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    An ex- black slave by the name of Abraha Al-Ashram could have nipped Islam in the bud before Muhammad was born, or year he was born when he attacked mecca in 569/570AD. This was one year before Muhammad was born.

    Abraha rose to be king of Yemen and Ethiopia. He was beaten back when his Elephant kneeled at the gate of the city and refused to move. See Chapter 105 called ”The Elephant” in the Koran. We know that god can help you win a battle/war with Elephants (like black Hannibal’s use of Elephants gave rise to the Roman Empire). An Elephant back in BC times of Hannibal and Abraha time in AD should be compared to using a tank in WW I.

    Part of the Roman Empire fell around 450AD making it possible for an Islamic revolution to take place around 612AD. But after this Abraha would have kept Islam as just thoughts in the mind. If a Christian power had been maintained in Arabia Muhammad would have been crushed in his cradle and Ethiopia, the original home of the Jews, would have prevented a revolution which has changed the civil and religious states of the world. Abraha went out in poetic justice. His religious fanaticism he wanted to destroy the black stone of the Kaba until a flock of birds dropped clay stones on his invading army.

    For Muslims the event of “The Elephant” is second in importance only to the birth of Muhammad in 570AD. The Koran details the event in a poem:

    Seest thou not

    How thy lord dealt

    With the companions

    Of the Elephant

    Did he not make

    Their treacherous plan go astray

    And he sent against them

    Flights of birds

    Striking them with stones of baked clay

    Then did he make them like an empty field of straw”

    In 629AD Prophet Muhammad took advantage of a truce he had between himself and his mortal enemies, The Quraysh tribe consisting of Jews and pagan Arabs, whom hypocrites are original, named after. Muhammad who could not read or write had one of his servant write to the Byzantine emperor Heraclius:

    Peace be upon him, he who follows the right path. Furthermore I invite thee to Islam; become a Muslim and thou shalt be safe and secure, If you come within its fold God will double thy reward, and if thou reject this invitation, thou shalt bear the sins of persecuting the Arians.

    Who were the Arians? If you read the second century AD works of Apuleius book called The Metamorphoses or Golden *** dealing with the secret ceremonies of Osiris & Isis stated that the Arians and Ethiopians and Egyptians called Isis by her true name. In the Koran her name would have been Mary. The Arian view of Jesus was in quite in accord with the Koran. Arians and Basilides maintained that Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Basilides was originally from Syria. The hadith encourages followers to read writings from Syria and Edward Gibbon wrote The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and said secretly a Jew, a Persian and Syrian monk helped him write the Koran. The Arians were original an religious sect of Africa.

    The prophet Muhammad adopted many principles and laws from the Jewish religion. First of all the basic idea of monotheism from which they stole from the ancient Egyptians. Muhammad also adopted the main details of the Jewish calendar, the day of atonement Yom Kippur (for killing Moses/Joshua?), changed for Ramadan the Sabbath (Saturn/Horus/sun) was changed to friday and narratives from the midrash. Jews were praying three times a day and the Muslims did it 5 times a day facing the city of Jerusalem (Qibla/direction). Because of Arab Jewish clashes with them, writing satire poems and accepting then rejecting Islam (hypocrite), Muslims turned east facing the city of Mecca to pray. The pagan idol of the black Kaaba stone was designed to gain political loyalty to pagan Arabs.

    Trying his best, Muhammad sought to convert the Jews to his new religion but to no avail. As time went on he looked upon them as competitors and became their tormentors. This fanatical stage of most revolutions is a bestial one of forcing widows of executed husbands to marry military victors, ruthless maiming and terrorism. The throats of men are cut from ear to ear. Muhammad became a religious extremist in order to give his people a better life on a rapid scale. His patience were gone and he said: “I, last of the prophets, am sent with a sword. The sword is the key to heaven and hell. All who draw it in the name of faith will be rewarded”.

    In the year 627 the battle of the Foss occurred. 700 Jews were gather up in the market place to be cut up like meat. They were given the choice: “The Koran or the sword”. They chose martyrdom and they women were taken as booty for the harems and black men were made eunuchs to protect the Arab sex drives.

    Muhammad did free his black slaves before dying from the poison of a captured Jewish female slave. Muhammad loved the Ethiopian slave Bilal whose own mouthed sounded as a trumpet calling in Muslims for prayer.

    The Koran states there is no compulsion in religion. In practice this only refers to individuals not living within the jurisdiction of an Islamic state operating a theocracy. They will not live in peace with you unless you submit (Muslims) and Islam means submission to the will of God. No matter which way you end with the Koran or the sword.

