Black People : The Lessons of Life

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    If we have lived for any length of time we will notice that life doesn’t teach everybody the same lesson at the same time in each person’s life. Many times when life seems to be teaching us one thing as soon as we feel we have learned our lesson life turns around and teaches us something else totally opposite. This is the way the mind moves toward balance. As humans we often take things to an extreme, mistaking extremity for sincerity and seriousness.

    The sudden passing of our sista Queen may have driven home for many of us the lesson that tomorrow is not promised. We tend to take tomorrow for granted putting things off as if we have forever to live. That is one lesson but it is not the sole lesson of life. While it is true tomorrow is not promised to anyone we must still trust in the possibility of tomorrow, otherwise we may find ourselves taking quixotic actions, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of all the things we want to do plus all the things other people say we should do and we may feel guilty whenever we sit down to rest.

    I look at myself. I have a PhD in procrastination. My mother will tell you when I’m at her house and she asks me to get something for her from the bedroom I will find ten things to do before I get to the bed room. I should read more. There is so much knowledge and I feel embarrassed by all the books my friends at Destee have read. But when I sit down to read I feel like why am I reading this? I have a gift to write. People cry over the things I write. I am wasting my gift reading this person who has already done their writing. I need to do mine. So I sit down to write. When we the last time I vacuumed the floor? I should call so and so. I should visit my neighbor. I should be doing this. I need to do that. I wind up throwing up my hands and playing solitaire for the rest of the say.

    If I could just set priorities. Just focus on one thing. a lot a certain amount of time to each thing and in each allotment of time do that one thing without being distracted by thoughts of other things. Do this today and do that tomorrow. But…but…but suppose tomorrow never comes? Suppose I die tonight? Well if I allow my mind to overflow itself with anxiety and worry and frustration I just may die tonight. So chill. I did not create the universe and it’s not up to me to figure everything out. If I am only able to do one thing a day then that is what I am supposed to be doing.