Black People : The legend of John Horse. A metaphor for our own future intentional communities

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    First I wanted to pay respects to the Ancestors particularly Oba Adefunmi I, a loving father who sought wisely to build land for his people and institute social change by exercising traditional and authentic Yoruba and Dahomey systems. Ase. Ase. Esu Elegba Oba of our Egun. Bless Ayaba Nikua queen and guardian of the entrance of the grave. Ayaba of our Egun. Ase. Ase.

    The story of John Horse is a fascinating one that comes right of the true pages of American history of slave revolts. Some Blacks were determined to not be slaves and they started revolts in 1739 up to 1858. Note this was very near and during the same time period as the Civil War, The Emancipation Proclamation, and the end of chattel slavery. Take time to watch the video.

    Oba Adefunmi I when directing the building of structures after the leveling of the land which is now Oyo Tunji rode upon a horse. This picture was captured and although I don't have a copy it appears on the Oyo Tunji website highlighting their origin. The point here is, we must have land and expand more land, we need treasury, we must ignite fund raisers for treasury, we must build institutions based upon traditions of Africa, we must offer free trade and vocational training to our youth; we need to focus upon language and mathematics, engineering and surveying, manufacturing and agriculture, tourism and accommodations, and many more areas to make sure our kingdom stays prosperous.

    I hope you enjoyed the video.