Black Spirituality Religion : The Kabbalah, Tree of Life And The Black Race.

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    Hello everyone I have been studying a little on Metaphyics but its very complicated. I have watched tapes of metaphysical speakers Phil Valentine and Bobby Hemmitt. They give good information but its confusing. I was wondering if any one here with some knowledege could explain to me what the kabbalah, tree of life , Tetragrammaton and what the black dot is and how does this relate to blacks. What do we have to do with Sirius A and B? Dr Phil Valentine touched on the fact that their are light signals coming from Sirius A and B and that whites are trying to currupt are blood so that we can't receive these messages . Can someone also break down what the hell the movie Stars Wars was about and how that connects to black folks? If their is anyone with any knowledge about this please enlighten me.
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    Great Question!

    :hearthis: The Kaballah is the Hebrew/Jewish* origin and copy of The Tree of Knowledge Concept of KMT! :grouphug:
    :hearts2: Ma'at encompasses the "Tree of Knowledge" and is of KMT-ic origin.:hearts1:
    :zipit: The Tetragrammaton (e.g. YHWH) decoded is "I AM EVE" in Hebrew* :zipit:

    * Understand>>>>however<<<that Semite/Hebrew/Jewish-Jew/Israelite are all made up words. :skillet:

    [​IMG] This is Amedee Thierry

    FW Edwards classified the Jewish people as Semites after the Semitic people that came to occupy the Middle East from where the Bible claims the Jewish people originated. It must be pointed out that once again this private classification was highly influenced by the false biblical narrative on where the Jewish people claim to have originated [see Genesis 11:31; 15:7].

    The speculation of Edwards about the hypothetical origin of the Jewish people was made in a private letter that was not supposed to be made public. Amedee Thierry, who was himself a Jew, made it public by asserting that anthropologists have identified the Jewish people to be Semites. Instantly, the Jewish people accepted and began to propagate the idea that anthropologists have found out who they were, and that they were Semites, but it was false. Throughout their history going back over two thousand years, there was no mention of a racial link of the Afrim people to any Semitic tribal group anywhere

    Modern historical, archaeological, and ahthropological research have all failed to discover any evidence that links the Jewish people to anyu Semitic group in the Middle East. Again, here is another example of how biblical fabrication has influenced western scholastic thinking and perception of world history..." -- page 195, "The Africans Who Wrote The Bible, Dr. Darkwah-"Undisputed" Linguistic Ghanian Expert.

    At that time in history only 1/4 of our culture could not read or write. The Jewish Scholars returned and re-edited the bible and retro-placed the words Jew and Hebrew whereever they saw fit "in the name of GOD" and from there this book grew legs and walked right thru history.

    *********Man fears time, while time fears the pyramids---An Old Egyptian Proverb*********