Black Poetry : The Little Things….


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Jun 2, 2006
Sometimes the little things in life
mean the most to me
Like receiving a message saying
good morning, how are you

The smiles you manage to place
upon my face all through the day
Or how when I am not around you
thoughts of you fill my brain space

Sometimes wishing I could see your face
at that very moment at that very second
replaying our conversations and feeling
a happiness inside that makes me close my eyes
and get lost in my thoughts of you

Da*n I just hate that circumstances
will not allow us to explore
Our possible fate go out on date
spend some time just hanging out
Too much is at stake….

But the thoughts alone are enough right now
they keep mind in a beautiful place
I always seem to want the very things
I cannot have, and now you’re
One of those precious things

That makes me shine and glitter
like a brand new diamond ring
Knowing that my presence
makes your heart gleam

I find myself thinking of you
and then wanting to sing
A sweet love song or rap a fly beat
that causes me to tap my feet
and twist my hips

Then I imagine I’m alone with you
and you kiss my glossy lips
Pull me close, hold my body tight
I melt like chocolate in your hands
and wish you could lick them clean
So you could get a taste of me
and savior the passion and steam

Unfortunately our paths have crossed
at the wrong time and the wrong place
But that does not mean our friendship is a waste

Here and now might not be a good time
for you or for me
But we never know what tomorrow may bring
So in the mean while I just wanted you to know
How much I enjoy all those little things
Little things means the most sweet nothings and upmost
tiny joyful whispers of thy voice and the small touchies
wit rapid smiles that will go many miles yes i know what u mean
and the thoughts through da day have the mind at mental play .

I enjoyed this that made me think back in time some......
In other words...Little Things ...are price-less!!

Don't buy me a rock that's bigger than my hand,
I'd much rather run barefoot with you in the sand.

Don't need no fur coat, to make me glow ...
Just pick up the phone and say ...Hello

Give me a wink, from across the room,
send a note saying you'll be home soon.

At the end of your day, you run to my door,
plant a kiss on my lips like never before.

Make plans to meet, at six on the dot,
Those very little things, to me ...mean a lot!!

surely I can relate, awesome write sis.​


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