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    The Insurance Reform Program Reveal the ineffectiveness of Change By Obama

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When he first came on the scene of big Time politics, I shared with you that this man is not who you want him to be and since Black people is so famish for Change and has been conditioned by the whip of religion to believe that meaningful change that will include the life of Black people, must come from a Messiah and since religion has conditioned its believers that Jesus is the Messiah, and Black people are fanatics religious believers, then when Obama came on the big Time Politic Stage, Black people immediately submitted that Obama will be the Messiah for Black people and now since Obama now live in those white folks house, he has been made thus far to reveal who he really is, just another Lucifer Made politician.

    You have some Black religious drunk believers and leaders, who will have you to believe what you are looking at coming from Obama, is only an illusion of what you will see of the real Obama later on, as he become more settle in his New Home.

    Some of us Black people claim that Obama has a secret plan to Liberate Black people in America, and I share with you, if you believe such a claim coming from your lying will not tell you the Divine Truth and Deceiving so call Black Leaders, they who are in every category of Social, Economic, Education, Political, and Religious position of influence and persuasion in America involvement today, and now you are a victim of such action, which serve to show that our mental illness has turned for the worst, today.

    Those Black Informers, masquerading as your leaders, and they do today, so that they can remain efficient in making Black people to act like a Foolish believer in them, and you are a victim of such deception that is coming from your so call Black leaders, and that is what serve to be evident that Black people have been made to be Mental ill today.

    Here you Black people are, with your Mental ill blinders on, yelling and showing a sign of happiness over the fact that Lucifer has allowed Obama of mix race and his Family, to be the First Family occupants in the White House of Lucifer, there where much planning and strategizing has gone on for centuries to keep Black people abused and confused, the formula that is for the making of a Mental ill Black people, a people who are in dire want of a religious messiah and has decided to anoint Obama to be the Black Messiah that will bring a change to the level of injustice that is so common to the lives of Black people.

    So you see, I do not need to tamper with Time in order to know that Obama is not the Black Messiah that Black people want him to be, and it is that intensity of want that have Black people not being qualified to see who Obama Profanely is, and he is no Messiah of Black Liberation to Black people, nor to Afrika.

    The Candidate For President Obama had a message that was different from the Message President Obama is giving to you today and you call such political action an action of deception, which is based upon the art of political compromise, and when you are in a position that is founded upon compromise, then many of those who participate in such a game of politics on such a high level, they can not be trusted concerning what promises are made in such a vicious game that is laden with vain and profane ego, envy, jealousy, lying and deceiving, beloved.

    Obama promised you Universal Health care and what he give to you is nothing close to what Candidate Obama promised to you concerning Health Care Coverage for every American, and you, because of your fanaticism of belief that Obama is the Black Messiah, as always, you submit without Thinking and a nonthinking people are a no questioning people, and when you do not ask questions of those who make such grandiose promise, it serve to mean that you are mental ill, beloved.

    Beloved, this is not an attack upon Obama more so than it is a verification of the Divine Truth concerning Obama, the man who lie to you and you still give to him your favor, why, because you have been so well conditioned in religion to be a faithful believer and it is that level of belief that has made Black people to live the low quality of life we now live, and to act as mental ill Black people, a people who can not distinguish between what is Divinely Real and what is vain profane Fantasy of illusion.

    You have so call Black people who still attempt to force their way into the fray of white folks politics, trying to sound oh so intelligent as if they know what they are telling Black people about what is going on in America and the world, as if we have been official to be equal partners in the sharing of the Wealth of the Earth.

    Not so beloved, look and have your Black selves to see the state of condition of Afrika today and the low level of Mind that guide Black people today, a Mind that have Black people to be a Divided Black Nation, suffering from the disease of Lucifer Religion and making claim that Obama is the Black Messiah.

    Yet Obama has not shown to you Black people one sign that he has come to Liberate the Mind of Black people and to tare away the barriers of injustice that feed upon the lives of Black people in America, and where ever Black people are on this Earth.

    You are a very easy Mark of a Black people, to frivolous promises, promises coming from your so call Black leaders, they who do not have an ounce of power, Authority, nor control, that will qualify them to be able to make good on the lousy deceiving promises they make to your Black life.

