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Nice links, they corroborate the information that I was told verbally. It also dispels the rumor that Christianity started in Africa for those who like to mention Ethiopia as one of the oldest African countries that embraced Xianity first, as if it started there :rolleyes:. The father of the Ethiopian Church is a european, why do we look to the europeans model for salvation when religion originated in Africa? Even the images of Jesus are copied from the renaissance paintings with the exception of a darker hue. I am also familiar with Dr. Diop's writings but like I said there is still a big gap between Kemet and Ethiopia between those times and the acceptance of Xianity. What were their religious/spiritual practices before that but after Kemet? There has to be some major disconnect. The Dogon were entrusted to keeping the teachings of Kemet and the Ethiopians were not? That's what I'm trying to find out.

I don't pretend to be an 'expert' on world history, though do consider where some of those beloved religious icons of the Bible originated?

Also consider only those barbaric white Vikings ventured far from their European homelands on the oceans etc.

I. e., like so many of us here, one can guess those aformentioned folks were themselves colored (mixed race), and/or few if any had white/european/etc. ancestors...

The common practice of the newbies (some who came to outnumber those already a part of some faith) was/is just that...

Though proclaiming oneselves the truly faithful is one thing: Them going on to rewrite that faith's history etc. was/is a bad reflection of somebody's self serving agendas aka their 'politics' too, was/is the source of our relations downfall etc..
I know. Yet WE share an Afrikan heritage with this profound people. I am not sure, either, why they accept Christianity -- t I know Ethiopia is the Mother of Ancient KmT and freely accepts Christianity b/c is so similarly matches their own ancient practices. Maybe this is the school of thought that the Dogons follow. I don't really know. yet my reference "here" to The Dogon Tribe is purely scientific -- since it is they who had the innate, ancient and accurate ability to predict the position of constellations in the Universe loooooog b4 this information became known to Western Civilization.

Yes, politics and geographical orientation play a large role in any cultural peoples nationness.

Page 49 (page 83 of the actual text.. section entitled "Ethiopia's Early Development as a Christian State")


There is no proof of this. Just like there IS proof that the time line that most are going by is an inaccurate one. If one uses 12:60 you'll get inaccurate information.

So the NEW AGE thought is that 12/21/2012 will "KICK" off the Age of Aquarius. If you look at the time lines from each period you will see that we have a while to go before we actually are in the Age of Aquarius. We are still VERY MUCH in the age of PISCES, even as we move toward 12/21/2012. What this date will bring is end the MAYAN calendar (depending on which count your using, short or long) AND it will increase the vibration (open up gateways, portals, increase psychic energies etc for those who are aligned) for the "shift" that will happen, this is what the Mayans were referring too.


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