Black Muslims : The "laa Quwwata illa billaahi" and The King


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe. And peace on who follows The Guidance.
A KING... is a male child/man who has inherited power from his father. If a father has command of a military ( to protect territory), and if a father has command/control over a resource or resources in that territory (to sustain those within that kingdom) and if a father has the respect and loyalty of those he placed in charge of those properties and then death takes him, that dead mans' son, whom accepts the inheritance is now a king. This is how a king is made. Through inheritance: power passed/transitioned through word. Inheritance: is a document containing written/recorded word in the form of command to be adhered. A king is made on word, accepting the inheritance of power based on word.
Allaah The Most Glorified and far away from what is attributed to HIM (pronouns in language included) has created and claimed The Word " King" for Himself. What we see on earth (through annals in history) is man's attempt at exercising the knowledge of Allaah's Status (in continuum) for himself.
Never once has Allaah called the earth HIS kingdom. The Messiah Iysaa (SAW) said " The kingdom of Allaah is 'with' man... he also said that it is 'on' earth; not earth.
For Allaah to be a King, by HIS own definition assigned to that word, Allaah must first have a territory. Which we find he created in the first sentence HE ever spoke, according to Scripture.
" let THERE... Be Light " This verse is the creation of both Time and Place. The word ' There" was created in this verse. Not Light. Therefore the territory of Allaah is light. and since every single living thing and every single inanimate thing is made from and with light, all things are the territory of Allaah and therefore HIS kingdom.
Shaytaan was given a degree of power (laa Quwwata illa billaahi) to traverse and corrupt the earth and the things on it. Through the power invested in Shaytaan man has found many careers on earth, through which power man has made himself Tyrant, Ruler, Dictator, President, Prime Minister, Pontiff, Preacher, Minister of Defense, Governor, Chief and now soon to come the leader of them all, Masiyha Dajjal.
However each of these offices require but only one resource: Perception.
But we, our perception, already belong to and are the property of Allaah. So really, shaytaan & CO.'s power is rooted in the 'ignorance' of the people of the earth.
it is due to our abject disobedience that shaytaan has been placed in the earth as a continual threat. But although he has command of water and command of air, these are small resources compared to light, since neither could exist without It. Light is the container of this existence and the things and matters in it. But the world at large is in denial of Al Haqqu (Reality) and hankers after the false reality advertised by shaytaan. Allaah Says, He is One and Alone. Shaytaan teaches there are many gods, many religions. Allaah says HIS allegiance and loyalty is found in your Salaat (worship). Shaytaan says all things are more important than Salaat. Allaah says to behave well with others (zakat) share and treat others with kindness. Shaytaan says to be self sufficient and self serving, look out for oneself. Allaah says to take life with measure and discipline yourself to what is right and good for you (siyaam/Ramadaan). Shaytaan says " you only live once ". Allaah says prepare yourselves to visit The first house of Worship built on earth. Shaytaan says go dancing, you can't afford the trip. Shaytaan pulls us away from the doors and entryways of Light that lead to light. Light upon Light.
In order for shaytaan to do what he does he must first confuse the perception of the territory of Allaah. Its perception. Our perception of Reality is being transformed from the words of Allaah to politically correct.
Because of our institutional disobedience (called habits) and our obscene mentalities, the mentalities that live in question of Allaah but in certainty of the world, The Dajjal will manifest those perceptions which negotiate/argue/question the power and sovereignty of Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted. The Kingdom of Allaah is Light. Intelligence is based on light (brain and nervous system and information stimuli). The Qur'aan is Light. The Prophet Muhammad is recorded in hadiyth to have said that " salaat is Light ". So shaytaan having power over the skies and the earth is no threat to the Muw'minuwn (faithful men and women) for their kingdom is light itself. Which makes the skies and the earth mere windows to those living in The Light. The skies and earth/land are but cul-de-sacs of The Light. The sky and earth are two cities in the country of Light. How vast is light? How vast is Light?
The Dajjal will arrive with power over the sky and the land and the sea. In a way that justifies and graduates what we call magic. His power will be absolutely clear and unchallenged.
For The Muslim he is Bozo the clown in the world to seduce those who are attending and participating in the circus of shaytaan. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that many Muslims will follow him, and women in general. If Muslims will follow him, this means that the actions of Dajjal will penetrate so deeply into our perception of reality that if a Muslim is not clear on The Oneness and Aloness of Allaah, he will fall. But look at those who say, think, feel and teach that Allaah ' came in the person of a man' . How will they fare when the Dajjal claims lordship and orders Bay'A (allegiance); to his authority by your religious abdication.
If you already Think that Allaah is a man ( i.e. Christian, Nation of Islam Muslim) well one ( Dajjal) is coming to make it clear for you.
Look at the 3rd verse of surah Kahf. ' TO WARN THOSE WHO SAY ALLAH HAS BIRTHED A SON '. The Prophet Muhammad said surah Kahf is a protection from The seduction of the Dajjal. To those who think that Allaah is a man or gives birth to humans like women have been created to do, the one whose mind is impressed with such an idea, they are the first candidates. For The Dajjal will be able to do all of the things a Kaafir would think a powerful god/man can do. A Kaafir is one who denies that Allaah created him/her. They are not sure. The theory of evolution makes sense in some way, or the theory of reincarnation seems to be intellectually sound. The Dajjal is going to clear it up for the whole world of sky and earth.
But not light.
The Kingdom of Allaah is The physical light on earth and the internal (nervous system) Light
which is in you. Notice they never touch. The light in your body is not exposed directly to the light that emanates from the sun. yet they exist as light and are seen as light and are understood through the definitions and mechanics of light. There is nothing allegorical about Allaah except the false ideas we attribute to HIM in prose, poetry and politics. A'uthu Billaahi.
The Dajjal cannot approach nor corrupt The Light. But he can our perception.
We must know what the kingdom of Allaah is so that we may find our shelter, provision and supplies and seek our refuge in it. 'it' is light.
The Salaat and recitation of The Holy Qur'aan are two treasures in the kingdom of Allaah. We must gather them and gather ourselves in these treasure and bath in them and drink and eat them. So that we are filled with light and easy to miss by Shaytaan, the Dajjal and the kaafiruwn that follow them.
No one can destroy or even attack the kingdom of Allaah. One only need ignore it for it to disappear and this shaytaan knows. This is why our ignorance and lack of strength and mental laziness is so very important to shaytaan.
May Allaah make us mindful of HIS kingdom and its Vastness and may Allaah increase our desire for His Light.
The Sustainer, The Merciful The Most Merciful. King/Sovereign of Day of Judgement. Look at Faatihah declaring our King. Look at our Scripture declaring itself as Light! Look at our refuge while in this place. May Allaah say to our hearts what He said at the beginning " let THERE be light. May we learn the Du'a of The Messenger of Allaah wherein he asks Allaah for Light!!
As salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmaatullaahi.
The Prophet Muhammad ended every salaat asking for 4 things:
O Allaah I seek refuge in you from the fire and the trial of the fire
I seek refuge in You from the grave and the trial of the grave
I seek refuge in You from the trials of riches and the trials of poverty
I seek refuge in You from The trial of the False Messiah (Masiyha Dajjal)

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