Black People : The LAPD can't get over Chris Dorner


Apr 7, 2013
The report is out. And guess what? Not "one" surprise.

:SuN034: Nope. Not a one:

"The record is clear that Dorner fabricated allegations against his training officer, and later, against his peers and superiors," Chaleff said. "The decision to terminate Dorner was sound and just. Dorner's documented proclivity to concoct allegations and evidence to advance his personal agenda support the conclusion that Dorner was rightfully terminated from the LAPD."
Dorner would also make complaints about the Board of Rights hearing in which his dismissal was upheld. Later investigations also cleared the board of any conflicts.
Chaleff said a second report is being prepared on the department's disciplinary process.
Dorner also filed an appeal over his firing with the Superior Court and it was dismissed.
In his manifesto, Dorner accused the LAPD of continuing to discriminate against officers based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation and there was retaliation against those who reported problems.
Chaleff said the department has acknowledge past problems, including a code of silence, but that steps have been taken over the past decade to address these problems. Most recently, a federal judge lifted the consent decree over the department noting the gains that had been made in dealing with problem officers. Voices&ref=topbar

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