Black Spirituality Religion : The Love Pyramid of Heaven

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    There are three things that seem to be essential in going to heaven, keeping a peace of mind, or just being allright with God. And I named them in no paticular order.
    Knowledge, Faith, Works. All three should have to do with spirituality and in the name of divine love.
    Its like a pyramid because one person can have more of any of these than another. Everybody is different so if you turn a pyramid to a different side another quality may be at the top.

    What is spiritual knowledge?

    Its knowledge about how to get closer to God or knowledge that enables a person to get closer to God.

    Faith is belief in God when there is no or little physical evidence.

    Your works are best if you have a good portion of faith and knowledge also.

    Do I see the search for African history spiritual knowledge? Yes if the search is fueled by divine love.
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    Nice. One cannot have access to the Heavenly Kingdom with a lack of any of these.

    Knowledge of the Father and the Son is needed; as in, you need to know who they are and what they've done for you. And that is Their going through long suffering for our sake, that we may have life. That is the sacrifice of the Lamb, allowing His blood to be shed for our cleansing of sins.

    Faith in the Father and the Son are needed; as in, we need to trust in who They are with no doubting what They can and will do for us, Their faithful. We should remain in faith in good times and times of evil, never thinking to leave the Father and the Son for fear of tribulation before us, but knowing they will lead us to everlasting light and waters for overcoming whatever trial we must face.

    Works for and of the Father and the Son are needed; as in, your faith becomes a living faith when you have your works in the Name of the Father and Son. One can say they have faith, but it is only made alive by the very works you put into it. Nothing dead is for the Father, so dead faith will not do; only by works which leads to knowledge, will your faith live in the Living One on High. And doing this in the Name of the Son, our salvation and Shepard to the Father, shows certainly that faith is strong and unwavering.

    But we cannot forget one most important; and that is Love!!! Always give charity, share love, and don't be unfeeling toward anyone. Compassion is what's needed, and love is a definite necessity to be extended without discrimination.
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    Order IS important. Religion has earned such a bad name in our time precisely because people begun with faith in something of which they did not, first, study to gain knowledge. I will explain, underscoring the all important verbs which should accompany the aforementioned three nouns:

    • ' Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.'
    • Be aware that you can gain knowledge of that which is destructive easier than you can gain knowledge of that which is liberating. For this reason, some people prefer the noun Wisdom rather than Knowledge.
    • Whichever noun you prefer, it should encompass, not that which you parrot from your pastor or imam, but, rather, that in which you invest the time and effort to educate yourself.
    • The Father gave you a brain. Use it to figure out for yourself what is Truth.
    • 'Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.'
    • The false religions of our age have proven that Faith can be a dangerous thing to rely upon.
    • Yet Faith is indispensable when considering things which cannot be seen [such as Love, Consciousness, and Bliss].
    • Regarding Faith, Knowledge must come first.
    • Otherwise, unless you will not know the difference between Truth [that in which you should place your Faith] and the Lie [that which will destroy you if you place your faith in it].
    1. 'For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also'
    2. First, you study so that you gain Knowledge of what is Truth.
    3. Next, you place your Faith in that Knowledge.
    4. Finally, you act upon the Knowledge in which you placed your Faith.
    5. Faith and Knowledge are the prerequisites which prepare you to do the Work you were manifest in this world to do.