    Civilized people would offer the Olive branch of oil which is illumination to the savage. The pen can dip its tip into the olive oil and give peace for humanity instead of using Islam as a ghost terrorizing the world. Unfortunately this is what happens when a few thousands supersede 99.9% of the peaceful, loving Muslims around the globe.


    In the 1820’s, approximately 20% percent of the population of countries such as Iran and Iraq were identifiable Black slaves. African blacks have been enslaved and sexually exploited by Arabs from the mid 700’s into the 21st century. In January 2004 The Washington Post printed a front –page story about modern-day Arab slave trading. Arabs were still kidnapping and selling young black girls and boys to be sexual objects for an average of 500 dollars apiece. For over a thousand years, Arabs have captured and shipped blacks out of Africa along three slave tracks-the Atlantic Ocean slave track, the Arab-red sea track and the Indian Ocean track. The Atlantic Ocean (originally the Ethiopian ocean) is erroneously referred to by many people as the middle passage. It just ain’t so. The true middle passage was the Arab slave route that ran directly up from sub-Saharan Africa into what is presently called the Middle East. That route was the most brutal and horrendous of all the routes and continues active in our present day. The Arab-red sea track and Indian Ocean track were feeder systems for the European slave trade in the western hemisphere and contributed to “colorizing” people in the far east and pacific area. Slave seekers within the two tracks went into the African continent and sought out black Africans based upon the market demands of European countries for size, strength, gender, and tribe. The institution of African enslavement was also based upon market demands and the perceived work capabilities of African blacks, who were sold into slavery to be field laborers, domestic servants, soldiers of war and harem guards for the wealthy.

    The Arab and Indian Ocean slave traders placed greater importance on sexual potential, such as youthful and physical attractiveness for both the female and males. Non-European slave traders wanted Africans in a ratio of two women for each man. They wanted sexually exotic Black females for domestic servants, harems and concubines. Arabs preferred black slaves from certain tribes for a variety of reasons that ranged from looks to temperament. Of all African females, Ethiopian women commanded the highest price for their exotic looks and sexual attractiveness. This was especially true for Ethiopian girls between the ages of 11-15 even into the 21st century.[The state of Israel allowed Ethiopian women to travel to their country only after sterilization. They soon stopped it and offered an olive branch by crowning the state of Israel with their first MS Israel. You can’t put syrup on do-do and call it pancakes?]

    In exercising privileges and power, Arab men were no different from white men in the Western world. They used black females as concubines while protecting their own women, especially from Black males. To protect their women from even casual contact with males, Arab culture imposed a strict code of conduct and dress on Arab women that eradicated their sexual attractiveness, made them sexually inaccessible and protected their virginity. Arabs routinely castrated enslaved black men to prevent sexual contact with Arab women. Arab slave owners castrated hundreds of thousands of Black men, turning them into eunuchs. Castrated Black males were then assigned to watch over and protect Arab females. So for 13 centuries of Arab Slave trade of 28 million Africans. 80% of the males were castrated from which 9 out of 10 bleed to death.

    A study conducted in Basra, Iraq, as late as the early 1900’s reported that there were as many as 40,000 black eunuchs present. Castrated black males could safely be assigned to Arab homes or to the military as day warriors and substitute sex partners. Wealthy Arab families would frequently assign Black slaves to their young sons at birth, thereby creating a master-partner relationship that required slaves to follow and protect the Arab sons until death.

    THE NATION OF ISLAM REVIEW: Genie vs. The Hymie

    Farrakhan who is this man who can command a million black souls to DC.

    Just who is he

    Farrakhan is a better orator than King & X put together;

    For what he has to say

    He sings better than R. Kelly and Drake on a bad day

    About the Blackman’s hell is the white’s heaven today

    He writes more better than Toni Morrison or Tyler Perry

    As he grows wisdom White Supremacy get more scary

    His diplomatic skills rivals a Powell or even a Rice

    For the Jew with the money bag he is nothing nice

    The bottle has separated gene the charmer the genie

    It released a furious rage from Mr Hymie

    You want freedom but you don’t want to die for it.-Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan

    What time is it? Its nation time it’s time for us to get together. The time for talking is over. On YouTube I was listening to a speech from Malcolm X in 1962 rally for a gunshot victim Ronald Stokes. An hour later I was listening to a speech on YouTube from Professor Griff and some other brothers. They were telling black males (in 2009) not to talk with their hands to the police because they could use this as a pretext to shoot you. That was the same thing Malcolm X said in 1962 but something told me something was missing from the tapes. I recalled 20 years ago I bought the cassette tape and it was altered. At the end of the tape a speech from Farrakhan came on from the 1980’s from which I got the above quote. He was telling the black woman not to abort their man or child because someone is coming to bring it all together.

    Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen. We are out of synch with time and place. Was Farrakhan right when he said that” the world’s clock was set on six. The world’s clock now is stuck on six. The time given to the white man, specifically to rule and dominate the lives of dark people the world over is up”-Warning to the Government of America p.20. The number 666 was not held to be evil or a bad omen in Judaism as evidenced of Solomon possessing 666 talents of Gold stolen from Africa. 666 doesn’t mean one thing. 666 also correspond to the sun rising at 6am reaching height 6 hours later and setting at 6pm.

    Its time one time for one and the end for another. So let us go back in order to know what is, we must know what it has been, and what it tends to become. If we want power then we have to go back in time and replicate the beginning in Genesis where God created man and woman in his image after his likeness. The only way we can duplicate this power event is for the Blackman and woman to get married. That’s the only way we become his image. The man alone is not the image of god and the woman alone isn’t god. Any other thing just puts you in a limited state.

    The Jewish priests took several creation stories from Heliopolis, Memphis, hermopolis, and Thebes all rolled into one. I like the one from hermopolis because that’s where we get the word Hermophite (penis/***** combined). At hermopolis 8 souls were created out of the water. 4 split from 4 then their opposites to make 8 was the original 8 of Noah being a populated story and not a repopulation story. Noah is a creation/birth story from the Egyptian Nun where the water floods/breaks and the doctor brings out the baby with hands resembling in ark/crescent form. That’s Egypt baby.

    Matthew 19:4-6

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ [Genesis 1:27]and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh ‘So then, they are no longer two but one flesh [Genesis 2:24*]. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

    Becoming one flesh (Hermophite) comes from the tradition of the Hermopolis story in Egypt. Along with Bes, god of marriage we know as the best man and the Egyptian word for Bride and Bridegroom. So who is the man that will attempt to separate the image of god (marriage/hermophite)? That man is the devil who wishes to divide and conquer and limit us. We must get back to that time back in the day. So I just proved the Christian ceremony for marriage is Egyptian and black. Knowledge is gold no one will give it to you you have to dig it up for yourself.

    One flesh doctrine of marriage can also be seen in Egyptian creation poem:

    I’am one that transforms

    Into two

    Iam two that transforms

    Into four

    Iam four that transfoms

    Into Eight

    After this I’am one

    Other Gods like Atum is “The Great He/she” & Ptah is Father/Mother. And I wonder why they put Jesus in paps in Revelations that suck from the girdle of Venus the morning star.

    You see I went to school and majored in Family Life Education and got my degree from the Whiteman but it meant nothing because all of the books didn’t even have the wisdom outlined in just one book I read from a black woman called “The Blackman’s guide to understanding the Black woman’ by Shahrazad Ali. The white press tried to dismiss for saying that the Blackman should slap the black woman when she crosses a line of standards. She also said something about the blackwoman’s nudity. She said the more naked she is in public the less confidence and self-esteem she has. Blackwomen should not wear sexy clothing in public but only in private in the presence of her man not the general public.

    “There was a time when only prostitutes dressed in certain kinds of clothes and their style of dress bespoke their profession, but today so many blackwomen dress like prostitutes it is practically impossible to detect who is who”-The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman p.117.

    A paradigm shift occurred to me watching the Million Man March on all of the television screens in the barracks of a prison camp in 1995 when I was a C/0, Getting on the Bus to participate in the Million family March; getting a degree in family life Education and then seeing Ericka Badu disgrace herself upon the world stage in March 13, 2010 for her song “window seat”. 13 was symbolic of the 12 zodiac with 13 being the light of the sun. we can see 13 in the arch of the MacDonald’s logo which is symbolic of the sky goddess arch of Nut (Isis or Hathor). Kennedy was killed by the CIA in a manner that Osiris was killed that would mask them and bring suspions of the Freemason. Badu said: John F. Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth.".

    Badu was out of time and place by 47 years. Kennedy wasn’t your husband and not up to you to show your butt naked arch for kids to see another nightmare on Elm street. The time to show your arch is in private before your man when you are receptive to give birth to a son (sun).

    Blackwoman before you gave birth to the sun lets back to genesis

    Genesis 1:6-9

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    6 Then God said, “Let there be a firmament (Arch) in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” 7 Thus God made the firmament (arch/mountain of land), and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. 8 And God called the firmament Heaven (Sky). So the evening and the morning were the second day.

    9 Then God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place (Nile), and let the dry land (Arch) appear”; and it was so.

    Genesis describes only one event occurring on the second day, the appearance of the firmament (Arch/mountain). The original Egyptian story represented a primeval mountain or naked woman that arouse out of the waters and separated the waters above from the waters below (same motif for statue of liberty holding up sun/fire on a dry island).

