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    "...Speaking of the parade of the Negro Brotherhood in Seville, Spain, in 1926, Arthur Schromburg, curator of the Carnegie Library {now known as "The Schromburg Center for Research and Black Culture"}, 135th Street, New York, NY says, "It was only human to wish to examine the garments of the Brotherhood of the Negroes after observing the similarity to the white robes and cowls used by the Ku Klux Klan of our country. To all appearances the American organization copied the dress of those believers in Christ. Not even in garments, it seems, is the American order original. They are evidently copied faithfully from a very sacred brotherhood whose devotion won them the love and gratitude of the Spanish people from "King to peasant, Pontiff to believer." (Opportunity Magazine, page 164, June, 1927, New York).

    Today the descendants of these Spanish Negroes are quite bleached from mixing with their white neighbors. But the old Negro traditions remain. The Negro church of Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles in the Barrio Carmona is still maintained by them. Priests, guides, and others in Seville informed me that the garb is exactly like that of centuries ago. For earlier information on these Negritos, as they are called in Seville, see Zuniga's Annales de Sevilla, published in Madrid in 1677. Later the Negros rose to a position of prominence and had a Count, after whom one of the streets is still named. If the originators of the Ku Klux Klan did not copy the garb of these Negroes then the coincidence is really amazing..." -- "100 Amazing Facts About the Negro--With complete proof" by JA Rogers.

    Read - Comprehend - Understand and Discern Black People Negro Brotherhood of Sevilla, Spain.jpe
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    Another excellent and true post!!! Even Hitler copied all his images and symbols from our people.

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