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    I was wondering if any of you on this forum has come across this.




    Many, many millions of people were taken from Africa and those that survived the journey were taken to Europe and the Americas to become slaves.

    They all passed through the “door of no return”. Their descendants are members of what we now call the African Diaspora.

    “The Joseph project” is Ghana’s invitation to the Diasporans to make the return journey, to reconnect with the land of their ancestors and their brothers and sisters in the homeland.

    “The Joseph Project” is the code name for a series of activities, actions and interactions being spearheaded by Ghana to re-establish the African Nation as a nation of all Africans, capable of delivering on the promise of God to Africa and the African People.


    “The Joseph Project” builds upon the Pan African foundations laid by Ghana’s first Prime Minister and President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his outreach to Africans in the Diaspora and programmes by subsequent governments of Ghana, including the annual celebration of “Emancipation Day”, launched in 1994.

    The purpose of “The Joseph Project” is to make the 21st Century the African Century.


    To reconcile and unite the African Peoples so that their positive spirit and strengths are released in a focused manner to elevate Africa and Africans worldwide.

    The African peoples everywhere have been taught to be self loathing, to see everything African as a negative: Taught to believe that Africa is a definition of failure and ugliness.

    The time has come to put an end to the negative and begin the positive. The time has come for us to till our own vineyard; to produce inner and outer wealth for ourselves.

    The Ghana Government intends to use the year 2007, the 50th Anniversary of the country’s Independence and the 200th Anniversary of the abolition of the North Atlantic Slave Trade to Celebrate African Excellence and to inaugurate “The Joseph Project”

    “The Joseph Project”. recognizes that while it is miserably true that there are far too many Africans held down by the legacy of their chains, it is also true that there are many, like the Biblical Joseph, who have risen above their captivity and are shinning examples of the best of the human spirit and of what man can achieve in every walk of life.

    History is replete with the names of Africans who rose not only above their chains but rose above those who sought to chain them.

    Ghana was the first African colony south of the Sahara to gain its independence, the Black Star of

    Africa inspired and drew inspiration from the fight for the full emancipation of Africans worldwide, especially the Civil Rights struggle in the US in the 1950s and 60s. Ghana continues to fight for the full emancipation of all Africans, everywhere.


    The Healing

    “The Rapprochement of the African Peoples”. There can be no African Century without unity of the African peoples.

    The HEALING, to be mounted in Accra in August 2007, will assemble the traditional rulers of those tribes that engaged in the Atlantic Slave trade from across the West and Central Coast of Africa: the traditional rulers of those tribes whose people still have living memory of being hunted by slave raiders; and recognized leaders of, and the Africans in the Diaspora.

    There will be expiation, based on the recognition that great evil was done. And there will be forgiveness of one another.

    A Pilgrimage

    As every Muslim must visit the Mecca at least once in their lifetime, so we want to establish a pilgrimage to Ghana, one that every African in the Diaspora must undertake at least once in their lifetime.

    This pilgrimage will be the re-introduction of the Diasporan African to the homeland. The pilgrimage route will include:
    The Slave Forts

    Ghana has some 40 slave lodges, forts and castles still in place. The condition of these range from well preserved through deteriorating to mere remnants. These are hallowed memorials of an agonized past. They must be preserved for posterity and used to keep alive the memory of the evil times.

    Assin Manso – “The Last Bath”

    At Assin Manso captives on their way to the coast for shipment were given their last bath prior to leaving the shores of Africa. Here in Assin Manso we are developing a Garden of Commemoration for a meditation, an interfaith prayer hall to pay for the spirits of the ancestors, a wall of return on which can be etched the name of a pilgrim to proclaim the return.

    The Walled Town of Gwollu and other Hideouts

    We cannot but be aware of the real bitterness felt by many of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora against those still in the homeland.

    However, it is important that those outside realize that their pain is shared by many brother and sister Africans still in Africa: For every child who went out to play and never returned and who grieves till today, there are the parents still lamenting their loss; for every mother or father who disappeared when out gathering firewood, there are the orphaned infants still grieving.

    Gwollu, in the North West of Ghana, was walled as a protection against slave raiders. We have also identified hard to find caves that hid fugitives; forests where the porcupines allowed fugitives to enter and then protected them by firing their quilts at pursuing slave raiders. These and other sites are being preserved and restored so that the voices and stories of the victims in these areas can also be heard.

    Our Culture and Tradition

    Along the pilgrimage route, we will display and explain our culture and our traditions, all part of our heritage that the years in the Diaspora have erased the memories of.

    The African Excellence Experience

    The Ghana Government intends to convert one of the slave forts, James Fort in Accra, a fort that kept first slaves and then prisoners, a true example of the attempt to chain mankind, into the home of the African Excellence Experience. We will build in this slave fort, from which our peoples were shipped out supposedly never to return, a museum dedicated to those Africans in all walks of life who triumphed over slavery, who triumphed over every adversity; who triumphed and continue to triumph over those who sought to enchain them: - we will build a monument to The True Josephs.

    The Josephs of today

    There are “Josephs” alive today and new ones still being born, so it is our intention to form a nominating committee of Africans in the homeland and in the Diaspora who will select those men and women who qualify to become a “Joseph”. These will then be en robed and featured in the “African Excellence Experience”.

    Launch Program

    Thursday 2nd August

    * In-Memoriam (to include awards of ‘Ancient Josephs’ and Declaration)

    Venue: Elmina Castle, Central Region

    Friday 3rd August

    * Return from Central Region and prepare for Saturday

    Saturday 4th August

    * Healing Ceremony (to include Declaration and awards of Contemporary ‘Josephs)

    Venue: Accra

    Sunday 5th August

    * International Artistic Performance

    Venue: Accra

    The whole celebration will start with PANAFEST from the 22nd of July, 2007


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    First and foremost, I am glad to see you back here with the Family! It has been a while, and we know you may be a very busy person, but it is an honor to see you present and with us. Moreover, thank you for taking the time to post this information.

    Last week when I was in Voice Chat, Bro. Radical Faith brought the Joseph Project to my attention. He even took it another step further and emailed me information relative to the Joseph Project. I will tell you that I have not reviewed it yet, but I anticipate on doing so sometime this weekend.

    Thanks again for bringing it to our attention, and we are all glad to see you here with us once again!

    Maat-Hotep Bro-

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    Hail and WellMet, Brother Ibrahim! haven't seen you in a bit; hope all is well with you.

    oops. to tell the truth, i had forgotten all about it.

    since i've been "homeless", i've not had my desktop puter to hand so don't have my Ghana links right in my face every time i hit my home page. nor have i been back through the posts relating to Ghana. i am still very much interested in getting there.

    personally, i'd like to get a feel for all things "African" from the "continental African in the street" perspective instead of being filtered by the "made in usa -filtered for consumption by 'black people/non-white people'" amurrican media. sadly, however, i keep running smack into that idiocity that no one wants anyone that doesn't "worship" that danged dollar, regardless of what might be in their hearts and minds. otherwise ...
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    Peace and Blessings

    Wow..............thats all I will say!