Chief Elder Osiris : The Intracate Relationship Between The Past And Present!!!

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    So tell me dear beloved, is my mother and father more important than my
    grandmother and grandfather?

    Is not the two connected to the other?

    Can there be a importance or less importance placed on the two, one over
    the other?

    I see we hug with all of our might, the miss-information taught to us about
    which tense of Time being more or less important than the other or more or
    less significant than the other, based on how we have been conditioned to
    look at and accept Time and the events that happens within each interval of
    what we call Time.

    We Black people is so quick to quip what has been taught to us by our
    oppressors about the un-importantance and the meaningless of what is call
    past Time or in their class of Time, History.

    What do we mean and what are we saying when we say, we need to forget about
    the past or we need to let the past go or stop living in the past or the
    past has no relevancy to the present and we need to concentrate on the

    Tell me beloved, does culture and traditions hold any value in life
    experiences, in relationship to Time and don't they represent an action that
    took place in what we call the past?

    I will ask you a question, a question which has an obvious and simple answer
    and the question is, does Time change?

    If your expected reply is yes, then I beg to differ with you on that matter.

    Is not Time, the only constant in the universe, along with God and it change
    and vary not, only the events that occur within the corridors of Time,

    Therefore what we describe as culture and tradition, whose essence is life
    activity, in which those events occurred or reference at a Time we call the
    past, which must have happened the day before today, as we practice those
    cultural and traditions, in another frame of reference of Time, they,
    culture and tradition, had to be formulated based on events that caused a
    certain way of life, that occurred in a Time past and practiced

    Such life practices, lose not its value, based on Time, as a matter of fact,
    the past practice of a certain way of life hold a great value, which is why
    we practice and copy past ways of life today and associate such way of life
    as a culture reflection of our Ancestors, as we continue such life practice,
    down through the corridors of Time and refer to such continuous practices as
    a tradition, based on habit, coming from the past.

    Therefore because of culture practices, whose events are connected one to
    the other and the one and the other,comprise of our Ancestors set ways of
    life expressed experiences, make our past life practices to become our today
    life expression, which is in fact what tie our past life practice to our
    present life expression, making one to be no more or no less important than
    the other life expressed experiences that is now practiced, which is
    commonly referred to as culture events, identified with a past life
    experience, making the past to become our present, within the annuals of

    Our past is of equal or more so value to our present and in accordance to
    Time, one is no difference than the other, making what we call the future,
    which is the X factor, in regard to our life expressed experiences, within
    the frame work of Time.

    So the suggestion that we should forget about our past,or that the past has
    no place in the present or that yesterday hold no significance to today, and
    we should concentrate on the future, is a suggestion that come only from a
    fool, being led and taught by a fool.

    Black Woman! Black Man!

    Do you not know that our past is our present and the two only can
    contemplate what the tomorrow ( future ) might be?

    It is the devil who say, turn loose the past because in so doing we release
    him of his responsibility to our Enslaved Ancestors and allof his other evil
    acts in life, making his debt to the world and our Enslaved Ancestors in the
    form of Reparation to fade away into the abyss of a false tunnel of Time.

    I say, he is a liar and a deceiver in his attempt to mark Time to being
    erosive, losing its value at every stroke of motion it so reveal.

    Not so my dear beloved, motion is just a spoke in that immutable actionable
    cause of Time, which is constant and unwavering in the midst of its action,
    Time that is.

    My dear beloved, Time is to us, what God is to the Universe.

    Our Past is our Future!!!

    Let those who are wise, understand what has just been revealed to you.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    Host Of The Radio Talk Show, The Exodus, On The Harambee Raido Network


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    Eastern Standard Time.

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    My God The Creator.

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    Very interesting points here! :toast: And I enjoyed the way you expressed this and framed it.

    You broke it down well!

    I agree that we knowing and understanding the Past aids our Present and Futures.
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    you always on point and deliver it wit great scope.
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    Time is an illusion.

    I would say the future is what is important to my people.

    We make claim to our birthrite.

    my grandparents and parents are only as important as what esteem I hold myself to.

    for their existence is dependent upon my existence, and freedom.

    Much peace and love.