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    By Rev. William Branham

    Book review by Andre Austin

    This is based on a sermon by Rev. William Branham way back in the 1960’s. I tracked this pamphlet down at Saint Louis University-Pius XII memorial Library in St. Louis, MO. That god for the interlibrary loan system. Rev. Branham incorrectly links Lukewarm with being negative is no surprise to me; but I’ll let him tell/explain it:

    “When I think of this eyesalve opening people’s eyes, I can’t help but recall when I was a little boy in Kentucky. My brother and I slept in the attic on a straw pallet. The cracks in the house would let the drafts blow through. Sometime in the winter it would get so cold we would wake up in the morning with such colds in our eyes that our eyes would be shut tight with inflammation. We would cry out to mother, and up she would come with some hot coon grease and rub our eyes until the hardened matter was gone, and then we could see. You know there have been some awful cold drafts blowing on the church in this generation, and I’m afraid her eyes have sort of frozen shut and she is blind to what god has for her. She needs some hot oil of the spirit of god to open her eyes” (THE LAODICEAN CHURCH AGE p.31).

    An old African proverb said:

    Jumping from the log to the fire is a

    Fatal solution to the problem.

    Allow me to put Rev. Branham up on some game. First no sin is classified or cited on Laodicean.

    Lukewarm was a pun for Look/Luke

    What did the Stoic historian Pliny the Elder mean when he said “Nature has provided the eye with many thin membranes and hard outside coverings as a protection against cold and heat she cleans the eyes with moisture....” (Natural History Book 11:147).

    The Laodicean were blind to think they could be independent of the Emperor/God when they said “You say Iam rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing” (Rev 3:17). Recall in 60AD a earthquate hit Laodicean they rebuilt the city with their own resources. There was no sin just an independence of the Emperor Domitian who was a building construction nut that have no one to compare with. The Laodicean church would have been spoken of in conjunction with the same rich people not passing through the eye of a needle. The parallel is strikingly similar with the fact Jesus agrees with the rich man that he committed no sin just like the rich in Laodicean (Luke 18:18-25).

    Laodicean were called Wretched and pitiful which are negative terms for being unhappy. The two words are transferable to the negative Hot and Cold passions that they were neither. If you read the writings of Epictetus, St. Augustine and Aquinas they admit Wretched and pitiful were terms used against the Stoics for being passionless which was an error. The Stoics felt virtue was sufficient for happiness. Virtue was to keep your heart warm away from the Hot and cold passions of sin.

    Lukewarm is positive and are not swallowed up (Death) but spit out (life). But the Emperor/God wished they were negative Cold/Hot so he (Domitian) could have passed a sentence of death on them. Domitian isn’t spiting them out because the water is no longer Cold or Hot. Recall Lukewarm is a behavior because its called a deed.

    The Stoics were influenced by Aristotle, Plato, Socrates (who drank warm water), Hippocrates and of course the ancient Egyptians who said that the breath of the soul was warm and to take away from having a Hot-heart or cold heart and that would give you the ability to spiritual see.

    Rev. Branham was close but he gets no cigar. But I commend him for his effort and recommend he keeps his eyes on the prize. However he can still stay in his hot coon grease or oil of fanaticism. For he and others maintain an abstract thought which sustains a negative position. They need a new formula of W+P=H & C and that Lukewarm LW=20/20 spiritual/physical vison.

    Now if Branham was still living I would offer him some cornbread, a pair of bi-focals and a kindle version of my new book Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice all for the special price of $9.99 on