    Yet here you are, because of the level of Black Folks sickness, which is with the Mind, it is such a Profane High Level of illness that is affecting the Black Mind, so much so, until we become confused with what is our need for a Greater Good to come to our Black Life, as we settle for the Greater Harm that come to our life today.

    We Black people have been made to justify such a level of harm that keep us Mentally blind by being made to believe that God is not going to put no more on us that is harmful to us, than we can bear, and that the more we suffer in the Name of Jesus, the more and Greater our reward will be for us, not on a earth you are certain of, but in a Heaven you believe of, and you have Myriads of Black people who hold to such vain illogical faith of a belief, and you are going to tell me that Black people do not suffer from a illness of the Mind, today?

    Black and poor people was promised Universal Health Care from Candidate Obama and since we constitute the social class of people in America that is without Health Care, then it is logical to conclude that Obama was in fact making a promise to Black and poor people to be included in having Health care coverage in America, but not so, the powerful Insurance Lobbyist has decided against such a Universe of a coverage for everybody and Obama can not do a **** thing about it but come to you playing on your ill mind, making claim that you should be satisfied with not what he has promised you, but with what Lucifer has continued to do to you and that is to ignore your Black do nothing Mental ill behind.

    Now, I invite you to Divinely show one thing that I am sharing with you that is made up revelation, you see, revelation is not made on belief but on Divinely Thinking and knowing what is Divinely logical and factual, based upon experience, and that which I am sharing with you, is from experience based upon Reasonable and Rational observation, beloved.

    You Black people have been made to hate hearing the Divine Truth about your Black selves, a quality of Truth, if adhered to, is capable of bringing freedom to your Black Mind, beloved.

    Obama is in the process of restructuring America, having it to become a Socialistic Democracy, a system that give supreme power in a system of governing, meaning the Government, a system that is no longer by the power of the people, but is of the corporate Business, power of the Few and the Wealthy.

    But you see, it does not matter positively to Black people what system it is that Govern America, your Black behind was never included in any kind of an American Government, you always have been considered to be of the Class of the out side of America system of governing, consisting of the Have Not, and that is the way it will remain under Obama and how it has been in the past and will be in days after Obama, as you try and force your way into inclusion in America.

    You Can Take This Or Leave It Alone, It Will Remain Divinely True Regardless Of The Spirit That You Show Toward It, beloved.

    Beloved, don't you know that America and those other countries of Government that are of the same Governing Strain as America is, that they are Government of and for the Wealthy, and that the world is systematically divided into two Class of significance, one consisting of the Haves and the other of the Have Not, and that the world every since Lucifer came into power over the Black world, that the Lucifer Construction was to have a Class society and that the world condition in accordance to Success and not success, is manufactured by the creation of a Class social Governing system, and the struggle in the world is based upon not freedom of opportunity but upon Class division, something that is contrived and is not Natural,beloved.

    Obama is in the making of a Socialist Democratic Class System in America, and the World follow in pursuant to that Unjust Drum Beat, a beat that sustain the Division of the World, based upon Class, the evil system of social opportunity that come forth out of the Mind of Lucifer, the wealthy element of and in the world today that now influence how you are to believe about your social standing in the world, which is divided and is control by a Wealthy Class structured Society.

    So your Life motivation should not be about social relation with others, more so than about the equal access to the Wealth of the Earth, because Black people do not need anybody distributing anything to us that we can get for ourselves, if our Land is under our control and authority, and our Freedom rest in the enjoyment of experiencing Justice that is to be applied to all people regardless of Class which made to be a status in the world.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Yes, I will continue to inform you of your need to read my just released Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, It is for your life need not mine, beloved.

    The Book can be founded at Barnes And Noble, Amazon Book Store, and at the Iuniverse Link Below, beloved.

    The Book is about the Revelation of not Black, White, Jew, Arab Life, but about Life and how those among us have come to control life, and how Life has been made to be confused by the few that dictate to your Mind what to believe about all that pertain to your Life Body Living, beloved.

    the Link is below, Thanks.

    There should be no space in the Link

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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