Black Poetry : the jupiter moons

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    the jupiter moons
    (for vanessa)
    by romus simpson

    the jupiter moons
    like her kisses
    hover then fly across the red sky
    calypso moons azure & on fire
    then they are luminous falling roses touching arizona red
    fuming sunflowers bent dreaming over the green world
    others are buoyant white like spring light
    then in the beautiful wilderness
    where gaunt  poetsroam & write of god & love
    her tongue brands u
    metaphors & bursts yellow
    trumpets from a longing of alley flowers
    volcanoes blind from her mouth
    finds u cool & naked in the placid river evening
    day falling off the eastern shoulder of the shirtless world
    an archipelago of planets on fire in the infinite indigo universe

    each small hungry candlelit sunday evening
    floating & breathing together
    laughing beneath each other’s tongues
    half awake in the slow currents off madagascar
    u love her
    dream her here each evening
    wear white linen in a muslim pauper’s tribute
    sleep in the wandering countryside of her hair & memory
    u come to her from that part of the world
    grinning stranger in a tall field of waving grass
    mastering this intimate language
    her name
    tempered in sighs & glitter
    iz an aspirate stutter
    u chant it u sing it let it curry u at the marrow
    vines a perfumed darkness all over the universe
    decorates the body in hieroglyphs
    iz fruit from wet woman fingers

    she lays on you
    eyes closed
    riding your breath in the gold of the river evening
    wishing into your ear
    finger orbiting your jupiter mouth
    a ritual of wet moons touch your eyelids

    in every lifetime
    every lonely reincarnation
    it waz late
    it waz always late
    too much city blooming every night
    stars vied to see & guide her home
    night came gregarious with constellations
    swallowing a thunder of small lights
    called her by her birth name
    so suddenly everywhere
    tall tibetan  nightstriding across the himalayas crying
    so amazingly mature marbled night everywhere

    she must go she must go she must go
    each clock looking into space pulses insistently
    she must go
    tells u while the strong shadows rise
    her body begs u to keep her
    your mouth iz a darkness she can hide in
    but irony is the only thing god assures earth’s citizens
    that women will leave u angled at the moon
    alchemy & disappearances
    the eazy season of her language
    plants lilacs & a prayer in your beard
    she makes u so tall & reverent & beautiful
    heals u before u ever hurt
    each literate sinew sings

    leaving the house
    into the god face night sky
    u march slowly together in
    a forest of dreaming stars
    crooking your arms around her like
    a san louis obispo oak claiming the moon
    your hands on her belly & breasts
    out into the incipient night
    venus sitting still inches off the mauve horizon
    an aggregate stars are ready

    she iz in her car
    buttoning her shirt
    u crouch at her door
    saying man things from your chest
    saying anything at all to keep her
    u want to command her stay here now woman
    stay here now u hear me u hear me?
    but she came to u free & chose to stay
    lay beside u becuz it iz good not to be alone
    created an ethic & let u listen
    your mouth wants to touch her
    her lips her cheeks her forehead
    all that almond & brown sugar
    the streets clears & darkens
    the city palms are tall negros with their backs turned to u
    traffic lights dream cuban carnivals
    they are all green dark dreaming fields of billowing sugarcane
    the signal iz clear
    u want to say it in spanish
    but u know no spanish
    so u kiss her then kiss her again
    then one last kiss becuz god iz here
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    yessss!! indeed

    A beautiful spray of colors & love mixed to perfection!:)