Brother AACOOLDRE : The Long Arm of the Law

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    To: Ronnie
    From: Andre
    Date: Oct 1st , 2006
    Subject: The Long Arm of the Law

    I hope your enjoying my literature. I know your bored in there so I want to keep your mind busy. In your letter you said you were interested in Islam. I would of never thought you would have entertained the thought of wanting to be a Muslim. But the oppressive nature of the White man’s law and Christian complicity makes the religion of Islam very attractive. White and Black Christians give support to the White Criminal Justice System so they look at Islam as an alternative. Especially in the South the Christians view their religion as authorities with the bringing down of the Ten Commandments as controlling forces against the Blackman.

    When social programs are cut there is an increase in mental health problems and crime in the community. The public answer is not to solve the problem but to react with law enforcement measures. Black people have been living under a oppressive police state for a long time now. It’s time, overdue for black people to become the beneficiaries of massive loans and grants for economic, health, housing and educational leaping pads. We want a helping hand for independent, self-sufficient remedies not things to string us along and make us dependent. I think this preacher man is sick because he doesn’t let the sun set on his angry with his adversaries.

    The Law in America is used not to benefit Black people but to put us in our place of subserviently. We have laws for Civil Rights and discrimination but they are not enforced. Every once and a while a high profile case involving an individual (instead of us as a community) is brought before the public eye as a token and jester and disguise to make it appear the law is on our side. When it comes to locking us up more resources and seed money is found to keep us in cages so that we remain sterile and unproductive while in their concentration camps. The females inmates are encouraged to stay in contact with their children not out of the state feeling sorry for them. The real reason they don’t want kids and mothers to loose bonds through prison incarceration is due to the state not wanting to take care of their children after they are released from jail. The Blackmen in the penitentiary are seen as a win win situation even if it cost the state big money to keep us locked down. You see the state sees a Blackman being locked up not being able to produce a child the state will have to provide for.

    The solution for this problem is for black people to set up our own infrastructure to support each other and stop fighting each other and turning each other over to white systems of control. We have thousands of churches but they are extensions of White Supremacy. Any Black person who has leadership ability is targeted for harassment if he doesn’t submit to white supremacy within religion, law, business, School you name it. I’m a victim of such a target. Anything I say or do if wrong or a mistake is broadcast to the worst light and the worst possible interpretation. So if I laugh, or smile too long there is something wrong with me. Now I’m a loner and only dealt with people at Spring Arbor University so where all of this bull**** coming from? Not my school! I have very limited contact with people so this malicious gossip has no foundation.

    We should be partners with white businesses, schools and not their subordinates and suppliants.

    I don’t know if you knew it or not but the Ten commandments is a modification and model from the ancient Egyptian 42 professions of innocence. The original intent of these laws was for guidance in your life and key to the afterlife. In Islam Allah creates the world from truth a model from the Egyptian Amen/Truth. In Christianity your heart and words are used for or against you on Judgment Day. This was modeled after the Egyptian Book of the dead where souls heart and tongue/words were judged. I will show you two quotes from the bible which have foundations from Egyptian theology.

    (A).“Judge nothing before the time, until the lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts” (1 Cor 4:5 King James Version).

    (B). “By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matthew 12:37 Catholic Bible).

    All Souls in Egypt who went to heaven were called “True of voice”, the Christian equivalent were called justified or sanctified. The reason why Paul was “Sure that Judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things”, (Romans 2:2), is because in Egypt truth was Maat= which symbolized law as a feather which was put on a scale opposite of a soul’s heart. Your heart couldn’t tip the scale against a feather or you would be eaten up by a monster for total separation from God.

    Ronnie, if you read the Black’s Law dictionary you will find the Clean hands doctrine. This doctrine comes from Egypt too were your mouth and hands (thoughts/faith and Actions) had to be truthful and clean to enter the gates of paradise. Western Law and Christianity adopted this concept without giving any credit to the black people in Africa. Just read the book of James of Faith and Deeds is words and actions of the tongue/heart.

    Well I must close out now. I just think that those who are being abused by the law should know the origin and foundation of Law. We has Blackmen living in the wilderness of North America shouldn’t be ignorant of the law because stupidity isn’t good for the mind, body or soul.