    She (Nut/Isis) is also depicted giving birth to the Sun and represented in the form of a woman who bears upon her head a vase of water. The above image is now the universal body language of females telling males they are receptive to sex from which they desire a son (sun). It’s the Mc Donald arch of a women behind upside down being able to feed mankind. In the Egyptian art form the woman isn’t naked alone but sometime she is alone dressed with a cat suit tights with stars all over her body.

    Now you are supposed to take the arch shape when you are ready to do it doggy style with your husband in private so that you can give birth to a son (sun). When you are together like that you are in hermophite form combing together as one flesh. however, but the devil in Hollywood and the music industry have separated us from our right time and place so that they can secretly take in power beyond their limit of time by divide and conquer which limits us.

    In 1995 at the million man march Farrakhan allowed Ericka Badu to get on stage. She was fully clothed then looking like a Nubian queen. She is known as the "First Lady of Neo-Soul" or the "Queen of Neo-Soul". But I say no more. She killed herself off in self-destruction that sad day in March 13, 2010. If she was in a Muslim country she would have received 40 lashes out in public like I see on YouTube. I recall Farrakhan saying:

    “A man should protect his woman even if you have to spank her-that’s right. A man shouldn’t generally beat his woman, no. A man doesn’t beat a woman, but some of our women who want to go out and disgrace the nation need a whippin”-7 Speeches of Farrakhan p.26.

    Don’t take these words lightly. I recall reading manning marable book on Malcolm X where they warned a female prostitute to stop strolling up and down the sidewalk of their temple. Next thing you know she came up missing maybe by a john she got into a car with or a fruit caught up with her to discipline her. The Nation believes in community development: “Brothers, we can police our community if you get it together”-LF. Elijah Muhammad (EM) said:

    We protect our farms by pulling up our weeds and grass by the roots, by killing animals and birds, and by poisoning the insects that destroy our crops in order that we may produce a good crop. How much more valuable are our women, who are our fields through whom we produce our nation?”-Message to the Blackman by EM p.60

    This same logic was used to tell Malcolm X not to retaliate against the police by killing one of their officers because no females were killed (The Judas Factor p.122). Yes but two men were shot through the penis. A damaged penis can’t plow through the black fields of the blackwomen being bent or cut off like Osiris penis was cut off unless Isis can put it together.

    Now back to the police raid in 1962 on a mosque in Los Angeles. Malcolm X was furious over the incident that was unnecessary. The police thought a Muslim was stealing clothes when he was taking them to the dry cleaners. Instead of searching the men, the police deliberately ripped their suit jackets up to the neckline. Then police ripped each man’s trousers from the bottom of the inner seam to the belt loop, then snatched them off. After the last male was disrobed, they were ordered to march single file out to the street police cruisers”. The Judas Factor by Karl Evanzz p. 118. So basically they had to march half naked or naked outside in front of a crowd of men women and children taking away all dignity. It’s nothing new that’s what they did to us in slavery when they punished the man in front of his women starked naked. The police even jabbed the Muslims in the rectums to get them to fight so they could kill us. EM also said nudity was a trick by the devil to put us in evil with themselves by showing our shame bait for the hell-fire (message to the Blackman p.101).

    Malcolm X said he was going to not slap the white man but bring all the fingers together to make a fist and put the white man in his place. This was the reverse of Booker T who wanted to keep his fingers separated. In The Isis Papers Dr. Frances Cress Welsing says the fist in boxing becomes symbolic of the testicles p.217. “The white collective looks upon the Black male specifically as the possessor of the genitals most capable of causing white genetic annihilation. This explains the expression, “to black ball” which means to exclude from social life p178” first practiced in the Freemason in their votes. So this explains why the police went after the rectums and penis of the Blackman.

    Wives and girlfriends when your man is attacked like that you know what you must do “Therefore what God has joined together, let not man (devil) separate.” What did Isis do? She collected the cut up pieces of her man and put him together so that they can be back in the form of God’s image. So Isis after her repair job is done can go back in arch form and help keep her ark in the house in order. But we can’t see the Light just like Sam Son her was dregs of the sun rays that Delilah (devil) clipped away.

