Brother AACOOLDRE : The Letter of James, Jude, 2 Peter & Rev 6 attacks paul

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    The Letter of Jude attacks on Paul: A point by point lay out

    By Andre Austin

    Jude, who in alliance with James, his “brother” in the faith attacks Paul by innuendo, puns, parody and satire. The letter of Jude is one of the shortest in the NT; but small shouldn’t suggest little importance. Here’s a brief outline of my findings that Jude was in accord with James, 2 Peter and Rev chapter 6 in lampooning Paul as a Horse that cursed their group and Moses’s Law:

    1. Disputes about the body of laws (Corpus Juris), of Moses. (parallels James letter)

    2. Paul as a man of dream/vision who pollute body with forbidden foods

    3. An unreasonable, stubborn animal (Donkey) this parallels James & Rev 6 and 2 Peter letters. Paul as an Arab real symbol would have been a Wild-***/donkey (Gen 16:11-12).

    4. Paul is describe as a Shepherd

    A. Paul says he is related to an Arab Herodion in Rom 16:11

    B. Arabs were known as Shepherds

    C. Paul who takes the role of the god Hermes by his speaking ability (Acts 14:12) and his ability to know who is in the book of life (Philippians 4:3) and Hermes was patron of Shepherds.

    D. Jude description of Shepherds who only feed themselves fits the description of the Tribe of Benjamin in genesis 49:27. Paul claims he is from the tribe of Benjamin Roman 11:1. Benjamin’s tribe symbol is the wolf. Jude is attempting to explain that Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Circumstantial evidence of Paul reversing charges on himself by making the same claims on others (Acts 20:28-29)

    E. Jude makes the accusations in conjunction with his description of the Venus (Lucifer) star foaming up on the wild waves. Jude implies a castration of Tree’s without fruit (penis) and uprooted. Recall a dry Tree is equated with eunuch’s (Isaiah 56:3-5). However what really clinches the link with Paul is the recent discovery that Acts 13:1-12 is a parody of Hesiod’s play of a castrated penis being thrown into the wave-washed shrine of Paphos-Venus.

    F. Jude and James both agree that Paul is a boaster, a charge Paul welcomes and agrees with (2 Cor 10:8 & 2 Cor 11:16). Jude also calls Paul a flatter which is in line with the god Hermes-Paul has the ability to trick and deceive others Paul admits to see (2 Cor 12:16 & Romans 3:8). Hermes-Paul also is like Satan and has the ability to masquerades himself (2 Cor 11:13) and become all things to all men (1 Cor 9:22-23). Well if this man is really a dark horse or Donkey-Arab he would claim to be a wolf from the tribe of Benjamin to lead and Shepherd the masses into a false religion to benefit the Vultures and Eagles of Rome.