Brother AACOOLDRE : The Invisible Man & Woman

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    By Andre Austin

    You are invisible when you are poor. Nobody wants to have anything to do with you unless their using you as bait during an election cycle then your soul disappear just like the invisible wind. You are invisible when Governments, corporations and people are unwilling or unable to see you as a individual. Take it serious because government programs policies and procedures could be shaped around these stereotypes. Now see how the state use food, medicine and money to manipulate people who are already living a miserable life. Your are invisible when you get typecast into these primary stereotypes:

    A. The Jezebel or The Young buck for male.
    During slavery it serve the interest of plantations inc. to have the myth that the black female was always available for sex. They were hyper sexual work horse and gladly mate to produce offspring for the slavery machine. The image of this Jezebel then becomes a Welfare Queen in the eyes of the Reagan era to criminalize welfare recipients and have them as Food stamps hogs driving a 20 year old Cadillac. State governments have laws now drug testing and limit amount of kids and the value of your car. The Young Buck is now a big black sports figure where all the white girls fantasize as having a big penis; a carry over myth from the Jewish encyclopedia called the Babylonian Talmud. Institutions holding these stereotypes would refused jobs and resume for candidates they think would disrupt the social cohesiveness their work environment. You don’t want somebody working for you who will destroy marriages by sleeping around.

    The Mammy worked in the house who devoted her life, talent, time, mind and soul to her employer at expense of her own self and household. She cooked, cleaned and could offer advise and fix any problem her white employer had. During slavery the Mammy’s children died playing in the swamp river, eaten up by crocodiles. The Mammy couldn’t afford to watch her own kids because she was too busy washing Miss Ann dirty draws. The Mammy didn’t SS or a pension because the good white folks would will her something and take care of her. Sambo was the childlike fool, musical and dancing and killed for Master any other slave who didn’t want to totally submit to white supremacy. Sambo was the gate keeper protecting the masters gold and silver. You can find this Sambo killing Uncle Tom in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom was a Christ like figure who didn’t snitch on his fellow slaves until the 1920’s George McGuire turnt Tom out to be a servile suppliant. Now the roles are distorted making Sambo a hero and we wonder why we live in a upside down civilization. Foreign nations helped the union side with the help of the popularity of the book about Uncle Tom. Now Tom is a hated man. The result of this type of madness may result in laws and customs barring labor-contract rights, and unions and creation of right to work states paternistic attitude of being boss and refusing to negotiate.

    A Blackman raise his voice in corporate America is seen as a violent angry Blackman. A people who think you should act like a child (Sambo). Now to act like a child in Christendome is to be born again. A man from time to time raises his voice. And so does a black woman. The female is so angry she with her silver tongue alone can emasculate a man from his manhood. This falsehood reached a peek and canonization with the 1990’s book The Blackman’s guide to understanding the Blackwoman by Shahrazad Ali. If the Blackwoman was so much a superman than why is she being killed and beat in domestic affairs. The plight of the busted female lip was ignored until a white woman met its ultimate price in the OJ Simpson trial. Now the angry Blackman has been turnt out into an irrational Black Panther whose legitimate complaints are ignored and treated as silly childish demands. Obama might fall in this trap of believing that being raised not to whine. Is he interpreting it like that telling blacks to get out their slippers (sleep) and rise up and do something for self. Political demands ignored why other ethnic groups votes/contributions get ten fold the returning yield. One demands deemed child like whining while other legitimate concerns.

    The real black man and woman take care of their kids, work and desire to seek and live the American dream. We nurture and seek relationships rather than sex partners. The Blackman and woman will be visible when we realize we are no different than anybody else. We must learn these stereotypical roles so that they are not imposed on us or we act them out in a modern day minstrel show in film and music. Martin Luther King has been preaching to us from the tallest mountain up their in heaven to judge us by our character not the color or stereotype. This can only be done if others and ourselves can see us as individuals. Then and only then will the invisible man die and become visible.