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    THE KORAN’s VIEW ON GAYS, FORNICATION and the metrosexuals etal

    By Andre Austin

    Contrary to popular belief the death penalty isn’t reserved for homosexuals and Lesbians in the Koran until Judgement Day it’s reserved for God’s discretion. Those Muslims in power are exercising authority beyond the mandate of the Koran. But sometimes the Koran is contradictory on topics like freewill and slavery. The Koran says that a man or woman should benefit from what they earn (4:32) but this doesn’t apply to slaves. In the Koran it states that there is no compulsion in religion. However, there is a loophole that if you leave the religion you are in danger of being an apostate or hypocrite facing a death sentence.

    On the face on it would appear the Koran was more humanitarian than the Gospels because the former forgive all sins (Koran 39: 53), but the latter doesn’t. Their Jesus isn’t who you think it’s . Their Roman Jesus is a mafia composite that doesn’t save but enslaves. The quicker you become hip to this the better.

    We can watch on youtube some of the religious fanatics publicly lash a Muslim man or women for adultery.

    “The woman and the man

    Guilty of adultery or fornication

    Flog each of them

    With a hundred stripes” (Koran 24: 2)

    If from the beating parcel clothing is whipped down to expose any skin revealing the butt, private area or breast it is quickly covered. When the Arabs ran slave ships a diaper like cloth was provided to cover the private area something Europeans didn’t provide. To be fair we can’t forget the black slave drivers who took delight and whipping slave women because they could view them naked and would often times set them up. This carried over into siblings informing on each other so they could laugh at them getting spanked. Sometimes in the reverse when a grown man broke a rule he would tie and strip him naked and order a female to whip mercilessly or face a beat down herself. This went on even in the 1960’s when Fannie Lou Hammer went to jail the sheriff ordered black male inmates to beat her or be beat. And they stroked her without holding back nothing.


    “If two men among you

    Are guilty of Lewdness

    Punish them both

    If they repent and amend

    Leave them alone; for God

    Is oft-returning, most merciful” (Koran 4:16)

    In verse 15 all lewd acts from women are not death but placement of house arrest indefinitely. But the extremist want to take them all out of the house and throw them down head first from the roof top. By inference it would seem that a man could be sentence to prison for life, but released if he repented. Now here comes the tricky part the Koran states that on judgement day those who were still persistent in sin with the company of sinners:

    “We shall gather them together,

    Prone on their faces” (17:97) but this is for God to throw sinners head first in hell on judgment day not man.


    Metrosexual men spending hours in the bathroom will love reading parts of the hadith which says: “the removal of superfluous hair (pubic hair below the navel) and the removal of hair in the armpit…and clipping the moustache”. In the western world hair in the armpit is nasty for a woman and macho for a man, unless you’re a professional body builder. I’m told that Ericka Badu enjoys wearing hair under her arms, taking pictures nude in a bathtub and exposing her nipples. This doesn’t include her hooes stroll down Elm Street entirely in nude and dropping dead on an X mark in the street where JFK was gunned downed by the CIA/FBI. The hadith says: “Don thy garment, and you should not walk naked”.

    THE MUSLIM HELL & Heaven

    In the Muslim heaven there is no excess of heat or Cold but cool shades (76:5-22) a condition that’s comparable to the ancient Egyptian religion of tasting/drinking Tefnut (heat of heaven). The coolness is equivalent to the Bible’s temperature of “Lukewarm” being away from being neither Hot or Cold (Rev chapter 3). This physical condition is also analogous to a spiritual condition too.

    In the Muslim hell skins are roasted and renewed (4:56) and you must drink either boiling fluid or intensely cold drink no “Lukewarm” or cool drinks (78:21-25). The Muslim hell all souls will be like Zombies neither dead or alive (87:13). They will have no cool shades but that of black smoke (56:42-44).


    Free speech in the Muslim world is as foreign as an alien for outer space 36 million light years away. I love America because I can tell her I hate all the evil it has done and continues to do. The internet is a blessing allowing renegade scribes as myself converse and correspond to those who have an open mind. We have 50 million blacks living in America and more than 50% of them are unemployed. Their idle not because something is wrong with them but because 62 individuals own more wealth than half of the 7 billion people on the planet. And no shackles of religion, puppet governments, Media jackals and International Bankers can maintain this system forever.
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