Black People : "The Inventions by Europeans can be counted on ONE HAND"!

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    This is the statement that peaked my interest in my youth. Sound like some wild eyed militant huh? Well..... I happened to be researching about Afrikans in the bible and the early days when I came across a European scholar who specialized in early european history. His name excapes me but that phrase did not. I dove into my studies and lo and behold here are just a few of the interesting things I uncovered

    (1) Afrikans were doing limb transplants in 2000 B.C.!
    (2) Nimrod (who we were always taught meant "bad", "dumb" etc... was actually the FIRST WORLD EMPIRE BUILDER! He founded Babylon and Booktown. As well as many other great African nations and cities.
    (3) The first university in Europe, The Univ of Salamanca in Spain was designed, built and STAFFED by Afrikans!
    (4) The FIRST comprehensive Medical Books were the Materia Medica!! Books written by Afgrikans and STOLEN by the Greeks. Forget Hippocrates!! It was Afrikans that started this.
    (5)We had Univ in Mali and Ghana where people came from all over the world to study everything from Chemistry to geography and yes even the Great texts!
    (6) The first coins in Europe had pictures of AFRIKAN women on them! The were so impressed with our great cities and hospitals, univ. etc..

    We also invented the WHEEL, Pulleys, Astronomy, Irrigation, Higher Mathmatics, Architecture, Brain Surgery, and too many more to mention!

    I tell you all this for 2 reasons... Our children need to know who we come from. This will help guide and mold them and keep them out of trouble and also, WE, the Afrikan have ALWAYSbeen SUPERIORto the Mutaion that is called a "man". I say this with no venom. But as my moniker suggest I MUST tell the truth on it!

    I can look any Euro in the eye and tell him that I am NOT from a cave but from KINGS and QUEENS!!!!!
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    The European has done something great and it is perhaps the greatest thing of all. He has mastered the five senses that are our avenue to information from the external physical universe. As such, he has equally learned how to manipulate those five senses to his advantage through the sciences of color, sound, taste, hearing, seeing and feeling. This area of control is so great that many of our people can not raise above it. In essence, he has mastered the "lower chakras" or animal stage of our existence. Now many of us may not see this as a great feat but it is.

    The result of his mastering it means that many of our people will raise up no further than those five senses and as such, never know or manifest what and who we truly are as a people In other words, the end result is that the European will maintain control of the "physical universe because they have mastered the physical reality. Now, should our people suddenly understand that they too can control the physical reality of the universe by raising above what Europeans now control, that is when things will really begin to change. I think that that is our battle....which is why history is so important.