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Feb 19, 2001


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Jun 14, 2018
Banning has never stopped the use of whatever the substance de jour of the moment happens to be. It hasn't ever, no matter what country or century or regime one cares to look.
Humans have always used mind altering plants (i.e.. drugs) for one purpose or another throughout the ages. We still do. That today we're more able to isolate individual substances to the why they effect in the way they do makes little difference in the why humans are drawn to those substances in the first place.
There are a certain classes of drugs that the over indulgence in are the hallmarks of a sick ethos in culture of the society it manifests in. A symptom if you please.
Banning does nothing for the underlying disease and banning the substance won't stop it and as we've witnessed in the relatively recent past of the last 70 years or so banning has some very serious blow back issues to deal with besides having to face the underlying causes of the why so many seek the escape the over indulgence of that class of drug offers to begin with. So no, it is not a self-inflicted injury, it is an injury that's been borne from with out they are trying to heal in some fashion.
Banning has never worked.

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Apr 12, 2013
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Driving while under the influence IS banned and actually carries heavy penalties for being caught doing it.
Banning the action hasn't stopped it from happening.

I think the questions we should be asking is, what is it in this culture that produces so many that feel the need to self medicate themselves into an oblivion to get beyond their everyday lives.
Oppression, Bro, oppression drives our people to self medicate! According to a recent report three states have experienced a 40
% increase in marijuana related accidents!!! California, Colorado, and Washington. All three have legalized recreational use of marijuana!!!


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Jun 14, 2018
You're right to sit up and take note of a statistic as stark as a 40% increase in anything Brother, but when trying to figure what it means it usually pays to take a close look at how those figures were accomplished. Consider; how did they smear Michael Brown? How did they smear Trayvon Martin? How did they smear Sandra Bland? In fact in almost every instance when the pigs get off with murdering us it's one of the excuses that always gets thrown out there.........they tested positive for weed or was 'known' to use. So the first question to asked when looking at something that says 40% rise in anything is who put together those numbers and if they had some other thing in mind other than just stating facts, Then we can ask ourselves if that 40% only reflects increase in the number of times pot was tested for within the regular statistical model for reported accidents meaning that the number of accidents didn't actually increase but because of the extra testing it is the ''reports' of pot tests that have actually increased 40% not accidents.


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Sep 14, 2015
Google " CBD Oil" and read a little bit about this product. I've purchased different brands of CBD oil on Amazon, just to try them out, but didn't notice any real difference untill I tried this one. Really worth trying.
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