Black People : The Lemurian Seed Crystal - The African Perspective-Extraterrestrial Origins of Afric

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    The Lemurian Seed Crystal - The African Perspective-Extraterrestrial Origins of African People (???) Know Thy Self As Extraterrestrial

    Extraterrestrial Origins of African People

    African-centered scholars have not adequately explored the extraterrestrial origins of African people. A strange phenomena has occurred within the Ebony towers. African-centered scholars, in their zeal to claim the Nile Valley cultures of Kemet and Kush as Classical African civilizations, rejected any research that indicated that Kemetic civilization appeared extraterrestrial in its origin. The response was that this was yet another Euro centric attempt to once again deny the African a place in History; for if Europeans are not responsible for Kemetic culture, then extraterrestrials are.

    This line of reasoning is contrary to the concept of African Deep Thought manifested by Dr. Jacob Carruthers, and it is particularly contrary to the beliefs and teachings of our African ancestors. For almost every indigenous African cultural group acknowledges that the first African Ancestors to walk this planet came from the stars.

    Credo Mutwa says it clearly: "...The people of Rwanda, the Hutu people, as well as the Watusi people, state, and they are not the only people in Africa who state this, that their very oldest ancestors were a race of beings whom they called the Imanujela, which means "the Lords who have come". And some tribes in West Africa, such as a Bambara people, also say the same thing. They say that they came from the sky, many, many generations ago, a race of highly advanced and fearsome creatures, which looked like men, and they call them Zishwezi. The word Zishwezi means the dival or the glidal-creatures that can glide down from the sky or glide through water. Everybody has heard about the Dogon people in Western Africa who all say that they were given culture by the normal beings, but they are not-the Dogon people are but ONE of many, many peoples in Africa who claim that their tribe or their king were first founded by the supernatural race of creatures that came from the sky... The Zulu people, who are famous as a warrior people, the people to whom King Shaka Zulu, of the last century, belonged. When you ask a South African White anthropologist what the name of Zulu means, he will say it means "the sky" (laughter), and therefore the Zulu call themselves "people of the sky". That, sir, is non-sense. In the Zulu language, our name for the sky, the blue sky, is sibakabaka. Our name for inter-planetary space, however, is izulu and the weduzulu, which means "inter-planetary space, the dark sky that you see with stars in it every night", also has to do with traveling, sir. The Zulu word for traveling at random, like a nomad or a gypsy, is izula. Now, you can see that the Zulu people in South Africa were aware of
    the fact that you can travel through space-not through the sky like a bird-but you can travel through space...

    The Dogon of Mali are clear and explicit on the exact star system, which is our original homeland: the Sirius Star system. The Dogon dwell in a mountainous terrain near the border of Mali and Upper Volta in West Africa. The Dogon revealed some of their cosmological science through their interaction with two French anthropologists: Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. Most of Griaule and Dieterlen's work has been translated into English in the two books, Conversations with Ogotemmeli and The Pale Fox. The Dogon have been the center of anthropological debate, for they have knowledge of the Sirius Star system that Western Scientist was able to confirm only by using high powered telescopes.

    The Dogon say that the first eight Ancestors - the Nommo, amphibious beings who were like a cross between dolphins and humans - traveled from Sirius to Earth in a pyramidal-shaped craft called the Kora-Na. Beyond carrying the Unum (progenitors) of Hue-manity, the Kora-Na also contained the seeds of eight 'celestial grains' - millet, black rice, chickpea, teff, sorghum, wheat/kamut, brown rice, maize, and gungun /pidgeon pea. The Dogon say that the Kora-Na contained all of the materials, information and science hue-manity would need for making Earth's environment compatible and conducive for human existence.

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