    So what is Jihad when we consider war, in other words, that of power, as a means for the establishment of sound social order. The black fist was a symbol of power “Black power”. Is this what time it is for black rule and the end of white rule. A Muslim is required to fight against three foes:

    1 against the visible enemy

    2 against the devil

    3 against his self (Black Muslims enforce)

    The Black Muslim are only at war with themselves. No violent act is done against the government or white people only black individuals that offend them. Muslims around the world now are attacking USA embassies because some fool published a movie on YouTube saying Muhammad had sex with Aisha at the age of 9. Muslim scholars say she was 19 not 9. So we should fight for the honor of man and woman and not let the police pick off the male. When they pick off the male then they got the female and child as booty and have taken us away from our true image. The NAACP will only help if the crime is integrated and the NOI only if it’s to police the black community. It’s time to police the white community also. When talking of Black informants who infiltrate their ranks LF states: “I tell you from the depth of my heart, we will chop off the head and personally deliver your head to the head of the FBI”-Warning to the Government of America p.33.

    Reverend Albert Cleage made a speech in Detroit that might explain why the NOI will not put in check the Whiteman:

    I do not believe that the white man is the devil. He does devilish things, but I don’t believe that he is a devil. Because to say that he is a devil is to say that he is more than human, and I don’t believe that. You know that in Christian religion the devil was flung out of heaven; he was an angel, he was more than a man, and to believe that the white man is a devil is to attribute to him supernatural powers. That is a cult mystique. There is nothing about the white man that is supernatural…he just acts like a devil because it suits his purpose, and he mistreats us, he oppress us , he’s brutal to us because it’s in his interest-not because he is a devil”-Malcolm X: the man and his times p.19

    So what helps endorse his interest in keeping us in slavery in a new form? The Babylonian Talmud which states:

    The Hebrews wrote the so called Babylonian Talmud stating that homosexual Ham castrated Noah:

    “Now I can’t beget the fourth son whose children I would have ordered to serve you and your brothers. Therefore it must be Canaan, your first born, whom they enslave. And since you have disabled me…doing ugly things in blackness of night. Canaan’s children shall be born ugly and black! Moreover, because you twisted your head around to see (1) my nakedness, your grandchildren’s hair shall be twisted into kinks, and their eyes red (2); again because your lips jested at my misfortune, their shall swell; and because you neglected my nakedness s, they shall go naked (3), and their male penis shall be shamefully elongated. Men of this race are called Black, their forefather Canaan commanded them to love theft and fornication, to be banded together in hatred of their masters and never tell the truth”


    1 Genesis 9:22-26

    2. Isaiah 19:14

    3. Isaiah 20:4-6

    So we are left selling woof tickets in the form of the Signifying Muslim who talks to the lion (white power) high from a tree but never come down to get down with the lion. If you think the Whiteman is a supernatural devil with supernatural powers I can see why the Signifying Muslim will stay high above in the tree and rely on lawsuits to retaliate against the police and government. Malcolm X was fed up with the signifying Muslim syndrome. They would wait for an airplane to drop from the sky and say that was God retaliation for you abusing us. So the government allows you to exist because you take your *** whippings just like we did between 1619-1865 in front of our women and children. Even MLK didn’t take it that far:

    I (Louis Lomax) once asked Martin during a television interview what he would do if someone, white or black, entered his home and menaced his wife and children. He replied, Louis I don’t know what I would do.; my advocacy of nonviolence is as a tactic during demonstrations, not as a total private way of life”- To kill a Blackman p.89

    It seems to me in many ways the NOI acts like a corral to harness the militant black youth from harming themselves or to strike out against the government. It seems like a pacifying organization that doing a service to the government like Rome did the Christians back in the day. I recall back in the mid 1980’s Farrakhan gave a speech in Madison Square Garden where light and dark-skinned women protected Farrakhan by circling him all through his speech. This was done by copying the Late Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya. The other motive was to showcase the dark-skinned women who was treated as ugly like it was stated in the Babylonian Talmud and let everyone know they can rise no higher than your woman. You are incomplete without your opposite self joined together in unity is more powerful than an atomic bomb. When you come together you become the image and likeness of God. Wives submit/bend over to the true arch of your nature to your husbands because your body is his body her body his and that’s when you say Iam somebody in the image of the lord in one flesh combined sex together in a holy manner. Iam tells you something about our total being, our existence, not just mind, but body , soul , will and desire. We can’t be all breath and no britches.


    Back in 1962 Malcolm X wanted to get into hand to hand combat with the LAPD police for killing their fellow Muslims and shooting naked unarmed Muslims in their penis. The pigs also got into the sadistic act of sticking their billy clubs up the anus of the black men too.

    Malcolm X went to LA and lifted up his hand to say he wanted to bring them together to make a black fist and strike the white man back into his place. Unfortunately, X’s leaded, Elijah Muhmmad ordered him back to Chicago before he could get into some guerilla warfare.

