Black Poetry : The Lust Chronicles II (Feed The Need)

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    She stands before him
    In his abode
    In his bone room
    Two doors down from the blue room
    And across the hall from the throne room
    His humble quarters
    The place where the shhht goes down
    Where grown folks business is handled
    And he is about to handle her
    Like a sexstarved caveman
    And in his eyes she is the only woman on earth
    Who can handle his sensual thrashing
    Dirty talk trash talking
    About the shhht he's gonna do
    Upon his offerings of sacrifice and sacriment
    To this Queen's river
    To this Queen's hip lips
    To this Queen's camel toe
    Which currently shows
    Through her all black one piece leotard
    His manliness grows hard
    Strong young and verile
    He makes prediction
    That she needs to turn off her phone
    Cause she is gonna be busy quite a while
    Slowly she slips her arms out
    And rolls down
    Her leotard to her navel ring
    To reveal the skin of lusty sin
    To reveal her mouthwatering mammary mounds
    No bra no surprise
    She approaches
    The caveman horniness that is he
    And she asks him
    “Are you in the mood to fulfill my needs
    I need some hard heated heartthrob humping pumping seeds to breed…
    Will you be my baby daddy?”
    He answers
    “Queen I am your Don Juan your Casanova
    Cyrano I got the seeds to breed
    And the mind to feed them to you
    Make you my baby momma honored
    Above all Queens
    Now enough with the talk let's do the deed”
    He is seated on canopy bed
    As she stands between his open legs
    She turns round
    And lowers down and kicks off leotard
    To reveal her nakedness
    Bare bold booty beauty
    Gluteus maximus is the understatement
    Apple bottom deliciousness
    The true chocolate cake
    Arise third leg
    To pillage the harvest
    Bountiful blessings to be poured out
    Upon these Lustfilled lovers
    Bound in pact to make a baby
    Having fun on the journey
    To arrive at appointed place in time
    While they multiply one flesh by two people
    And the answer is always two
    Which is the number of wheels on a bike
    Which is the number of people needed to tango
    Which is the number of people needed to copulate
    Or else it's called a masturbate
    These two lovers twisted enmeshed
    Humping bed thumping rumps pumping
    Jumping each other's bone
    She the new Queen for his throne
    Copulating for birth making
    The actual intended purpose of love making
    To fill the need to breed
    The propagating of seeds
    To build a new future to see
    But long before the love
    There was the Lust of what each others eyes see
    Desire leads passion which leads to active participation of lustfilled lovers getting it on...
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    The bottom line...When 2 lovers of soul meet! Again&Again getting active for the next generation.