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    The International 3 Grafted Messianic Trees (Revised 3nd Edition)
    By Andre Austin

    All the real messiahs have taken up the sharp sword
    It came to them with the blessing of the lord
    And when its given as the last cherished word
    The beast is bound in an electric eel’s cord
    The blackman sleeps for a 430 year nap
    They feed us with the same substance of snap and lay down their traps
    “And King David says:
    May their Table/Altar become a snare and a
    A stumbling block and a retribution for them…” (Psalm 69/Romans 11)
    Reading Mormon FBI memos they engrafted themselves into Messianic Olive Trees
    And by his side his fruit of bastardy; at later times confess it wasn’t meant for me
    Then proceed to Luke’s family Tree
    Even Emilia knew it, Word to the Wise
    The Spooks wasn’t talking about the Harp of Calypso Rise
    And see all of false Mathias trying to be a new Maccabee
    He even wrote himself into the big dozen (Matthias Acts 1:23-26)
    Because the real ones got the ax for not submitting to Rome see Luke three
    Their rebellious & Inquiring minds persecuted in Rome
    With their skull burnt and turnt into a dome.
    However he (Josephus Bar Mathias Mark 15:43) took 1 survivor from the cross
    After getting permission from the Boss (Titus/Pilate)
    There are no green space ship unless u on a heroin trip
    There are no nigggg.gas from outer space
    You lost track of the time and place
    So smoke that and have a green mountain dew, with that a praise is due
    Because after 9-11 the FBI loved the fake branch and your crew
    God need not bombs and planes he only says the word, “be and it is”
    The fall of the artificial Messiah who speaks like a wiz
    The real ones had the hammer
    And Rome put them in the slammer.
    When a baby cries we give it some milk
    When my lady is naked I dress her in some silk
    When injustice is on the run
    Its an actual fact truthful messiah’s took up the gun
    And if the stars want to help us they can hold up the sun
    Unless you want to dance crazy legs from the gibbet makers tree
    Along with the strange FruitOf it Is a lamb or a snoring man for you to see?
    Its not the mothership- connection that saves so let it get correct
    It’s the unholy alliance with the FBI that watches over and tries to protect
    However, like Eleazar (Lazrus-Christ) pruned on MT Olive (lazrus another name for Jesus)
    On that famous tree then pruned/cut up like Osiris-El-Azar & ate no jive
    They were served Supper At the table in memorial for others to be saved alive (John 12:2)
    Just like they socked it to Jacob (Horus/Osiris) and ate his Penis @ Peniel colony (Genesis 33:22-32)
    Vatican substitute socks of Christ thang was Peter’s bronze Clock; Eucahrist eats its felony
    Abortion girls claiming they do their own thang
    Criminal enterprising cults out there praising street gangs
    And all that talk about slavery, its getting to be an irritation
    Its ironic that their goal to get the million man back on the plantation
    But that’s not all. Just remember the Fall
    Recall it was Titus who encircled the Wall (Luke 19:43-44 & War of Jews 5,12,499-501)
    As I end the beginning shall be
    Just open your eyes so you can see
    The same man who took us down from the tree didn’t leave the ranch
    He helped Titus and his family graft themselves into The New Testament Branch
    To create a pacifistic Messiah movement from the original that was violent
    Now we got the submissive tax paying Christians with backs that are bent
    So there we have it spit in my eyes so I can see
    A walking talking man looking like a tree (Mark 8:22-24)
    Read Suetonius autobiography of Vespasian who did the quote above thee
    However, he’s the NT writer and the false deity
    Told lies from the womb cast into the tombstone
    Like a rejected branch (Isaiah 14:18) it ends in skeleton bones
    Domitian in Revelation is our infamous Red Dragon wearing a Roman Lamb’s wool wig
    He hates his brother Titus, marks him 666, this can you dig
    So there you have it; the secret wasn’t meant for eternity
    We name Vespasian, Titus and Domitian as the real Catholic Trinity
    Father Son Spirit-----the three Tramps
    That’s right dear reader they nothing but scamps
    Dear Nah-Kar-AF please stay out of this evil scene my advise is free
    Unless U want to be the 4th false international Messianic Tree
    Except for the nominal fee of $ 2 dollars
    There will be a time when we start snatching up collars
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