    Here is a list of the Koran’s variety of uses for the word hand which has many meanings:

    “Make not your own hands contribute to your own destruction”-Koran 2:195

    “The (judgment) day that the wrong-doer will bite at his hands” Koran 25:27

    “Thou bringest low whom thou pleases in thy hand is all good, verily, over all things thou hast power” Koran 3:26

    “O ye who believe let those whom your right hands (slaves) possess” (Koran 24:58)

    “Their Loyalty to God: The Hand of God is over their hands” (Koran 48:10)

    Whoever submits his whole self to god…the most trustworthy hand-hold (hands can grasps for safety in moment of danger) See Koran 31:22 & 2:256. As we see the hand can go for good or evil just like Muslim bending for good or evil. Bend in arch curved form to pray or bend for evil.

    Clearly, Malcolm X was skillful in his use of words and their delivery to the masses of the people. I recommend people see the videotape of the 1962 LA rally on youtube.


    1. . If we go further back into history we find the tribe of Ishamael (White Arabs) were ID with the God Set (Satan) and his birth with the founding of the Hyksos kingdom of occupation in Egypt. “He will be a wild *** (Donkey) of a man: his hand will be against every man, and every hand against him” (Genesis 16:11-12)


    The Monkey (Black Muslim) is in the tree

    The Lion (White power) on the ground

    Monkey kept on signifying (verbal insults)

    But he didn’t come down from the safety of tree

    The Muslim & the Lion

    Got to talking one day

    Monkey looked down and said, Lion,

    I hear you king/master in every way

    But I know somebody who could whip you and doesn’t play

    Lion said who could whip me

    Monkey said Farad Muhammad or Allah, all praise be to thee

    Signifying refers to verbal war games involving ritual insult, parody, innuendo and other forms of loaded verbal expressions like roasting, playing the dozens.

    The Black Muslims and the Nation of Islam is seen the metaphor sense of signifying against the white power structure without taking action like marching in the streets to end discrimination in public accommodations. The NOI response was to create your own public accommodations and circulate the money within the black community. The Black Muslims went on the criticize Civil Rights organizations for putting teenagers, women and children on the front lines of police brutality. Civil Right people shoot back at Prophet Muhammad having age limit of 15 or older for women on front lines as nurses. Also they say that many of the adults down south had to pay car notes, insurance, mortgage, purchase food. Students didn’t have that economic worry and could flood the jails and put the economic burden on the Lion and the White Citizens Councils who wanted to keep the status quota of Jim Crow.

    I do not take Signifying lightly. On a higher level Signifying is translated in Islam as a form of Jihad (fight/Strive for justice). A manual of the hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) Jihad is defined in part:

    “The messenger of Allah said:

    The most excellent jihad is the uttering of

    Truth in the presence of an unjust ruler” (Tr-Msh. 17)

    We call this Jihad telling truth to power. Which acts as a warning before any violent Jihad would come. Its powerful because speaking truth can lead to virtue.

    However, back in the 1960’s the black community was primed to understand the black Muslims as advocating self-defense and not turning the other cheek. So when the police made an illegal raid on their mosque in 1962 and killed one of their members (Ronald Stokes) outside observers were expecting some type of retaliation like “Life for life” (Koran 5:48) except for atonement against the pigs otherwise known as the LAPD.

    The shuttle diplomacy of Malcolm X flew down to LA and told an angry crowd that he wanted to unite the fingers on his hands to make a fist and put the white man (Lion) in his place. That reminded me of a line in the Koran:

    Two glorious things

    (Martyrdom or victory)

    Either that God will send

    His punishment from himself,

    Or by our hands” ( Koran 9:52)

    The NOI leader Elijah Muhammad, sent orders from headquarters in Chicago that X was to stay high atop the tree and keep talking and allow Allah to initiate his retaliation a couple of months later by dropping down a airplane in Europe killing almost 200 white folks who had nothing to do with the police striping Muslim men naked and shooting them through the penis.

    Malcolm X said he would have done something if they would have touched any of their women. However, the police indirectly touched the women by making them widows and unable to procreate through the damage goods they inflicted upon the men. Besides the Koran says “The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another (Koran 9:71) and Farrakhan has used females to protect his life during public speeches in parody of the late former president of Libya.The prophet Muhammad once said:

    “Believers are in relation to one another (parts of ) a structure, one part of which strengthens the other”. And he inserted the fingers of one hand amid those of the other so as to conjoin his two hands.

    When speaking to black militants back in the 1970’s Farrakhan told them:

    “Any fool can die, but it takes a wise man to live. A true revolutionary is not a man who seeks to die, he’s a man who seeks to live and outmaneuver his enemy, so that the revolution will live…

    Wise men don’t say what they are-they act. And their actions will tell you what they are”-7 Speeches by Louis Farrakhan pp105-106

    And what do we see the actions of thee?

