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Oct 13, 2006
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Malinda's Invisible Lover

Malinda's family referred to her as "superstitious" when she started covering up all the mirrors in the house the night of her husband's passing. "so his soul can rest" she said. She went about blanketing every piece of reflecting glass she could find, hoping it would help to provide a safe and peaceful passage for her Husband's loving soul. But that was four years ago.

Today she speaks of him as if he is still here on earth with her. She says he comes by every now and again making sure she is still doing well. His old rusty brown dog named "Trapper" still greets him at the front gate as always.

One night around 1 am, Malinda was returning home from visiting an old female friend from college, she was still about 15 miles from home- and just about in the middle of no where, her car cut off. Her Husband had chastised her so many times about keeping her cell phone charged up, and this would be yet another day that she wished she had listened.

Just then, she felt the present of her Husband, and his voice said "Malinda, listen to me, go in the trunk- get the hammer and when you lift up the front hood I'll tell you where to hit." She knew her mind wasn't playing tricks on her, she knew absolutely nothing about cars but her Husband did.

She went into the trunk, partly unsure that a hammer would really be in there, but once she opened up the front hood he came to her again saying " now see that right there?" She strained her eyes just a bit trying to see what he was trying to show her under the thin beam of light the car provided her. "Right there about 5 inches away from your hand, knock that at least 3 times and start the car up again." She listened to her Husband's voice as he guided her, she knocked whatever it was with the hammer, and the car started right back up when she placed the key into the ignition.

After retelling her story to different people everyone was sure she was nuts. First of all- what could she have hammered in order to get the car working in the first place? Obviously it had to be the work of an old Woman's overworked imagination. But Malinda didn't care, she knew her Husband was still alive looking out for her and even called him by his new name- "invisible lover."

Jealous Gods

In most highly evolved spiritual cultures, it is believed that our closest loved ones- like wives or husbands, children- only cross over if they truly want too. Meaning, they actually have a choice to stay around the family if they wish, in order to protect them or provide for them still. Now sometimes such people because of their length of time, experience and knowledge of the world- can become Deities. It is also believed most Deities are in fact real Men and Women that have lived but have decided for whatever reason to say animated on the earth plane, but in spiritual and even astral form.

Those who practice various spiritual traditions know that usually spirits cannot stay glued to the earth unless they are fed, there has to be some anchor to keep them. Either it is the earth itself, as they can make a commitment to the spirits of the earth, or it can be a devotion towards certain blood lines and families.

There are some Deities that practically own hordes of Women, and are married to them as their spiritual Husband, such marriages come about because of blood rituals and sacrifices. Even here in America that are many of our Sistahs that are still tied to these blood contracts, and in fact have spiritual Husbands that come to visit them to collect.

The "jealous God" the bible is speaking of, is most likely these very same spiritual Husbands and Wives. It would actually make sense that this truth is responsible for many of the world's religion. And perhaps the earth is in spiritual bondage because of these spirits that refuse to ascend or descend into their planes of their rightful existence. One one hand we can see the positive benefits of having spiritual protectors and providers, one the other hand - how do we deal with such spirits when they become greedy for energy and souls?

Men have died mysteriously in their sleep, only for the crime of sleeping with the Wive of one of these spirits. Some Women even without knowing it have male spirits lingering around them, that have taken them on as a form of physical ownership. They are grant certain powers for exchange of sexual energy. Some of these spirits are not Humanoid, and if these Women were able to see them in their truest form perhaps most of these invisible marriages would never be promoted or provoked.

The Invisible Wife

While these types of marriages are more common with Women, it is not uncommon for spiritual females to want such contracts with Men. Some female Deities actually possess living Women in order to have sex with certain types of Men.

When a Man has a spiritual Wife, she would go out with him and help him find a Woman that is actually for her to mount in order to have physical sex with him. These spirits know there are some Women that are more "mountable" than others. As I mentioned before Cosmic males usually arrive with their Wives with them, and sometimes even children. A close concept of this was shown to us in the classic Kung-fu movie- "The 9 Demons."

Some Men, no matter how many Women they have been with, in actuality have only been with one Woman. She is the spiritual Wife that possesses the Women he chooses. It usually takes some Men a while to catch on, that all the Women they have been with- wear they same style dresses and hum the same songs to themselves while cooking. Another aspect of this, is that when these Men are choosing a Woman, what they are choosing is a shell for that spirit around them or at times "within them" to be able to mount.

Those in the deeper esoteric occult would claim that the Popes and High Priests were at first put into place as a type of "police system" to control how and what these spirits were able to do based on their choice to stay here. Instead now the Church is used to keep people blind to the real truth.
We have divorced ourselves from the systems that trained us how to see the invisible, and how to break these contracts where we saw fit.

The movie "Fallen" with Dezel Washington tried to alert us to a spiritual reality that is as old on this planet as time itself.

Spiritual Manipulation

Not all of these spiritual mates are negative of course, but we should be mindful that because their power- they can become very crafty manipulators as well. There is indeed a thin line between love and hate, left alone- unfed- without the same level of adoration and worship they've grown accustomed too, many of us would become "enemies in the spirit world" as well. There are many Women even now that have male spirits that chase away any potential long-term lovers, and instead attract Men that serve the task of providing them offspring.

So yes- in some cases- when that Brotha says- "that baby is not mine" he is telling the truth. DNA has nothing to do with it. A Man's sperm can be used to create the vessel for these entities. But we live in a world now that is somewhat void of spiritual understanding, thus it's no wonder these forces are able to pin entire nations against each other so easily.

And some of these spiritual Mobsters- make the Sopranos look like The Huxtables. It's true when they say "all the real gangstas are dead."
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