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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is much talk about what Jena 6 represent and make way for Black People to do and much of the advice that is coming in about what Jena 6 represent, is coming in from irrational emotions from all level of ideology, Philosophy, Political Persuasions and Sociological expressions and they all are now a Member of the Divine Information that must be known and be allowed to guide us in this very serious moment of Time, a Time that require a Divine Mental Reawakening for the Black World.

    What you have seen happen in Jena Louisiana is nothing New to those Black People who have not not just arrived on the scene of Life, to see and know of the Evil of Injustice that have had a Long stay in the Lives of Black People in america and more especially those of us who are children of the Middle Passage.

    Now you who have come to know of me through my Sharing with you know that I an not one that is out to win your favor or to seek any social- political elevation by you, nor am I loaded down in the Vanity of Ego, Envy and Jealousy and you know that all I talk about in showing my Thought of Compassion for, is none other than for Afrika and the Black World, and you know that My highest inspiration come from my knowledge of the Work and Ideas, Opinion and Philosophy of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and you should know by now that the extremity of my Divine Information that I have been sharing with you come from my Master Teacher, both in Body and Spirit, they being the Universe and our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, those entities too, being the teacher of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    So, if there is a body of ideas we are to study and Advance, it is the body of ideas of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and his Devout Students of a physical Nature, because in the final analysis, the Master Teacher that we must allow to guide us, is none other than our Ancient First Way Ancestors.

    Now, I have said all of that to share this with you Black People of this Time, which the Human Being has Lied and gotten us to accept this false account of Time, claiming that we now are in the Planet / Solar interaction that represent a Period we refer to as 2007, so, for conversation, let it be that Time.

    To be able to get the Divine and not the profane message coming from the Jena 6 Rally-Demonstration, you must have been around to have seen many such gathering of Black Folks Rallying around an act of injustice against us Black People here in america United States, such acts of Injustice that is perpetrated by the Human Being, referring to themselves as Caucasian and White.

    So, what happen in Jena Louisiana was and is no more than a continue misrepresentation of the Action taken in behalf of the Jena Six, the misrepresentation being to label such a Rally as a Civil Rights Rally, don't you know that Civil Rights does not Free you from Injustice?

    Therefore, the Jena 6 Rally was not about Freedom from Injustice but was for the illumination of the Evil that is inherited in Injustice, in hope that it would get the Jena 6 a reprieve, injustice never to be touched by the Jena 6 Rally.

    Now here we are, calling for a revamp of the america Social, Economic, Political and Education System, you know, a reorganization of what we Black Folks know america to be and those that are attempting to kindle such a Fire among our Children, you serve as the biggest and most potent danger to our Children and thus the Black World.

    Beloved, such Mass Demonstrations are nothing New and as I have informed you, I speak from experience and revelation, so when Black Folks approach you coming off as if they are ready for a Black Revolution in america, then know that they do not be seriously Honest with you, especially when they lead you to believe that our problem in america is Socially Political and they lie to you by telling you that the america Sicio-Economic, Political System can be changed and such can be caused by Black Folks rallying in the streets of america, do you know what that imply about Black Folks?

    Well I will tell you, it imply that Black Folks in america does in fact have Power and Authority in america and I say that is a Cruel Dangerous Lie to be telling our Children, well why is that such a Lie, and I respond by asking all Black Folks in america, do Black People get Respect in america, and if your answer is a Honest One, then the Answer is No, and by that answer, it should tell you that a Brand New Focus is required of Black People, that is if we are serious about eliminating all Jena 6 type of Injustice against Black People and not only that act of injustice but all acts of Injustice against Black People in america and everywhere we are in the world, which give cause for Afrika and Black People having a Need for Black People to become united again and Afrika being under the stewardship of Black People.

    I speak not against Black People having a need to come together to rally, but let the rally have meaning about our Freedom, not in america but away from america and it is the issue that give the rallying people power of persuasion and there is no greater issue that we must allow to guide us Black People than Chattel Slavery embodied in Reparation, Repatriation and the Divine Right of Black People of the Middle Passage, having the Divine Right to become the next additional State in Afrika, such a reality represent the Reclaiming of Afrika and the Uniting of the Black Nation, one that now is completely Divided, but the Issue of Reparation will and does represent the solution to the Black World Problem, it serving as the Ark of our Covenant to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    A Rally must have a intent with a motive and a Goal to be reached at all cost, such was the plan and strategy of the Sixties for Civil Rights Novement, the injustice being Segregation and such must be the plan and strategy for Reparation, the Goal we must set for ourselves, Reparation is an issue that guarantee our Freedom and independence away from america and in Afrika, freeing us from the injustice in america.

    We now know that in the sixities, the goal we set for ourselves was in fact no way for us to gain Freedom and Justice in america, a level not to be reached by Black Folks in america and although the barriers of Segregation was torn down, up sprang the Evil of Integration / Assimilation, the cream of the pot of Civil Rights for black People, we thought, so we allowed ourselves to be misled into believing such a goal of Civil Rights did in fact represent Black Folks Freedom in america, when in fact it had nothing to do with the destruction of Injustice, a system that is grounded in america Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, something we will never be able to vote away, out of our Lives in america.

    The System of america Governance is not located at 1400 Pennsylvanian avenue, its power come from some where other than Washington D C, so the system that feed Black Folks Injustice is beyond being corrected by Black Folks Marching and Rallying to change an america Racist Unjustified Prejudice of injustice in america, and the weakness is not in the Marching and Rallying, but is in the issue, and there is no greater powerful issue than Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood for the Children Of the Middle Passage in Afrika.

    So I ask, who among us Black folks in america is qualified to mount such a Revolution for our freedom away from america, in the Name of Reparation, which represent our Enslaved Ancestors.

    The problem with Black Folks is that we do not know the power that is inherit in Reparation alone, a cause that deserve to be Honored with Many Rallies and Marches, one never know what might develop from such an action, with nothing short of us accomplishing our Liberation ( Reparation ) from america Injustice, meaning all who came by way of the middle passage to america has the Right to Freedom and to Leave america Racist Injustice toward Black People, meaning those of us that are not in physical shackles and those of us that are in physical shackles, Reparation has the power to Free all Black People, but if you know not the sacredness of Reparation, then you have not the power to see what will be the cause for you to Rally your freedom, which is Reparation..

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder
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