    The Signifying Muslim high atop the tree


    The black Christian confines his talk of manhood to the Barbershop

    The sports confines his manhood to trash talk on the basketball court or Football field.

    Its no different from being on the tree


    I asked a member of the Nation Of Islam just where is the tribe of Shabazz and where did the founder of the group Wallace D. Fard came from?

    Answer: When the moon broke off from the earth 66 trillion years ago the tribe of Shabazz was formed. Fard is from Mecca.

    Unfortunately, these two answers are not correct. Minister Khaalis said Fard spent time in prison for raping a white girl. The NOI murdered Khaalis whole family for his revealtions. Khaalis now is doing life in prison. The truth was Fard was from Pakistan and Shabazz too.

    When Alex Haley was digging deep for his Roots, which was inspired by Malcolm X friendship with Haley, a key word of the name of a musical instrument lead him to his hometown and homecoming in Africa. Whats in a name? A whole hell of a lot.

    1. Shabazz comes from the famous Lal Shahbaz Qalander mosque in Pakistan. Fard had poor language skills and misspelled Shahbaz as Shabazz. No place on earth called Shabazz before Fard invented it except for Shahbaz.

    2.Fard renames Elijah brother Kallat a small town in Pakistan. Kallat is a name of many men in Pakistan. All web, google searches links name with Pakistan.

    3. Fard changed his name to Ghulam Ali, a commonly used name in Pakistan.

    Reference: See Message to the Blackman by Elijah Muhammad p.31

    The Mesenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad p. 382 & 409


    No matter how bad or good history is we can’t change it. Black people here in America suffered slavery from 1555 or 1619 through 1863. And if we count the black codes and Jim Crow for another hundred years up to 1963 we have been slaves roughly 400 years here in North America. Some black religious cults have used this time span to declare they are the slaves talked about in the bible and are the real true children of Israel. The Nation of Islam is using the editors and redactors errors from ancient times in the Bible to demonize a whole race of white Jews into some sinister plot to keep black people in bondage and not reaching their highest talents and human potential. Basically having the life blood sucked out of them making them a dead zombie like people who can only be activated by drugs, sex, and music from the occult of Satan who are reptiles in mind and under their skin. They also believe it is only their version of religion that can awaken the black race out of their reptile state of mind and being. Sounds crazy but this is what they think. It’s this type of ideology that’s act the root of the problem. Much of the human problems has been people going to war because some subset of a given culture stirs up trouble. Then, the other culture just decides all of the other culture must be destroyed. This brings up the memory the fictional actions of Judas Iscariot or Ham of Egypt bad behavior being transferred to a whole tribe or race of a peoples. Nor can Israel make up their sterilization of Ethiopians by making one of them the first black Miss Israel in 2013

    From slavery this cult has convinced many that the Whiteman is the devil. So let us get into some of the roots of this Farrakhan Trap.

    The Myth: “And he said unto Abraham know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs , and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years. And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age. But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the of the Amorites [Canaanite tribe of the Hyksos] is not yet full” (Genesis 15:13-16)

    The Reality: The Bible has several contradictory passages about how long Israel remained in bondage, and even ancient Jewish scholars were confused about the duration and combined two diffirent traditions as if they were one. I’m talking about the Hyksos and Moses exodus. This is where the biblical redactors confused two stories. One was about Canaanite affliction over Egypt, a description of the Hyksos era when Canaanites ruled Egypt. The other was about a departure of Israel from Egypt. Tribes of the Canaanites varied, some were white Arabs and others were black with thick lips and noses. Some of the Israelites dressed in the same fashion as the black Canaanites (see Frank Yurco “3,200 year old picture of Israel found in Egypt” or stone pictures of Black Canaanites in Donald Redford’s book Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times)

    Let’s look at Genesis prophecy to see how these two stories were combined:

    The first thing we notice is that the affliction takes place in a land where Abraham’s seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs”. The Jews are from Egypt and Ethiopian lands so they are not strangers there. Where is that land. The assumption has always been that the strange land was Egypt, but throughout the bible, it is Canaan that is identified as the strange land, not Egypt. Consider these statements:

    “The land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan (gen 17; 8)

    “Jacob dwelt in the land where his father (Isaac) was a stranger in the land of Canaan (Gen 37:1)

    The first stage in our reconstruction, then, is to recognize that Canaan caused the Affliction, not Egypt and that the prophecy, of the seed of Abraham will come out of the land of affliction. Next, look at the passage about the fourth generation:

    But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites (Hyksos, white Arabs) is not yet full

    This passage has always been interested to mean that Israel will come out of Egypt, but that it will have to wait until the Amorites disappear. It is then argued that Moses fulfilled the prophecy in that he was in the fourth generation after Jacob. But the prophecy says in the fourth generation, not after the fourth generation. Since Moses is in the fifth generation beginning with Jacob, he doesn’t fall within the terms of the prediction.

