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Jul 26, 2001
THE KILLING OF PAUL: White horse kills the Black Horse

By Andre Austin

Once you can solve one puzzle others will gradually fall like dominoes. I’ve already written that Jude, St. James and the 2nd book of Peter referred to Paul as a Horse, Donkey and a Mule.

When James wrote about Paul being a Horse it was in conjunction with a lying Tongue. Robert Eisenman, a Professor from California who was instrumental in getting all of the Dead Sea Scrolls released from the public believes the Lying Tongue was symbolic of Paul. Check him out on Youtube “Christians origins Paul & James 16 or get his book James The Brother of Jesus Volume 1.

St. James describes Paul as a Horse we put bits in to obey us but still they boast with the Tongue that can’t be tamed it was revealing a truth James 3:1-12. Eisenman points out that Paul admitted “I may do a little boasting” 2 Cor 11:16. Paul’s reputation for public speaking was equated with Hermes as a chief speaker (Acts 14:12). Hermes was symbolic of the ancient Egyptian God Thoth and or Anubis who weighs hearts and Tongues on the balance scales and reports/registers names in the book of life if they were balanced.

When James talked about the Horse’s Bit I had to go to the dictionary. A Bit is part of the Horse bridle inserted into the mouth of a Horse. A bridle is the head gear which a horse is governed and which carries a bit and reins. In other essays I have decoded the fact that Paul’s flesh was mutilated by a Dog (Philippians 3:2). This Dog (Anubis jackal) was symbolic of Emperor Domitian who Suetonius reports rode a white horse. Anubis job on the scales was to report if a person was balanced or not. Anubis was associated with the tearing out of bowels, causing to part, mangled corpses, bone cracker and flesh tearing (Black Athena By Martin Bernal Volume 3 p.517). Paul is said to have “Scales” removed from his eyes ( Acts 9:18) which is symbolic of him rejecting the Law of Moses relying on just faith which James 2 defines as incomplete/dead/unbalanced. With the “Scales” dropping from his eyes in code it lands in his hands with a black horse in Rev 6:5. The Book of Revelations was written during the reign of Terror of Emperor Domitian (81-96AD). Domitian castrated and sodomized Paul before tradition says that he was beheaded. All of this cutting fits well with the coded language of Revelations 14:14-20 where a sickle and winepress spill the blood of condemned souls rising as high as the horses bridle which I think was symbolic of Domitian (White Horse) killing Paul (The black Horse) who James associated with the bit of the bridle. Now if we can move on to Rev 19:11-16 we can see Domitian symbolic of the white horse “faithful and true. With Justice he judges…in white linen (righteous acts) with a sharp sword coming out the mouth…treading the winepress of fury”. If you go and read Joe Atwill’s book Shakespeare’s secret Messiah you can discover more information on how Domitian plays the staring role in the book of Revelations.


When I reread George G.M. James Stolen Legacy I learnedhow the Horse and Chariot played a role in the Judgement scene of the weighing of the souls. James states:

“First, Plato was not the author of the republic amd second, the allegory of the Charioteer and winged steeds, is not a product of Plato, but is derived from the Egyptian Book of the Dead,in the Judgment drama…Charioteer and the winged steeds is a description of the quality and destiny of the soul as it appears at the bar of Justice.

James goes on to report:

Greek culture and Traditions did not furnish Plato with the idea of the Chariot and winged steeds.

After half of Egypt was defeated by the Hyksos because of their superior use of the Horse and chariot like Hitler used the Tank they got hip and wise and adapted the new technology 108 years latter expelling them out of Egypt. After this military victory Egypt became the only nearby nation who specialized in the manufacture of chariots and breeding horses. When Diodorus visited Egypt he saw a multitude of war chariots and numerous stables along the banks of the Nile. The bible corroborates this when Solomon buys many of his horses from Egypt (1 Kings 10:28; also see Deuteronomy 17:16 and Isaiah 31:1-3. Egypt had become symbolic of a fighting horse much like it was symbolic of a Beautiful Cow, in which was in reference to their women (Jeremiah 46:20).

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