Chief Elder Osiris : The Length And Trouble We Go Through To Justify Religion

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    The Length And Trouble We Go Through To Justify Religion

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    My Revealing the Evil that Religion has brought upon the Black Nation has nothing to do with me seeking an approval fro9m you, of that which I share about Religion, because that which I share is not based upon a belief I have about religion, it is not based upon A faith I have about the Divine Truth I share about Religion, and it does not depend upon a Hope I have about Black People concerning Religion.

    My Revealing about Religion is depended upon the Method used by the Mind in order to know that Religion has an experienced History of Traumatizing the Black Mind.

    Religion has an experienced History of closing the Mind from using the Divine Method of performing profound Reasoning.

    Religion has the clever act of having you to Deceive your own self concerning the quality of Rationality that you use to justify your Mental practice of irrational belief.

    Religion is what have you to be an enemy unto your self, when in the act of attempting to be logical in giving your reason as to why you are illogically defending A system of Mental action that prevent you from being able to reach the Divine Truth of a conclusion about that you believe to be true.

    Religion, it is what condemn its on institutional action by the way it have you attempting to justify that which is not justifiable, when is in use of a Divine Method of Thinking, something that require for you to present thoughts that are in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the fact about Religion , an institution of Mental persuasion that has an experienced History of causing you to believe your way through Life.

    So tell me beloved, have you Black people taken a look see at the lives condition of Black people today, do you not know that the Black Life condition is a reflection of the quality of Mind that now guide the lives of Black people?

    So tell me, am I wrong when I share with you, that Black people are dominated With a Mind that believe in Religion, the very Mental action that have Black people in a very submissive comatose state, a mind state that now have you doing all that you believe you want to do, and that is to justify the very institutional Religious Mind you use, and it serve as evidence that Black people are incapable of knowing the the difference in Religious Spirituality and Divine Spirituality.

    It is religion that is kicking twenty four seven worth of crap into you Mind and it is what prompt you to not be able to realize that the Mind of Religion is all crap, and is not qualified to make judgment about that which is Divinely True and Real.

    Because you see, such a Mind that see and not look to know what is Divinely True and Real to your life, there is a requirement for you to Think and a religious Mind is not trained to Think, just to believe and a believing mind can be made to submit to anything that does not require for you to Think, such is the chracter of religion.

    Divine Truth And Reality, such Divine principles require for you to Think and not to believe your way through life, in order to get to know the extent of its existence, because as you do not Think, the life you now live is the result that come from your religious belief, beloved.

    Tell me, why should I be upset whenever you show the lowliness of Mind when you attempt to categorize that which is Divine, using a Religious Mind?

    Beloved don't you know that the Religious Mind you have been imprisoned with, is incapable of making Divine judgment about anything that confront your life Divinely, and because of the religious belief of a Mind that you have, it serve to be your handicap that prevent you from being qualified to Divinely see the need for what you need to be doing to reclaim your Divine Mind.

    Because, only then will you become of such a Mental level that will have you not going through all of the tasks of trying to justify that which has an experienced history of lying and deceiving you Black people, and as long as you continue to go to all length of trying to justify your ignorance, which your belief in religion verify, then the Black Nation will remain ignorant of the fact that it need to be in a struggle, in a fight for the Divine Mind of the Afrikan, and for our Mother and Father Land, Afrika.

    Oh No, as long as you go to all length to justify your Religious Mind, a Mind that has the Black Nation divided and ignorant of the Black self, and when something come along that have caught your Human Being Eye, an eye that is only qualified to look and not See, and Seeing is Knowing and Understanding, when looking is believing and being faithful in what you are looking at.

    I am here to share with you beloved, then know that the Black Nation is in a continued spiral of Doom and no religion is capable of saving your Black behind.

    Because You Must See, it is religion that is destroying your Divine Mind, and without a quality of Mind that give you the ability to see, Think, Know, and Understand, with comprehension, then why should I be concerned about what you say about that which I share Divinely with you?

    Because you can not see, is why I am not moved by what you believe and say about that which I share, because I know, it is your religious Mind that has made you blind to your self, and a people who have been made to despise themselves and to lie to themselves about that which they know nothing about, then it is such people who have been mentally restricted from being able of recognizing that which is Divinely True about themselves.

    So, when you do not know the Divine Truth about yourselves, then you are incapable of knowing Thyself, Beloved, and that is the first requirement of mastering any knowledge, before you can become qualified to make Divine Decisions about what is a lie and what is Divinely True, concerning the Divine Essence (GOD), Divine Spirituality, and Religious Spirituality, without such knowledge, it prevent you from knowing what your place is among the Stars and Planets, and such Divine Knowledge does not come from a Mind weighted down in Religion, a Creation Of Lucifer Himself, your oppressors with an experienced history of Dumbing Down your Mind and abusing your body life.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Only The Devil Become Angry When The Divine Truth Come Into Your Presence, Beloved, so know the Devil by the quality of Information it share with you because such is Revelation of the3 quality of the Mind that is in pursuit of you, Beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    The Link To My New Book, Divine Spirituality, Revealing The Real You, is below.

    Chief Elder
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