Black Poetry : The King Sends A Warning

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    The King Sends A Warning

    Local saint without moral restraints global in the paint
    Of HipHop write facts major, act and behavior make cats faint
    Got a crew all of a sudden and knew no buttons to push on my car
    Dash to bring bazaare cash maybe if I drop the top and be a star
    Some funny money and a honey may come my way, from the bay and city
    Life bring ****ty stife, straighten my fitty hat twice being witty
    Got a wimpy thirst but my girl has a empty purse can’t buy
    a sprite, try write thinking about drinking a coco cola and high
    off the pipe right? Become loco and bolder on microphone with fly
    rap, now here in Dade County in an escalade possibly a bounty on
    my head, so I’m on the down low because a clown may throw strong
    lead at my head ending up having to duck, fraud aligned my broad
    mind and crime came stated on a bazaare pace like Scarface flawed
    when I was having hot fun and got popped by one of them shotguns
    but fore that I carried a hardcore gatt so yall meet my Little friend son
    flow wild scriptures got profile pictures in the school’s year book, fools
    fear and get shook when they view the the muscles I do hustles so cool
    with, come from a battalion wearing the face of the Italian stallion playing
    hockey before he became Rocky, now I write legit rap yall best be praying
    trying to fit and adapt or you can git slapped by this flavor and it’ll trap
    your behavior, won’ t know how to act exact, so adjust your ear ASAP
    you must hear this don’t take a clear risk in trying to battle the king
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    word up....message well taken .......