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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    What you have forgotten is enough to Learn what you once knew, yet you run from that which is not Mentally familiar to you, causing you to operate on the level of a Human being, something someone told you what you are, yes I speak to the Black world, a world that have been conditioned to disavow the power that once gave you the ability to know and the ability to understand all things residing beyond the physical and into the Metaphysical Dimension, the Dimension where what IS, IS, and what BE, BE, and the relationship between those two Dynamic action is what give cause for all things to appear and those things being placed in categories of True and False and Real and illusion, Know and Belief.

    Black people, unless we stop denying the power of our Past, we will never be able to understand the now we call present, and we will put all of our trust in the unknown which we call the future, a Dimension that only interact with the Past and present and with a mind so limited which we have acquired.

    Black people will continue to be a people that despise the inner universe and never getting to understand the outer universe, that which is no more than a compilation of objects in Space, which is an intricate Reality of the Universe, and the Universe an intricate action of Space, which is the True and Reality of a Light less ( Dark )phenomena.

    Law, that which require a Rational obedience which put forth an _expression of that which is True and Real regardless of the quality of the action and such Dynamics, function on a level that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance, within the Trinity of ITS Actuality.

    The Law of Attraction equal Mind Equal Focus Equal True Equal Reality Equal that which IS and IS Not, Equal to that which is GOD.

    Therefore The Law of Attraction require the Divine Mind of Focus which give you the power to attract that which is focus upon, so in essence we create our own Reality yet such Reality when is made to appear as the power of the Mind so summon, is in all actuality, Truth.

    SO I ask you the Black Skeptics among us Black Folks, those that Far out number the Divine Beings amongst us Black folks, have you not witness the power of the dynamic of Mind, Focus, Attraction, the process that bring that which you have focus upon into the presence of your Reality, an action that happen many Times without you understanding what you have done, yet when it happen you are aware of your Mental action that caused the Law of Focus, to Attract that which you had Focused upon, and you react in awe, have you not ever had such a metaphysical experience and yet such reality you frown upon, making fun of such True and Real Power, causing you to remain a fool and ignorant of that you once was in the know of ?

    Yet Black folks today, a people that have lost all knowledge of Self, thus preventing us from appreciating the Truth and Reality of the Universe, and is now without the ability to appreciate the Dynamics of the Universe, such lost of ability will in fact prevent you from being in acquaintance with the self of you, and without such Divine ability, will and does in fact prevent you from knowing the Truth and Reality of what GOD IS, and without such knowledge, you will not be able to understand the Law of Focus = Attract and the Mystery of the Metaphysical World will continue to escape you, and a Fool and an Idiot we will appear to be before the Evil in the World, and will occupy the position of a Slave Servant and the Status of a Human Being.

    So when I say to you Black Folks regarding Reparation and we regaining control of our Continent Afrika, and the Black Nation becoming United again,you ignore what I say because you are not Mentally qualified to know and understand that I say, and we continue to be the Dunce in the world of Liars and Deceivers.

    Yes beloved, Reparation and we the Children of the Middle Passage receiving our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, has nothing to do with the Criminal deciding Reparation Fate, that decision is entirely left up to the Children of the Middle Passage, and Reparation will become our Reality when we obey the Law of Focus = Attraction.

    So beloved, when you get to Know those things you should Know, then all other Things will be given to you to Know and to Possess.

    Oh You Who Know Not Thyself, How Much You Believe About That You Know Not.

    Let Those Of You That Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You, Know That Which Is True And Real, In And Beyond Life Action.

    Only The Devil Is Angry Because Of This Missive.

    Evil has no power among the Fearless, its sting is useless where there is not the weak to feel it.

    So, Run, Run, Run Black Woman And Man, Divine You Once Were, Run Back Into The Bosom Of Afrika and Free your Mother and Unite Your Father With Your Mother, and such a Union will verify the Unity Of That Black Star With The Universe, verifying a Resurrected United Black So Cal Afrikan Nation.

    What is correctness other than that which is Divinely True And Real, an action that does not come out from Evil.

    Commemorate, Honor, Praise,The Honorable Marcus Garvey, The Man, A Prophet with a dream and vision of Afrika and Black Afrikan People becoming One United Black Nation again and in Control of The Afrika Continent, a Feat that can only be accomplished Absent of FEAR!!!

    All Praise, Honor, And Respect, To The Honorable Marcus Garvey
    My Spiritual Father and Leader.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    "So beloved, when you get to Know those things you should Know, then all other Things will be given to you to Know and to Possess."

    Yes indeed,it all begins with a knowledge that is within so that you have the knowledge of whats without, great thread.:welldone: