Chief Elder Osiris : The Issue Is Chattel Slavery, It's Not About Apology, But Repentance And Pay

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    By: Chief Elder Osiris
    Master Teacher And National Chairman
    First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism &
    The Sankofa Repatriation Movement

    The Issue Is Chattel Slavery, It's Not About Apology, But Repentance And Pay

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    I often wonder why it never seem to amaze me how Black people identify and react to a part of White People history concerning how they acted and behaved toward Black People, forget about the geography identification assigned to Black People, we attempt to address such an identity to make it seem as if it dropped down, straight out of God Mind, from "His" domain, heaven, the Term Afrikan I speak Of.

    Yes I say, when it come to the event of Chattel Slavery, it is not Black People History, it is white people History about how they reacted toward us Black People and most certainly express what they really believed about us Black People, so when dealing with the event that took place between White and Black People and the topic of concern is not slavery but Chattel Slavery, the topic is about White people Historical attitude and behavior toward Black People and not Black People attitude and behavior toward White People, because, one dramatize an action and the other express a reaction toward each other.

    The Majority of Black People do not know what really gave cause for white people to create the institution of Chattel Slavery, which was meant specifically for Black people and most certainly Black people do not know the Spiritual significance of White Folks action, in regard to the implementation of one of the most brutal crime committed against the Divine Black Beings, they which had experienced their ( Black People ) Fall from their Divine Knowledge, a Knowledge that permitted Black People to Know about the Essence of all things, the universe, and their Black selves, all such knowledge has then and now, been lost from the Mind of Black People, which has caused Black People to have been and still is exposed to being treated as cannon fodder of a Being, by all those that have established their history of abusing, using, oppressing, and killing Black people.

    So here come white people with an idea and a desire to Enslave a Being that they had given themselves the power to classify and categorize Black People, we being a strange appearing people to white people, which they decided to conclude that Black People were not even deserving to reach the status to be considered as being Beings as they are, Human Being, which white people refer to themselves as being, so they affixed the fraction of 3/5 of a Human Being, a status that white people expressed was appropriate for Black people to be considered as being, when being measured in comparison to white people and they taking on the description which refer to themselves as being Human Beings, white people I speak of.

    so while comparing Black people to the status they had assigned to themselves to be Human Beings, meaning in white folks eyes, Black Folks were less of a Human Being than they are, a Truth we became conditioned to frown upon because we did not then and do not know now, whom we Black people are, so because of our Self ignorance, we became conditioned and later fixated in wanting to become identified as white people are identified, Human Beings they refer to themselves to be, meaning that they despise and disrespect Black people.

    It is not important concerning the method white people used to Dumb-up Black people about ourselves, they did so, by the Lies they created and often taught about Black people, what is important is that, by the action of white people attitude and behavior toward Black people, their action did establish the difference between a people referring to themselves as being White and Human and those Black people that had been made to not know by White people, their True Identity, white people has a history that is profane and evil, especially against Black people and Black people now have been made to not know their Story, which is Divinely Spiritual, yet such a people, now opt to be Human than to be Divine in Thought.

    So the Major issue that stand before the World today, happen to be about Black People, mainly in regard to the action that have taken place by those people referring to themselves as being white and Human, they that created and conducted an action of behavior toward Black people that gave cause to construct an institution referred to as Chattel Slavery, meaning that, they considered Black people in their eyes of evil, to be on the level of their Chattel, animals.

    Now, I am not beholden to the foolish statements that flows out of the Mouth of Evil people and ignorant people, when the issue of Chattel Slavery is being the topic of discussion, some White and some Black, fit those descriptions, they love to give the advice to Black People, which is, forget about such an evil as Chattel Slavery, that which have been acted out against Black people and that we Black people need to just get over it.

    I am here to let that cadre of evil and ignorance Beings know, they that is giving out such advice, they must come to know and come to the realization that there are Black People that will never give heed to such advice and by giving such evil advice, it only reveal how deep the evil and ignorance is planted in such a defile Mind, when it come to the reality of Chattel Slavery becoming a topic that must be seriously addressed and repentance for ever being acted out by White people.

    Black people had nothing to do with the creation of Chattel Slavery and the action Black people played in assisting such evil forces, only reveal how Mental deranged some of us have been caused to be by white people, those Human Beings.

    The Human Being Relish and revere their Past, but they advise Black People to forget both white people past historical behavior, as well as black people Past Realities, regardless of the quality of the Story that reveal Black Folks Past, which extend beyond this planet, yet white people cause and prompt us today, to become a continuation of their property of enslavement, as they now shackle Black people with false promises concerning the Black Life expectation and wants, while we are continued to be conditioned to not Think ever again, without the prop of their ( white folks ) religious belief about God, the Universe and the Black Life.

    Any Black Being that now prepare themselves to solicit and accept an apology from the White Human Beings, expressing an eagerness that supersede that of the Human Being criminality, that which committed the crime of Chattel Slavery against Black people, and it be Black People with a willingness and desire to hurry up and put the event of Chattel Slavery behind us, you Black Folks reveal yourselves to be now less than the Human Being has qualified you to be, in comparison to them, and you become a liability to the rising Black Being desirous to demand and receive Justice in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    So when the issue of event is Chattel Slavery and the perpetrators of such an evil action against Black People which is the White Human Beings, the only thing that will be tolerable to of the White Human Beings, by the Divine Black Being, is Repentance with restitution for the Crime of evil committed against our Enslaved Ancestors.

    There will be value to be put in that expressed emotion, be it Repentance or apology, because White Folks Lie, when it come to Black people, so the only evidence of there being some form of punishment for such a Horrible Evil crime as Chattel Slavery, committed against our Enslaved Ancestors thus against the Black World, is to be measured in the Reparation that must be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, by way of the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors and the Freedom of Choice be given to the Children of the Middle Passage for the first Time after the obvious practice of Chattel Slavery went under ground, concerning whether we desire to stay in america united states or go to our Enslaved Ancestors Home, making it to be the Children of the Middle passage Home, Afrika.

    Only the Divine Beings Rising, is qualified to discuss the reality of Chattel Slavery without the discomfort of Guilt, which the Human Being Mind inflict on the new Black Human Being evil deceiving Conscience.

    Freedom for Afrika and the Black World will not be experienced by the Black World until Reparation is paid to those that were victims of Chattel Slavery and the return to Afrika by the Diaspora Black Afrikans, children of our Enslaved Ancestors, Divine Beings Rising, which will be those that choose to take the Divine Trip back to the Home Land of our Enslaved Ancestors with Reparation in hand and to become the next established State in Afrika.

    So beloved, let us not allow the Liars of Chattel Slavery, Choke the Divine Sacredness of Reparation, in favor of a lying jester of an apology, coming from the Human Being, concerning their action against Black People, by the implementation of the Cruel Evil of that institution, Chattel Slavery.

    Because always remember, White People Lie, when the issue is Black People.

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth.

    Here Is Loving You
    Chief Elder
    [email protected]