    The Hyksos, the basic of the story about affliction, were of Canaanite origin, but which Canaanites they were we don’t know. They ruled parts of Egypt from about 1750bc, and all or most of Egypt from about 1680bc, and remained in power to about 1572BC. The name Hyksos means “chieftains from the hill country”.

    The term Amorite originally meant specific groups of people in Canaan. It eventually evolved into a term describing Canaanites from the Central hill (Amorites live in hill country Numbers 13:29), areas in Canaan. So, Hyksos and Amorite both referred to people from the hill country, although the similar definitions don’t necessarily mean they referred to the same groups of people.

    In any event, when Abraham went to Egypt, the Hyksos were in charge of the northern delta and he later fled from that territory. The very next Israelite to come to Egypt was joseph, and lo and behold, joseph is in the fourth generation from Abraham-Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Chronologically, following the Jewish tradition, joseph arrived in Egypt about 1564Bc which is right after or just about when the Egyptians decisively defeated the Hyksos. (We then hear about a new king who didn’t know Joseph, came to power in Egypt doing forced labor Exodus 1:8-11 at Rameses, the original name of Avaris where the Hyksos set up their headquarters and worshiped Set-hen).

    Reducing God’s prophecy to Abraham to its essential components, we have the following scenario:

    1. Abraham sojourned in Egypt

    2. Canaanites (Hyksos) afflicted Egypt

    3. The prophecy said that the strange land (Canaan) would afflict the seed of Abraham. The Canaanite Hyksos dominated Egypt and Canaan.

    4. The prophecy said that in the fourth generation there would be a return from the strange land (Canaan, when the power of the Amorites (Hyksos) had ended.

    5. Joseph, in the fourth generation from Abraham, returned to Egypt.

    6. God’s prophecy said that Abraham’s seed (Isaac and his descendants) would come out of a country after 400 years

    7. Moses led an exodus out of Egypt and into Canaan

    What we have here are two separate stories that have become entangled due to confusion by the biblical redactors.

    The first story described an affliction by Canaanites in Egypt for four generations. The second described a departure from Egypt after four hundred years. Both stories included a period of Affliction, one by Canaanites over Egypt and one by Egyptians over the Israelites.

    The Biblical redactors, who no longer remembered that the Israelites ancestors of the patriarchal age had lived in Egypt, only knew of Israelites as a Canaanite people who had been afflicted in Egypt. They read these two stories from a Canaanite rather than Egyptian perspective. From that point of view, persecution in a land of strangers meant persecution in Egypt rather than Canaan. They integrated the first story with the second story to reflect a single affliction. For this reason, they assumed that the time spans of four hundred years and four generations were one and the same when in fact they actually measured two different durations. (A generation could be just 40 years). Consequently, the biblical redactors erroneously created a period of 4 hundred years of slavery in Egypt when the reality of their slavery or work crews in Egypt lasted less than thirty years. But nevertheless Jews still claim they were slaves making pyramids in Egypt thousands of years before Abraham ever stepped foot in Egypt.

    Now comes Louis Farrakhan and his NOI to capitalize or editing errors and false memories of Jewish scribes to claim the prophecy of 400 years of slavery refers to the original true black Jews in America. Those falling for this trap have been misled and haven’t read alternative histories.

    There was a time in American history that whites were 90% of the blackman’s problem and 10% being of our own doing. Now its just the opposite. The KKK has outsource its lynching to the loveless black gangs in the urban hood. We enslave oursleves by having blacks scared to go jogging or to travel 4 blocks within a city. Many blacks are virtual prisoners on their blocks never going site seeing in their own downtown areas because the police don’t want them there because some subset of a given culture stirs up trouble. Then, the other culture just decides all of the other culture must be destroyed, contained, suppressed and marginalized. We are invisible because we are not seen for who we are but what a few from our racial group has done. You are invisble when your charcater isn’t judged but only the assuptions and stereotypes. With this background it becomes easy for black demogues like Farrakhan to take advantage of this sentiment and trap them into a bubble of hate. Either we hate the whiteman or hate eachother. When we fight and kill eachother will call ourselves niggaaas=is that love. We post our gladiator fights on youtube. Young black females fighting eachother calling eachother B” and tearing eachother clothes off. This reminded me of slavery days where the white master had black females fight eachother naked with the loser getting 10-20 lashes and the winner getting a free trip to his bedroom. Racism and self-hate prevents us as a people to unite agnist the puppet politicians being controlled by sinister corporate bandits and building strong families. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.