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Jan 24, 2004
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Peace and Blessings Family,

It has been said many times over the years, that it is somewhat intimidating, to join in our discussions. They are oftentimes powerful and hard-hitting, making folk reluctant to just jump in and share their opinion too. Our topics are usually pointed, addressing issues pertaining specifically to us, and how we're impacted by them. Opinions shared are passionate and determined. It doesn't often appear that folk are open to being persuaded to think differently, when they are sharing their own opinion ... though it has happened.

I want to address this, because it's just come up again recently, by a Dear Darling Member, who had come from the Poetry Forums, and ventured down to the Discussion Forums, only to find a whole different kind of energy, than they thought we had.

I want to speak to this, the different energies found here, as they are varied. I have been here since day one, and watched all of them grow into what we see now. It is my hope to help everyone understand them, so no one will be surprised or shocked, thinking they've found a community with this kind of energy, only to skootch down a few forums, and find a whole different kind of energy!

The community is divided into 3 distinct areas.

UpStairs - The Poetry Forums
DownStairs - The Discussion Forums
and Chat

Historically, the Poetry Forums have always been nothing but love, peace, joy, respect, consideration, etc. It is so positive, so loving, so soothing, and so kind. That is the energy of our Poetry Forums, and it's always been this way. I believe to a great degree, by design, as well as the inherent qualities of poetry. Poetry, all by itself, can be soothing and comforting for both the Poet that shares, as well as for all who read and respond to it. That is the energy in poetry. If a Member joins, and only visits the Poetry Forums, they will only know of this great and loving energy we've been blessed to possess.

Poetry is also the first area of the forums. We had poetry before we had the other discussion areas, though it does not precede chat. It is though, the reservoir, if you will, of the community's foundational positive energy.

The Discussion Forums, oh my goodness, has its very own separate and distinct energy! It can be very heated. The cliche, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, applies to our discussions! It is a whole completely different energy than Upstairs, in the Poetry Forums. You will never find the same collective energy UpStairs, that is found DownStairs.

DownStairs, people are debating, discussing, proving their points, and trying to win over minds and souls, sometimes, i believe. They are vigilant, forceful, passionate, unyielding, and hard-hitting, most of the time. You have to have a thick skin to jump in these discussions, or be in the process of developing one. Our discussion forums are a great place to practice presenting one's thoughts and opinions publicly, as well as defending them, for you can get really good at it right here! It is a great place to polish up, and perfect, your articulation, debate, and presentational skills!

DownStairs, you will be challenged, and sources will be requested (whether you provide them or not). It is rare, that folk get away with saying something in our discussions, without another asking ... "How do you know that, who told you?" ... Of course, not everyone's opinion and commentary lives up to the challenges presented here. Just because someone is challenged, doesn't mean they can actually meet that challenge. It is not a requirement to be able to prove what you say, though it does lend credibility to your argument and position, as well as proving your own self to be a credible source of information and wisdom. I've seen many times where the challenge has been presented, and the Member suddenly gets all quiet, backs down, and has no further comment. All of this happens here, and it's usually up to the individual reader to determine for themselves, what is fact, and what is fiction.

While this area, the Discussion Forums, demonstrates this type of unyielding energy, and can sometimes be confrontational, all discussions are conducted within the positive foundational energy of this community, which is love, peace, and respect. So while they may be hard-hitting, a little intimidating, everyone is welcome to share their opinion in them. Let me say too, while this thread focuses on the intimidating factor of our discussions, many are very light-hearted as well.

Ultimately though, that is all any of this is, opinions shared. A Member has an opinion on things, they may present some facts (which are often argued as well), and another agrees, disagrees, adds to it all, or attempts to take away from it. Everyone can do that. No one should feel afraid, or reluctant, to join in these discussions, for no one's opinion, including my own, is greater than yours. I believe it is absolutely essential for us all, to feel free to put our opinions on the table, and to be heard. Even if we disagree with everyone else, or everyone else disagrees with us! That is okay! You are still entitled to your opinion, and this is a place where you can have that!

As a result of us being this kind of place, welcoming all respectful opinion, you're going to find a wide variety of it. You are going to find things that you never thought you'd hear someone say. You'll be like, "Oh my gosh! Did they just say that?!" Yes, that's what they said, and they believe that, no matter how ridiculous it may be to you and i. Likewise, they may think what you and i say, is ridiculous. It goes back and forth, a complete circle of sharing thoughts and opinions. That's all it is, and everyone is welcome to put theirs in the mix, making for a greater wealth of information for us all.

I have said many times over the years, that we never know who is being impacted by our words. We are oftentimes engaged in a heated discussion with particular individuals, focused solely on them, when it is the intent of the universe for someone else, outside the discussion, to be moved by it. This is one of the great benefits of having these kinds of open discussions, never knowing who is listening, reading, and being moved by what you say. They may never tell you that what you said changed their life, turned them around, helped them see things differently, moved them away from danger and destruction, and put them on a path of self-empowerment and opportunistic situations!. You may never know your words had such a profound impact on another! So while we often appear to be caught up with the ones we're talking with, we could actually be influencing many, by just simply having these discussions available for everyone to hear and read. Your opinion alone, may be the very thing that saves someone's life, literally or figuratively, so please, don't be afraid to share it!

The third area of our community, is our Voice Video Chat. It is the oldest area in the community. It was first, and it too embodies our positive, foundational energy. While this is the case, you can find hard-hitting, controversial, and passionate discussions going on there as well. We also have celebrations, informative classes, music, laughing, talking, and just hanging out. You can find a little bit of everything in chat, depending on the moment that you walk in the door, and what's going on at that time.

So Family ... i just wanted to share my perspective on the energies found here, and encourage all to add their energy to the mix! It is my hope that no one be intimidated, or reluctant to share their opinion anywhere in this community ... or lose sight of the positive foundational energy that encompasses all found here ... for it may be the words held in your heart, that will make all the difference in another Sister or Brother's life, should they get to read or hear them.

Much Love and Peace.


Excellent and most timely post :bowdown:

Jan 22, 2001
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Excellent and most timely post :bowdown:
Thank You Sister Queen !!! :love:

the basement can be a beast if u aint ready 4
i found that out the first time i wondered down there and got lost...
but to those that are scared to venture into those waters from the poetry section
take this will wisen u up

one love
lol @ the basement ... hahahahahahahaha ... :lol: ... that is too funeeee !!!

i've never heard it referred to as that Brother Khasm ... though it is rather fitting ... :lol:

A person could feel all locked down and stuff, mess'n around in these forums ... whew!

Hmmmmm ... maybe we should get a basement ... some whips and chains and stuff ... ya know ... :look:

And yes, you're absolutely right ... there is much to be gained by reading and taking part in our discussions!

Thanks for sharing!

Much Love and Peace!



Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

the basement can be a beast if u aint ready 4
i found that out the first time i wondered down there and got lost...
but to those that are scared to venture into those waters from the poetry section
take this will wisen u up

one love


You have spoken truth to power, Khasm13, this thread and its testimony should be required reading, it would save a lot of heartaches.

Thank you Khasm13 for putting it like it is, much love My Brother, and My Friend!


Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Yes Destee, I found this to be very interesting and appreciate you taking the time to address it.


Much needed medicine, take a full dose, sweet apple*pie; for it is just what the Doctor ordered:heart:

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