Black Spirituality Religion : The Journey For My Freedom!

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    When I left the master (deity) of my enslavers (Europeans) I found myself looking for another master to serve.You know its funny the relief that we feel when we've gained the illusion of freedom. Like most people I set out on a journey to find the truth but I wasn't looking for the truth, I was looking for another deity serve. Basically, I was raised to be a slave to god and my religion was the task master. When the taskmaster was gone I had no one to whip me across my back aka judge me so I became scared and immediately went out to get me a new master and taskmaster. I felt good for a while because I was familiar with the process. Each master and taskmaster have different rules but to run a good business, a lot of the strategies are the same and thus I found myself back where I started; nothing more then a WORKING slave. Did I mention working slave? I did to that master the same as I did to the first master which was abandon him and I found myself back out there as an unemployed slave looking for work.

    To make a long story short I followed this pattern many more times but could not understand why I wasn't happy or free. One day I was sitting back relaxing and I said in a loud voice, "I give up" and went on about my business. It wasn't until I truly gave up that the truth became a true reality for me. You cannot be free when trying to be a slave! I had no idea that the purpose for leaving my slave master was to become free but that couldn't be obtain because I was constantly looking for a master to serve.

    Today is a different day and I am no longer a slave to anything or anyone. I am my own taskmaster and master which is the way that it was intended to be for all. I've learned to read the theologies of ancient societies with the intent of learning more about me. I've come to learn that through the hidden mysteries of ancient doctrines including Christianity, Judaism and Islam the knowledge of self can only be obtain by men of freedom. Only the free can own asset and a slave can only be an asset.

    Someone wrote that they have just found out that their religion was a lie and so now they are searching for a different god and or goddess to learn about which means; to ultimately serve! If you don't learn who you are and I'm not talking about your likes and dislikes but the metaphysical reality that you are then you as millions of other so-called conscious brothas and sistas will find yourself as occupational servants.


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    A lot of truth here. I especially agree with the recognition that there are ancient truths hidden within the big three religions. Emphasis on the word hidden. The real truth had to be hidden, sometimes in plain sight, from those who had eyes but could not see.

    Example. It was simple yet brilliant to hide the truth that God is the Self within the myth of God telling Moses "I am that I Am". Then, later, in the New Testament, the exact same truth is hidden within the Last Supper sermon when Jesus is portrayed saying to his disciples "Be one even as I and my Father are one."

    Completely sails over the heads of most adherents, and especially over the heads of Right Reverends and Sister Sadies, right up unto this very day.