Black Poetry : THE ISSUE

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    or the uncensored version, click to read :)


    Normally I’m quite shy about saying what I want, so I usually stop it
    But I’m compelled to tell you what I want regarding this topic
    Whenever I see you, I’m biting my knuckles on the inside while keeping my composure
    But now, I have to tell you what I want from you so that I can gain some closure
    Exposure and proximity to your persona have to varying ends
    Has turned out to be quite satisfying, particularly since we’ve become good friends
    We talk about everything and anything under the sun
    We trade wit and wanton humor, accented with a few well placed puns
    But now, it’s now or never, I have something to say
    I want you, I mean I really want you in an unadulterated lascivious way
    I say with effectual sway with plain candor in plain view
    I sense that what I want to say, you want to say to me to
    Something I didn’t mention because I wasn’t sure how you would take it
    Built up sexual tension … I really want to see you naked
    With an interested look in your eye, you listen to this conversation of hers and his
    We’ve had conversations leading to this point, so you know what the issue is

    By now you know my intentions aren’t twisted like a pretzel
    And you know that my objectives are neither insulting nor disrespectful
    They are – however – forward … and a tad bit candid
    A little on the vulgar side, but by no means underhanded
    My cards are laid out on the table, with nothing hidden in the deck
    And I have this sneaking feeling you want to call my hand, just to check -
    To see if I am one to live up to my claim, much to your hopin’
    To be your freak behind closed doors, and a gentleman out in the open
    You want to know if what I’ve been whispering in your ear can quench your lower parts
    If I can satisfy the wetness between your thighs, and hit the bulls-eye with my dart
    To see if I can bring to fruition the thoughts that I’ve fathered
    And if I can quail your urges just as easily as I can get you hot and bothered
    You want to know if I can stand in it like a stiff tree planted in the ground
    Do a double-take … an instant replay – if I can flip it and have it re-wound
    You want to know if we can do it from sunset into a brand new day
    The issue is on the table, I brought it to you, you have to bring it the rest of the way

    There are parts of you that I want to play with … you know that
    You know I want to tickle certain parts of your body … that’s old hat
    I want to watch the hearts pop from your head, and I want to see wow
    … I want to make your kitty cat purr and meow
    I want to touch your manners and particulars in a particulars manner
    I want to make your speech sputter, stutter and stammer
    I want to grab your *** … and hold you close
    And have you scream my name in a manner that’s boisterous and verbose
    I want you to touch me in places where the sun doesn’t shine
    I want to make you make faces as I touch you, in kind
    We both want to experience the sexual visions inside of our heads
    And live out a textual intercourse that’s been written, but for so long has gone unsaid
    I want you to express yourself in an ejaculatory clamor
    I want your face to contort itself in a manner of shameless glamour
    As you move closer to climax … I find that’s, so – ooh!
    Yes, I just got excited regarding tie issue, of me and you

    I want to get on your six and sex you from behind
    I want to get all up in your mix … and blow your mind
    I want to penetrate panty girded flesh and push past your uterine entrance
    I want to stir your drink with my rod of flesh and **** you with persistence
    I want our hips to move in opposing motion, and the motion be in tandem
    I want you to look me in the eye and say profane words at random
    I want to hold that area of your *** that folds in a slight crease
    I want to be the one you cum for and bring you to orgasmic release
    I want to enter in where once your hymen stood and put you in passions’ throws
    I want you to feel the pleasure of new ecstatic plateaus
    I want to give you a blow job – a lip to lip serenade
    I want to suck you before getting to the business of getting you laid
    I want to make my intentions clear, with no hidden agenda
    I’d like it very much, if to my proposition you’d surrenda’
    I want to spell it out with crystal clarity so you won’t have to second guess it
    We both know what the issue is … but I’m not gonna’ press it

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2008
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    Hot jammie jue dis was fire in a raw....making da call on what u want
    just do da darn thing whewww
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    garlicsalt - An up-front, in-your-face sensual seduction powered by the raw passion of conquest. This makes the reader catch his breath and that takes talent. I know. I had to catch mine. It pushes the envelope of "knocking boots" with intent. Loved this drop garlicsalt. HH