Chief Elder Osiris : The Internal Galactic Clock Has Been Turned off In Black People

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    The Internal Galactic Clock has been Turned off In Black People?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Well, I guess after you read this information I will share with you today, I will have an increase of Black Afrikan Human Beings who will declare me to be unstable mentally, in a derogatory way.

    I will share this with you anyway, because we Black people have proven to be without the ability to know what is in the Black life Divine interest.

    There is much talk about the coming year 2012, and there is also talk about a mystery planet that is fast approaching planet Earth, commonly referred to as Nibiru or Planet X, which mean that this Planet X or space instrument with navigational ability, is already in our Solar system, and is with a devastating gravitational force with a powerful electromagnetic force field, and the closer it get to Earth the more Earthly and climatic catastrophe you can look to experience on Earth.

    I share this information revealed to me by the use of remote viewing.

    So tell me, why is it that Europeans, Asians, and Jewish people are fascinated of the universe, and not Black people?

    Why is it that white people and middle and far eastern ethnics are interested in their Spirituality, always attempting to get in touch with a force greater than the life force, having intuitions that have them not acting like uncivilized savages, but searching for what they call their inner deeper spiritual self?

    But, such seem not to be of interest to Black people.


    There is much to be shared with you black People but I know the limitation of the Mind that you now wear and such divine information would by such a low level Mind, would only be made fun of to cloak your ignorance that prove you not knowing what you need to know about the universe, your Black selves and about the Divine essence, and such lack of Divine knowledge is because of the fact that Black people Galactic clock has been turned off, no longer function, as you sit on your do nothing behind allowing an entire continent to be taken away from your Black behind, while you skinning and grinning, claiming that your Black life is all Good.

    What a sad and pitiful Black Religious people you have been made to be today.

    Who is it that give lip service and make claim about being Goddess and Gods, being the first to be upon this Earth, and love to make claim of being the parents of this World people, claiming to be Civilized, and make claim to be the people who introduced civilization to this wold of people on Earth?

    Well, the people who make such a claim to be so cosmic, are the people who have no interest in the cosmos, and is not aware of a lost of their Divine Mind, and act to be the biggest skeptic about there being other life form in this vast Universe.

    Well beloved, those people are the Darkest pigmented Beings, they who know not what and who they are, and is well known to be Black so call Afrikan people.

    I have received from Divine revelation about this time we refer to as modern Time, that we are about to experience what the Primitive (FIRST) Time really is, and how the powerful energy of and in various Time, did and do, at various intervals of time, express with great fury, its action.

    So, when the Universe is in motion of alignment and moving to another dispensation window of Time positioning, things of a Divine nature happen, and when it does, and you are without Divine knowledge and understanding of the Universe, and yourself being a part of that universe, you end up categorizing and describing Nature universal action as an act being done by some "Dark evil force", labeling such action as wrong, bad, unfair and evil.

    What I am sharing with you is that, we are entering a first Time that is not first, but first to you who are in this so call modern Time, movement that has modern Time to seem like Time that possess uncivilized people.

    In other word, the people in this modern time, in comparison to the people of Primitive Time, in term of the use of wise intelligence, is of no challenge intellectually, and it is the first world Time that this Earth is about to experience again.

    The First world Time in action, come with an energy that bring Harmony, Order, and balance to this Planet Earth world, and what happens in such an action of cleansing, is not acceptably to modernized worldly people on this planet Earth.

    So, it matter not what and how you feel about the way the Nature of the Universe express its action in doing what it does, in order to bring calmness and solidarity to the space entities that is of all solid bodies and ethereal entities that make to be the universe, therein being an action of INFINITE ENERGY, and it goes on continuously in the billions of galaxies that constitute the universe.

    We as anthropomorphous Beings, wonder why it is that by Nature we need to know of our place in this Magnificent scheme of Infinite action, that which goes on among the bodies that constitute the Universe, and each member of the universe is a microcosm of each other, the outer layer of our Being, which constitute what is referred to as the Universe.

    So, there is nothing that take place in the Universe that is not to be understood by the universe.

    so that is why it is such a Divine imperative for each member of the Universe to know its place, its meaning, its purpose for being a member of such a universal action.

    But not Black people, we who came to become a part of this solar system, and now we have no fascination, no wonderment, no questions about what others tell us bout the universe, about ourselves, and about what is label to be GOD.

    You know why Black people do not know what and who we are, and what is happening in the world as I share this information with you?

    Well it is because the galactic clock that is included within each member that constitute the Universe, and in this instance, as a group, Black so call Afrikan people now function without an active galactic clock, and that is what have Black people to be so amenable to religion, and to be such skeptic about life being in other Galaxy solar systems.

    The Galactic clock is that Ethereal presence that rotate and revolve within the body, and is what have the Internal Organs Vibrating on a Divine frequency, and that frequency is what have you with the ability to reason Divinely, which has to be in evidence, the functioning of a divine Mind, and from the action of such a Mind, there is made manifest a Divine Spirit.

    So, with the combination of the functioning of the Galactic clock and the functioning of a Divine Mind, which is producing a Divine spiritual action, then the decision that is made concerning the life of that body, will be to protect and respect that life, by providing a Divine Living experience for that Body life.

    Today, the galactic clock is operating at such a low level in Black people, to the point it might as well not to be functioning, it is turned off, because today, Black people do not function with their own Divine mind, but under the Profane mind of Lucifer the Human Being.

    So, there is no wonder why Black people do not understand what time it is, nor can we understand all that is happening in the world today, and can not, without the show of embarrassment, display a spiritual connection with Afrika, nor with each other.

    So, we become baffle over how to make the correct decision about the action going on by the world, in and out of Afrika.

    Black people not having the Divine spirit to go into action to protect the sovereignty of the Continent of Afrika, nor with a desire to fight for the unity of Black people.

    to all serious capable of Thinking Black people, Reparation must be the Target Goal for the Black Afrikan, and it is Reparation that represent Afrika Freedom and unity for the Black Race.

    Divine spirituality and not Religion spirituality, when knowledge of such is demonstrated by Black People, and a desire for such a life practice through the show of action, only then, will there be evidence that the Galactic clock is ticking again in the Black Body Life of the Divine Black Being, you now being referred to as the Black Afrikan Human Being, without the Function of a galactic clock.

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]