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    First off, I am thrilled and excited to see my brothers and sistahs spreading this good news for JAH surley live.

    A Historic context:

    Like most, i hope most of us know by now that a people without the knowledge of their past is like a tree that has no roots.
    We are descendants of the great Hebrew nation that the Lord Himself promised our Father Abraham that we shall be numerous like the stars in the heaven or the sand in the seashores.
    God chose a certain people from His creation to reveal His work of Redemption. We are seeds of Jacob from which arose the 12 tribes of Israel. When we were dispersed in 70 A.D. we were scattered throughout Africa also known as Cush and Ethiopia.
    At this time in history, there WAS NO MIDDLE EAST- but we lived in North East Africa and we traded freely because there WAS NO SUEZ CANAL. Palestine was inhabited predominantly by Black folks. However, there was Semitic and Persian tribes, NOT RACES, who eventually intermarried with the Black folks over time. We had a cultural identity more than a RACIAL identity. In fact the reason why Jesus as a kid fled to Egypt was because they could hide more easily with the black folk out there. Surely if Jesus was white don't you think Herod would have difficulty in finding him among the 'dark skinned Egyptians' depicted in our History books?

    Throughout our History God had had a benevolent hand over Israel protecting us from enemies,plagues,diseases and all that other crazy stuff. He only ask in return that we worship him and keep His covenant. Even in the wilderness of Canaan despite His FLAMING presence we still backslid and worshipped BAAL. Our GOD IS A JEOLOUS GOD. He will not stand for us to worship other gods, which presently is in the form of CURRENCY AND VANITY.
    With God all things are possible.

    Because we turned away from Him, we were cursed as explained in the texts of Ezekiah and my favorite passage Jeremiah 35. God lifted his BENEVOLENT hand from Israel and ever since we have been subjucated to Babylonian oppression. The first came in the form of the GREAT SIN of Slavery that white folks used to create their NEW WORLD ORDER under the leadership of that evil LUCIFER. Black folks were stripped of their cultural identity and shipped like animals to the Americas to slave under the plantations. Next came the GREAT SIN of COLONIALISM when Africa was diced up by Europeans because we are so called 'savages'. For 500 years and tears, we have been tormented, oppressed, suppressed, raped, brutalised, castigated and marginilised because we forgot our GOD OF ISRAEL. We have been scattered across the four corners of the earth just as prophetised in the OLD TESTAMENT.

    When the Bible was translated by KING JAMES ofcourse they left out the details about our culture and the true color of Jesus. Icons have been dug in China that depict a black Madonna and a Black infant Jesus. The so called great artists of the Rennaissnace ofcourse were colorblinded to this fact. Hence the term RACE evolves where white folks suddenly justify their superiority over the Black NATION, or like i like to call us HEBREWS. For 500 years we were without a clue as to who we are, where we came from and our heritage.

    We are now been tricked again under the auspices of FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS. We are the only people in History that have suffered the most yet receive no form of compensation unlike the "jews" in Germany and the Japanese atomic bomb survivers.REPARATIONS ARE DUE. However, lets not forget what the propfesy says, " ETHIOPIA(africa) shall suddenly stretch her hands", meaning that we as a people shall confess our sins and go back to our GOD OF ISRAEL who delivered us before from captivity. Infact, to make things more interesting i have cause to believe that MOSES actually might have been white. WOW. Can you imagine that. GOD is mysterious in HIS WAYS. Sending a white dude to save us black folks from Pharoah. Now Israel was created in 1948 to fool us in believing that we never came from that region. They call it the cradle of civilisation but i beg to differ. I actually believe that the garden of EDEN was in present day KENYA.

    Black folks will have to unite and undergo the last EXODUS back home to AFRICA where we can fight the BEAST. African Americans have been bamboozeled in believing that America is their home and think of Africa as not their home. HOW can you defend this country that has killed your mothers and fathers, hanged them from trees, whipped them out their backs and cornered you in PROJECTS AND SLUMS. You think WELFARE is a justifiable way to live and killing each other like rats calling yourselves CRIPS AND BLOOD? Do you think that PLATINUM watch with all the ice in it will buy you a piece of land? How many African Americans are self-employed? For heaven sake the Koreans and Asians sneak up in the HOOD and steal all your economic opportunities. Your only way out is to play BALL in the NBA, another form of slavery.

    only JAH can take us back to AFRICA
    only JAH can spread the FIRE.