Black People : The Internet and Democracy.

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    Revenge of The Fallen.


    I've heard so many Pastors and Biblical Scholars try to define what “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” means, we are told to repent for it- but we are still required to wait- despite it being at hand- which means near and very close. Heaven backwards is nevaeh, which points to a word eastern cultures were aware of before so-called Heaven, and that word is nirvana. This is a state beyond karmic bondage and it is also freedom from suffering. Many will agree that both are actually states of mind or states of consciousness. If this is so, then true repentance does not prepare one for heaven, it is the only way by which heaven or nirvana is experienced.

    Science fiction shows like Star Trek told us that a time will comes in the future when people will suffer much less because of advances in technology. Possessing the science to replicate any type of food and energy source the battle for life's basic essentials would be over,catapulting Mankind into a physical rendition of heaven or nirvana, left only with the challenges of space exploration.

    It is possible that we are currently living within a period of repentance, which is the turning away from things that have been causing us suffering in the past. This might explain why so many are boxing away their bibles are googling the occult, ancient African magic and kemetic sciences. We are turning away from things that we are only now realizing has not produce any changes in the lives of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. We have been kept blind. We have fallen. But we may in fact rise into an age of true democracy.

    Real Democracy is when common folk rule, they decide what is best for them. Now if the simplest of people are in the state of consciousness that is not about suffering, pain, hardship as it has been so far- then that energy will part of all of their discussion making. Such mindsets would be an end to Capitalism. It is my opinion and judgment that this so-called recession was planned.

    It is also the establishment's attempt to regain their balance for an age no one really saw coming. It is an age where information, resources, education and even money is generated for free- every single day on the Internet. A system that some of the most brilliant economists are still trying to figure out why and how it works. And it would be a complete death to Capitalism if it spreads and if the Government is not allowed to reinforce fears into the heart of the world. Signs of obsolete Government has never been so visible- not until Obama became “the face” of the establishment's understanding of technology and the Internet.

    Of course the ones that first built the infrastructure for the Internet- did not have the vision to see what it would later become. Not only a major enemy to national security and defense, but a system of personal empowerment that would force into play the creation of a entirely new regime. First there was Homeland Security, now there is the US military's Joint Task Force for Computer Network Defense. Both are part of the same regime, to spy and gather intelligence from the common folks themselves. But the Government's greatest threats among them? The nerds. The programmers. The hackers. The digital visionaries. The Fallen.

    In many stories -The Fallen are Angels that once occupied heaven but for whatever reason were kicked out. The Fallen are also those that rebelled against God. In truth the Fallen rebel against false Gods and those that set up themselves as rulers over the people in order to punishment them for not obeying. Whatever it is that possesses them to do what they do, The fallen do it as a means of taking power away from a system that is corrupt, and a system that is causing suffering all over the planet.

    Since it's conception, the Internet has allowed millions of people to generate billions of dollars, due to information and access they were no not privy too previously. Think daytraders, think ebay. These are systems but in place by common folks. But it's not just about earning money and producing information, it's also about producing services and technology for free- that all the world has access too.

    When youtube was purchased by google inc., allot people by then had already seen the writing on the wall. Now what most people don't know is that the education, skills and software to create sites like were all free. is a free classifieds site that connections most of the world 24-7. A text based website with zero graphics- but it is the most simple equation for what “Internet democracy” is. Linux's Ubuntu is a free open source operating system that is more secure than Windows XP/Vista- and Mac users would enjoy it's user-friendliness as well.

    Don't get to excited about “social networking” just yet, because it is in fact part of the Government's intelligence gathering system. Myspace, facebook, even twitter are streamlined with the Government's media centers. It was nicknamed "EagleEye" just like the movie of the same name. And if you read the fine print at most of these websites you can figure that out for yourself.

    Everything you place on their servers belong to them, your photos, your videos even your thoughts. So yes, your “tweets” can make the news without your permission. But knowing the workings of our Government, should we expect anything less? By now we should know the drill. Still, these are only attempts to get their footing into a place that seems beyond their control. What most of us are unaware of is just how the Internet has formed a true democracy of empowerment, to which no single fan or foe can take credit- even though there are many that will try.

    It boils down to the giving up of things that others need without following the rules of Capitalism. This is why Peer-to-Peer networking is such a major problem. We are not just talking about the sharing of music and movies, which this has amounted in a tremendous loss in revenue for the entertainment industry, but we are also talking about the spread of very classified information that Hackers acquire by breaking sophisticated Government codes. Hackers don't have access to information alone, but money as well.

    Some people have in fact been made millionaires overnight, this is not something they will want to report on the 10 o' clock news because everyone believes their money is safe. More than 80% of all the money in the world is digital and being transferred as information via the Internet. Meaning, all the money in the world that we will never make- is literally beaming itself all around us. How convenient.

    We can believe in the falling of a system, or the revenge of fallen people. Either way, everything will change eventually. Our Rulers are very much aware of how this system has “inspired the people” and the real Internet will soon be replaced by a more limited system of access. Already in many countries around the world their Governments decided how much access the people are allowed to have and there are some sites they are not allowed to access nor do they even know they exist. And as more and more people are only allowed to find sites through the most popular engines like google and yahoo, we should also wonder if this same limitation has already been imposed upon us?

    What this means is that we should be taking cues. When people start bartering more for services and products, when we start producing and inventing more and giving them away for free to those that need it, and when we start giving away valuable information and instructions to everyone that requires it- then we would establish a true system of democracy and power will return into the hands of the common people. When we led our hands to the growing of a free food systems on farm lands that is wasting more food than it produces all over America, and when we learn to create natural homes that do not require bank financing and control- we will manifest true democracy. All that I've mentioned is possible because it's already being done.

    Many of us are hoping to return to heaven.
    But many of us are already here.
    You are already part of the Internet Revolution.
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    Intriguing post!