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The Mayans ran out of rock space just as the Age of Pisces is running out of error room.

There is no proof of this. Just like there IS proof that the time line that most are going by is an inaccurate one. If one uses 12:60 you'll get inaccurate information.

So the NEW AGE thought is that 12/21/2012 will "KICK" off the Age of Aquarius. If you look at the time lines from each period you will see that we have a while to go before we actually are in the Age of Aquarius. We are still VERY MUCH in the age of PISCES, even as we move toward 12/21/2012. What this date will bring is end the MAYAN calendar (depending on which count your using, short or long) AND it will increase the vibration (open up gateways, portals, increase psychic energies etc for those who are aligned) for the "shift" that will happen, this is what the Mayans were referring too.
I agree! But we have a ways to go before the AGE OF AQUARIUS is upon us. We are still very much in the age of PISCES. When one studies the NATURAL time line one will see that we have a "ways to go" both intellectually, spiritually, globally and most often personally.

Be well!
The Age of Pisces began 1 AD and ended 2001AD.

There are 13 signs. The Ancient Khemites calculated that there is a total of 26000 years inside the complete astrological vortex:

1. (03/12 - 04/18) Pisces/The Fishes (In-Tiu) - Age of Christianity ---the present state of affairs 1AD::2001

*2. (02/16 - 03/11) Aquarius/Water Carrier-Bringer (Menat the nurse and Hapi the Nile) - Age of Enlightenment, Knowing, 5th Dimension --'2001AD::4001AD

3. (01/19 - 02/15) Capricorn/The Sea Goat (Mendes) ---re-occurring again at some point in the future

4. (04/19 - 05/13) Aries/The Ram (Amen) --re-occurring12-star again at some point in the future

5. (05/14 - 06/19) Taurus/The Bull, (Ptah/Yusir) ---re-occurring again at some point in the future

6. (06/20 - 07/20) Gemini/The Twins (Set and Heru, opposites) ---re-occurring again at some point in the future.

7. (07/21 - 08/09) Cancer/The Crab, the Scarab (Khepera) ---re-occurring again at some point in the future

8. (08/10 - 09/15) Leo/The Lion (Atum) ---re-occurring again at some point in the future

9. (09/16 - 10/30) Virgo/The Water Bearer (the Virgin Mother (Auset)

10. (10/31 - 11/22) Libra/The Scales (Ma-at/Mwoere)

11. (11/23 - 11/29) Scorpius/The Scorpion Stinger (Serqet)

12. (11/30 - 12/17) Ophiuchus/The Serpent Holder- Bearer (Imhotep)

13. (12/18 - 01/18) Sagittarius/The Archer (Set or Shu)

*WE are currently in the Age of Aquarius

Therefore, 26000 divided by 13 is 2000: each astrological age/era lasts for 2000 years.

The Age of Pisces ended in 2001.

The Age of Aquarius began in 2001 and will end in 4001. We are currently 23 years inside the Age of Aquarius --the Age of Knowing, the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of the 5th Dimension.

Each age/era has its own 13-star constellations which follow the ecliptic, solar path. And, as we move away from the old era (eg. The Age of Pisces) and then advance into the new era --The Age of Aquarius, enlightenment unfolds and the ancient secrets long buried (eg. whether intentional or not) will again arise and appear on the surface and be known to the conscious.

Counting Backwards

18001BCE - 20001BCE = Capricorn
16001BCE - 18001 BCE = Sagitarius
14001BCE - 16001BCE = Ophiuchus
12001BCE - 14001BCE = Scorpio
10001BCE - 12001BCE = Virgo
8001BC - 10001BC = Leo
6001BC - 8001BC = Cancer
4001BC - 6001BC = Age of Gemini
2001BC - 4001BC = Age of Taurus
1AD - 2001BC = Age of Aries
2001AD -1AD = Age Of Pisces
2001AD - 4001AD = Age of Aquarius

The world has forgotten but you will remember and see the signs and know that everything that was altered and switched will reverse back to its original state because you will remember that the 5th Hermetic Law of the Universe states:

Vibration ("Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates." —The Kybalion)

The 3 major religions will start to unravel
Global White Supremacy will evaporate



"The Egyptian Great Year and Christianity"
January 8, 2002
Corey Gilkes

"13 Sun Signs of the Zodiac: AKA The Zodiac Conspiracy(2014)"
Dr. Regina Atara-Wead

BL Moore
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