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    The Koran on Bush

    89.14": Most sure!y your Lord is watching.
    "89.15": And as for man (Bush), when his Lord tries him, then treats him with honor and makes him lead an easy life, he says: My Lord honors me.
    "89.16": But when He tries him (differently), then straightens to him his means of subsistence, he says: My Lord has disgraced me.
    "89.17": Nay! but you do not honor the orphan,
    "89.18": Nor do you urge one another to feed the poor,
    "89.19": And you eat away the heritage, devouring (everything) indiscriminately,
    "89.20": And you love wealth with exceeding love.
    "89.21": Nay! when the earth is made to crumble to Atoms
    "89.22": And your Lord comes and (also) the angels in ranks,
    "89.23": And hell is made to appear on that day.

    This fits Bush very well. I never seen an Administration with his partners in crime in the Senate that advocates starving the poor cutting their all ready bear subsistence food stamps. Just because they call for outlawing abortion doesn’t make them friends to children they don’t believe in educating or providing health care for.

    Bush and his disciples think the government exist just to help rich corporations and that private charity groups should throw crumbs to the poor that beg them and agree with their religious ideology.

    Motherhood is despised by Republicans. They believe that housework is trash and that welfare mothers should work full time resulting in negligent childcare and not educating themselves by going to college or high because they need 20-40 hours of worktime to qualify for benefits. The Republican believe the primary goal of a living soul is to worship the pursuit of capital at any cost.