Brother AACOOLDRE : The JFK Assasination

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    By Andre Austin

    (Exactly one second after taking the oath to uphold the laws and constitution of the United states of America now President Johnson winks at a person on board Air Force One before it takes off for DC with the casket of JFK. Usually, when a person lies they tease it with a wink)

    The mastermind behind this Coup d’ etat and the assassination of JFK (1917-1963) in November of 1963 was his own vice-president Lyndon Johnson (1908-1973). I spent a week watching all of the online documentaries on youtube and can’t believe they all got away with it.

    I can’t believe the slumping of the JFK killing with all of that the yellow-dog journalism of Dan Rather, Gerald Posner, Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews just to name a few play the role of mockingbirds and parrots for the CIA and Johnson administration.

    The 1964 Presidential elections were coming up and the Kennedy’s were trying to clean their slate and serve a clean deck of cards. They wanted to replace Johnson as vice-president because of all of friends were going to jail in Texas on corruption charges and the stench was backing up to the VP.


    1. LBJ to shield himself from prosecution and war profits.

    2. CIA to pay back JFK for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, plans to withdraw from Vietnam and nonaggressive stand towards the Soviet Union when the CIA wanted it to turn red hot. Plus Kennedy fired the CIA main man Allen Dulles. Payback was on the horizon with a mercury laced bullet. The FBI know from wiretaps 6 months in advance that Kennedy’s assassination is brewing up. The Secret Service also changed the parade route off of main street to the nightmare on Elm street.

    3. Mafia. They were pissed off they gave JFK father a cool million for his election and helped rig the election returns in Texas, Chicago. Their favor was returned by investigations, indictments and future deportation hearings for the enraged mob.

    4. The International Bankers are pleased JFK is dead because of the president printing interest free money backed up by silver just like Abe Lincoln did. Nobody cuts the Federal Reserve out of their profits and gets away with it.

    5. Big Oil companies were going to lose their tax breaks

    6. The CIVIL RIGHTS PENDING legislation had nothing to do with white folks sticking their necks out for black folks. This was all about money, sex, drugs, lies and murder.

    7. George HW Bush the 41st president was a CIA way back in in the 1950’s. He ran a front Oil company for the CIA called Zapata Oil one of the nicknames of operations to kill Castro. He was in Dallas the day of the assassination. And lets not forget FBI director Hoover wrote a memo 7 days after the JFK assassination citing the name George Bush of the CIA. This memo was a warning about CIA factions who might try to capitalize on the Kenndy assassination and try to bump off Castro in Cuba.

    All three coordinate their efforts to knock the King off the hill. So how do they do it?

    LBJ has his personal hit man from Texas, Malcolm Wallace at the snipers nest on the 6th floor of the school book depository with David Morales. He enters the building the night before leaving chicken bones from his dinner. He also leaves his fingerprint on cardboard boxes that the FBI ignore for decades. At 12:15 Oswald, the Pasty, is on the second floor having lunch and no gunshot residue is found on his face or neck. JFK was hit at 12:30.

    CIA has an liaison officer William Harvey (black opts director) to work with the mafia to hire James files and others to do the hit. Two other snipers (Mobster Johnny Roselli, friend of Harvey) are at the Del Tex building and one is in a manhole. Files is at the grassy knoll along with a hitman posing as a police officer (The badge-man). This is confirmed by acoustic analysis of dictabelt recordings.

    50 eye witnesses hear a shot coming from the Grassy Knoll. Before the windshield is destroyed in Detroit, the auto plant worker said the bullet came from the front. People in the military state that the way Kennedy head falls backwards is consistent with a gunshot from the right front like the Zapruder film documents; even though it was altered.

    We know the CIA hired the mafia to neutralized Kennedy because of James Files prison confession and E. Howard Hunt’s confession. However, the mafia is incapable to destroying evidence, doctoring autopsy photos. The CIA covered it up and the media sings like a Mockingbird to all of the government lies.


    A. Jack Ruby, a former courier for Al Capone and killer of Oswald says it was LBJ. A news reporter, gossip columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, interviewed him and was shot dead within a days and her best friend, Flo Pritchett. Her house was broken into and her diary was the only item taken.

    B. Files says it was the Mafia (Sam Giancana, Carlos Marcello, Tony Accardo etal)

    C. Hunt says it was Johnson/CIA

    D. Robert and Jackie Kennedy says it was LBJ

    E. At least 100 people involved directly or indirectly were killed or made to look like a suicide. This would include a motorcycle driver, James Worrell, who saw the real sniper come out of the School Book depository building wearing a suit.

    F. The man who killed Officer Tippit was in pursuit to silence Oswald who could finger James Files. This killer of Tippit is gangster Gary Marlow.

    G. Madeleine Duncan Brown, girlfriend of LBJ, said LBJ confessed that “after tomorrow those ******* Kennedys will never embarrass me again-that’s no threat-that’s a promise”.

    Notes: JFK was president for 33 months and had 33 mistresses. That’s one for every month. He was a sex addict induce by drugs he was taking for his back pain. Oliver Stone movie JFK had it right. Trump isn’t a made man. He’s unpredictable and they feel he will release all the evidence before 2028AD so they want to bump him off before he takes the throne. We do not know what this man will do in the White House. But we do know he got balls and isn’t afraid to tell another man that his “penis is bigger than yours” and signal it by pulling up and down his pants. But the people love him across the board and considers him a “Man’s Man”. But for 200 plus, (from 1789-2016), years we have had 43 white dudes control the White House lawns plus a bi-racial one to make 44. I think its time for a skirt to be # 45. She can do no better or worse than these other clowns.