’s associated with Christmas. According to Pliny the Elder this plant mistletoe was used to treat barren animals we use now to kiss somebody under durning Christmas time.

    5. Saturnalia=A festival of Saturn in December, from which Christmas originated which sounds similar to Saturninus and may be tipping off the parody of the Annunciation story found in Luke and Matthew.

    6. Paul is turned into Paulina because Emperor Domitian sodomize and castrated him playing the role and wearing the mask of Anubis. Why else would Paul admit that a dog mutilated him in the NT (Philippians 3:2-9)

    7. Now I can see how the Catholics came up with the fictional story that Mary’s kids came from a previous marriage of Josephus who is the personification of Seb/Osiris.

    You can piece the puzzle off yourself by reading these books and articles in order or out:

    A. The works of Josephus Antiquities of the Jews chapter 18 chapter 3

    B. Josephus the Satirist? A clue to the original form of the Testimonium Flavianum by Albert A. Bell

    C. The Testimony of Josephus to Christianity By Clyde Pharr (1927) John Hopkins press 148 pages

    D. Isis & Osiris By Plutarch

    E. Introduction: Review of Caesar’s Messiah By Jerry Russell PHD found in Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah By Joe Atwill p.39-41

    F. Chapter 11 of Caesar’s Messiah By Joe Atwill

    G. Christ In Egypt by D.M Murdock under her chapter called “Anup the Baptizer” p.233-253

    After reading all this material its impossible not to conclude that the so-called cousins of Elizabeth and Mary are the personification of the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys and Isis and the whole **** story is fictional from the beginning to the end.