Black Poetry : The Last Mission Saddam Hussein

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    The Last Mission
    Saddam Hussein

    Oh Sons of satin give my God
    back his honor the holy grounds
    shall not be tarnish, for thy God
    said so and it shall be.
    Thy rod and staff shall sing
    No man owns the holy land but thy
    God creator of all man.

    Let the creator speak.
    Your destruction shall be no more.
    A lesson to be learn who is God.
    He shall have the last word.

    The holocust of a man made God.
    Oh thy brother I shed a tear for you
    In mercy that God shall be gentle
    within the blood in my eyes,
    Nevertheless God said he shall turn a deaf ear
    I don't judge rise and plead
    only God shall give the sentence.

    Tears that stream rivers,
    Pain that reflects inferno’s
    your last mission upon the universe.
    Burning buildings, Screams of pain.
    Within these walls I declare
    Your walls have fallen.
    Hidden in a 8/11 box.
    Money has no prosperities that you own.
    The gifts of a palace no longer live,
    the great wealth have taken
    the treasures which you posses

    Who is your God that you worship
    For all man to see.
    I cast no stones for I live within a holocaust of its own dismisse
    Murders, the dead cry from the grave, I am not dead,
    Satin you shall not claim bounty on my head.

    Books of darkness, shall appear in the light of conscious,
    Implementing sources of humanity,
    through human kindness,
    delete the whose and what,
    in mans darkness without couscous.
    Illusions of powers for man sakes.
    The spirit shall live for those ,
    who shall follow in the blood,
    of the prophesies of justice for all.

    Let not the words be sensuous slavery ,
    give the voice that man shall stand ,
    for the imbibing of Gods words.
    Shrines, temples, churches,
    Bestrode upon fruitful knowledge,
    Which man has defamed Gods house,
    With tarnish and no conscious of what he represent..

    I through no stones, God is God alone.
    For all those who walk in darkness,
    let no man cast a stone, poverty, murder, rape.
    My country tis or thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing,
    the devils children that hide behind the cloak are being
    reveal, the tarnishing of there devil of verses, who
    hides behind the cross.

    The sons of darkness that hide behind the cloak.
    I walk into the space of satin ,
    as his forces surrounds the inner space of nature,
    I give my life to you God, In the humanities of man.
    I walk in the ferries as satin destruction has no limit.
    I fear not the blackness of his voice,
    I crawl within the realms, to save your children
    my dear lord. The warriors of the lord
    who fight satin on his grounds.
    When man see the warriors of your turf,
    many are truly not aware the bond ,
    that we have with you dear lord.

    Who am I to cast the first stone
    As I live among many who wear the same thrown.
    Who is thou who walk upon the lands.
    The holocaust of many who love thy great God.
    Trick within the carcass of frame.
    Who is God say it very loud.

    No doors to hide, no glory to sing.
    The mission has finally reach and end.
    Prayers screamed in unisons, of the flying images
    that links from a place, no where to be known.
    I raise up my arms upon the heavens.

    I screamed oh dear God deliver.
    My people have finally brought closure to an end.
    Let thou faith to heaven repair the wings,
    That expands to the yielding of thy air,
    Celestial chants in numbers flows,
    Melodies enchanting strain, satin has swallowed my
    People within the cloak of his mouth.

    God is God alone , Man is man, Foul is foul,
    The holy land has now spoke.
    The fires of inferno’s reaches for the last brim of air.
    The Universe cries, Oh thy almighty god,
    Mercy to thee.

    Our babies are dying, whom shall we blame,
    without honor to self, the seeds will forfeit honor in this universe.
    The mission is now Thou may he live upon this land,
    Although you might not see,
    Thou art is in the sky.
    Freedom yearns, for the resurrection of man,
    Pyramids of the universal life.
    Treasures that reflect truth.

    Spirits created by the ocean, rebirth,
    Affirming real things.
    No longer for us to decide.
    The will to give love, and the will to humble under
    the devils rejoice. The will to subside when ignorance
    continues to flow. The will to carry the torch, when the
    storm appears, fearing not the suggestions of those
    blinded by the storm.

    So who is the man who believes God is not God?
    Who is the man who believe that he has the last words.
    Who is the man who sits with blood money?
    So who is the man who think he has power over Gods Word?
    I have been murdered through tribulations, but I shall return,
    Until my brothers get it right.
    The man of wisdom shall hold its own. Through the valley of death,

    Man shall not understand the philosophy of a true king.
    The mission has now come to an end.
    Oh thou scars of my hand, the piece leaves,
    thou speaks, masking the roars, thy singing tree,
    the whispering of the air,
    As the broken limbs, waves fair well the changing of the leaves,
    Oh thou scars, of my hand, The scars on my back,
    I carry in the palms of my hand, The rivers run deep,
    Oh the legends, Of self defeat, thy hands, the scars, of the earth.

    Fear not the pain of the realms,
    Fear not the blindness of man,
    Fear not the corporations of faith,
    Long distance plantation shall come to an end.
    Corrupted and brutal acts of fear
    Shall no longer be the salvation of your tears.
    What secrets powers dose fear controls,
    Only an illusion, that clings to the mind.
    Proud of my submissive tears,

    Fear shall no longer live within my space.
    Thy mission has now been summoned to end.

    Copywriter 2003
    All rights reserved
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    yes indeed and down for the count
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    as always very well wrote..
    this was deep indeed flow on my sister....