Black Muslims : The legacy of Adam and Eve inherited by The Muslimuwn


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
Wu'Du and Ghusl are the spine of worship. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that the " key to Jannah is salaat and the key to salaat is Wu'Du". The Prophet said: Allaah forgives the sins of one who performs Wu'Du diligently. He said: sins fall from the servant of Allaah at the performance of Wu'Du like leaves from this tree, and then The Prophet struck a tree nearby and its leaves fell from it.
In The Suhuf (Pure Pages) it reads that Adam and Eve would eat food and drink. and their food and drink digested by a thin film of sweat which seeped from their skin in a beautiful musk smell. There was no spitting, regurgitation, urination or bowel movements.
Eating what was forbidden is what caused bowel movements and urination, bodily vomiting.
When a Muslim/Muslimaati performs Wu'Du/Ghusl, this is an act of worship in itself which is why Allaahu Al Qahhaaru rewards and blesses for its performance. Let us note how serious Fasting is to Allaahu Ta'Aalaa. Wu'Du and Fasting. Consider deeply how much Allaah has considered these acts. For Fasting Allaah says " It is FOR ME". The Most High does not say this for other acts of worship. Fasting is a state of mind that is in continual obedience, it is in continual abstinence from what Allaah has said IS lawful... just for a few short hours of daytime. Consider the enormous amount of love a nd respect Allaah offers to The servant for their fasting. The Prophet Muhammad said: Allaah loved The fasting of King David The Best; His was every other day for the rest of his life. Fasting is an amazing act of worship but more so it is a means of Nearness to Allaah. The body has less of the world in it (i.e. its belly) and therefore the heart and mind is more easily focused on the concept of Tawhiyd/Tawheed, The Oneness - of all things belonging Allaah. Laa Ilaaha illa Allaah is our E=MC2. Not that E=MC2 is correct for it is not. More accurately the equation should read N2=0 which means " Light squared (times itself) equals all things". Allaah began observation of this existence with the placement of Light into a 'place' Allaah named "There". Energy is a property of light (i.e. 'let there be light).
The Path of Allaah was established in repentance, the repentance of Adam and his mate. And cleanliness is the way of the that path. Wu'Du/Ghusl is our removal of the world from our flesh and clothes as we approach Allaah Most High with the actions Allaah Most High has sanctioned for us. No Prophet made his own way to Allaah. Allaah is The Guide, Al Haadi.
When a Muslim/Muslimaati approaches Allaah we do so with the full inheritance of The Light. " This Day I have perfected for you your Diyn/Deen" for it began in The Garden.
We are the inheritors of The most beautiful way of life on earth. Our relationship with washing/water is an automatic deterrent from virus and filth from taking residence on our body and in our body. A virus must first live in the dryness of the mouth or nasal cavity (in mucous) and then descends into the lungs to create pneumonia and other forms of filth which promote disease. The Muslim/Muslimaati washes their hands to the elbows and face and all of its skull openings AND SNIFFS WATER THROUGH THE NOSE (i.e. Yataghanna) cleaning and flushing the nasal cavity at least 5 times daily. Viruses do not live in moist areas; the water and light drowns and suffocates it. A virus needs dryness and darkness to permeate and respire.
Islaam is an automatic shield against the ills of the world and the ills of the unseen world. Allaah is The Protector of The Faithful.
As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi!!

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