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Nov 2, 2005
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Family, I Just Moved Off Grid.

Onto A Land Of Immense Trees, Foliage & Mosquitos!

Right Now It's Just Me, But I Have Plans To Make This Into A Safe Community & Home For Myself & Others. I Have Been Working On This Journey For Years But The Opportunity Only Presented Itself Now To Live Here.

The Area Was Previously Used By Hunters & I Have Now Encountered Some Who Resolved To Be Extremely Disrespectful & May Trespass. I Need Help But GOOD Help Is Not Plentiful. I Will Not Sacrifice My Self Respect, Safety, Or The Safety Of This Community By Inviting The Wrong People Here. Safe Space.

I Am Safe But Measures Need To Be Taken To Ensure My Safety Is Not Violated.

I Am Calling On Everyone As Melanated Family Who Knows What It Means To Have Our Own & What Building Safe Community Means To Lend In Everyway They Can.

I Stand On 20+ Acres. Acquired From Research, Resourcefulness & Straight Up Leadership & Guidance From YHUH Above.

I'm Doing It Family & I Am Asking For Your Help.

Organic Farming
Self Sufficiency
The Beginning

In 2020, I Left The US To Begin This Effort, But I Was Brought Back & Felt Like I Failed. Nothing Worked Out. Now, I Understand Why.

Now, I Am Standing On The Reason.

The Website That I Developed Is Designed To Record The Journey, You Can Visit Here:

The Last Covenant Community

This Is A Faith Based Construction As It Has Been By Faith I Am Even Here To Speak. Even If You Are Not Aligned, You Can Still Give Aid To Serve Our People Of The Diaspora.

If One Is Lead To Invest Through Donating, I Have Multiple Methods To Do So. Reach Out To Me.

Your Sister In Freedom,


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