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Jun 3, 2003
The International Government for Black Africans

Now here at the Temple of Africa I Hezekiah being the President have been inspired by the Creator to establish a Government(body of Men and Women) who will erect a Holy Society/Commune we are very very small in numbers and this is a very new project but I am wholeheartedly dedicated and right now we at the Temple are only interested in returning our people(10 or a million) back to Africa.We are slowly gathering funds to assist us in our move to our land to reclaim our culture and heritage. The ultimate goal of our Temple is to create a Commune(society) where we can slowly re teach recivilize our people into living together sharing and Worshipping the creator.For God has promised a Holy Land on Earth and we the Children of Africa are anointed to establish it.We are right now me and the brothers working on heading to maybe Ghana,Nigeria or really wherever to see how much land will be granted or how much we can buy and to talk to state officials on Land and so forth we plan to build houses for anyone of you who are dying to return to Africa a school so we may erase Europeanism out of the minds of our children and re establish in there minds that they are Africans a Communal Kitchen that will feed us all(healthy food) and assist the struggling Africa.Please Understand the Temple has not been designed to create America in Africa but re establish the Africa of Ancient times with Empires such as Mali Timbuktu Ethiopia(Kush) and Ancient Egypt we want our children to shout praises to the God of Creation but before all these plans we first have to walk out blindly into the Darkness and leave this corrupt land BLessed is the name of Yah Yisrael



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Feb 9, 2001

Hello Hezekiah...welcome :wave: ...and thank you for posting your message. The purpose of the Temple of Africa sounds interesting. How long have you been existence and how are you structured? For instance, you refer to yourself as "president."

You also said that "right now we at the Temple are only interested in returning our people(10 or a million) back to Africa." Eventually, who else do you intend to help to return?

Please share more about your history.



Jun 3, 2003
Our Existence has been actually quite short the beginning of this year was the creation of the I guess you could call it company but The dream has always existed. When I spoke of being President it is in no way referring to me as any higher being in the infrastructure of the Governmental Body but as the person who has been inspired by God to return Africa's children .Now speaking of the numbers to be repatriated only God knows for sister history would say that this is an impossible task but here at the Temple we simply are aiming high and our first actual Move or accomplishment or task is to first head to the LAND and buy land.After acquiring land we will raise sufficient money for our cause in Africa and help all peoples willing to return to Africa and be Governed by a Government of Men AND women Governed by God.When we speak of God it does not indicate any religion at all We simply will comply to rules which our people may benefit by .At that point brothers and sisters will be asked to help build houses and schools and help Africa's children return SELAH


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
This is indeed an interesting idea, and in line with the ideals I expressed in my Back to Africa (Marcus Garvey) thread. I think of the two countries brother Hezekiah is exploring, the culture of GHANA would be an easier transition for African Americans to adapt to. However to convince people to go they would need jobs, schools (for those that have children), and property in line. Anything less would be foolish. I'd like to learn more about this movement!!


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Aug 4, 2003

Greetings Brother!

I have worked with different groups of African Israelites and Christians on similar projects. I think it is time and what you are doing is great!!! Simple and plain we need to leave brother, and to many of our people are afraid to say it. I often thought to my myself if all the black Churches and Black Hebrew Congregations put together the money they collected once a month from offerings and tithes; we could give ourselves Reparation for Slavery! All the money could be sent to a Central Bank just like the European Jews do. We have a project where we are exploring the option of investments in Ethiopian Coffe Farms and of course Land purchase/lease. I would very much like to converse with you on some matters to see if we can some how work together. Starting off is tricky because you don't really want to promote any spiritual views so that people will be turned off because it will seem cultish. On the contrary, you have to because we both know it must be founded on a Judaic system with a coming Messiah. There would be too much conflict if you try to create this STATE or community with conflicting doctrines like Islam, Christianity and Agnostic Secular Dogma. Of course these are the minor problems. The main thing is picking a place that African Americans find appealing to return to and one that has religious and historical meaning. Then you have to establish Health Care, Education and Industry Trade then we bring in our "Moral Fiber" Elders, Rabbis, Pastors etc to promote the Theocracy. I believe that the Theology part is the easiest because everyone here knows what has corrupted America and its religious systems.

As far as the country Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia in my view it is all about what we as returning immigrants bring with us that will make for a smooth transition. In my opinion it does not really matter where because all of the countries in Africa are poor and have issues just some more than others. Anybody going to any one of those places should have a surplus/FUNDS to start building as soon as possible. The reason is that none of those places have the infrastructure to support a community with limited funding that wants to live there. It will take strong backing from brothers and sisters here in the States to get any community up and running.

I have a great deal to share concerning this issue and I also am willing to learn and hear others. To all here keep this dream Alive because it will WORK it has in the pass for others!

God Bless!

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