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    What inspired me to write "Horizon" was the "Isaiah 14:12" passage about the so-called "Fall of Lucifer." Lets make it clear. Lucifer NEVER "fell" nor is Lucifer a "fallen angel." Lucifer never was an angel. Satan never was either. Yup! Lucifer and Satan are different/opposites however, are linked. The passage in the scriptures (Isaiah 14:12) pertaining to the "fall of Lucifer" is not about any angelic entity. The passage is referring to an ancient Babylonian King (Nebuchadnezzar) and the Hebrew passage referring to the "son of the morning star" was Helial which means "Shining One." The passage was about the pride of Nebuchadnezzar and how he was humbled. That passage was misinterpreted by Pope or St. Jerome. The name "Lucifer" became misunderstood and related the name to evil. (darkness being that evil, severity, negativity is of the realm of darkness) Lucifer is known as the "son of the morning star." In ancient Khemet it was Isis/Aset who was known as the morning star (Venus) and her son is Horus... Lucifer means, "light-bearer" making Lucifer a god of light the same as Horus. Throughout the biblical gospels of the New Testament, it is recorded that Jesus stated (as is written) " I am the Light of The World..." That quote and other related quotes referring to "light" and how Jesus claims that he is the light makes him a light-bearer... Lucifer... See also the parallels between Horus and Jesus. I believe Heru to be the true KRST/Christ. Christ, (Khristos/Greek) (Christus/Latin-Roman) literally means annointed/chosen one or messiah. The messiah was a king. The term "messiah" is derived from the word "mesa" which was boiled crocodile fat that the ancient Khemites called, "Holy Mesa" which is what the priest would use to annoint the selected pharaoh before being crowned. That's why dragons are related with royalty. Horus was the rightful heir to his father's throne making him a legitimite and True Messiah. See the Biblical books of Kings and the Chronicles of the Kings and you will see that the Hebrew custom concerning birthrights is passed down from father to son. (Patriarchal) Also the Hebrew kings were to be descended(biological) from the tribe of Judah. (descendants of King David) However, in the gospels (as it is written) Joseph, who was married to Mary (mother of Jesus) was of the tribe of Judah but was *not* the biological father of Jesus. Mary, was said to be from the tribe of Levi. So with that understood Jesus could not have been the Messiah or Christ the Hebrews belied would come. The Christ of the Hebrews was to be a direct biological descendant of King David who would liberate the people from oppression (Roman rule) and rule Israel as king. The Hebrew Messiah was to be a warrior like King David as well. (Jesus was no warrior) Jesus did not fit the role of a true messiah. However, Heru was a warrior from start to finish, rightful heir of his father's throne who overthrew his father's adversary and ascended the throne of his father. Who was the adversary? The dark prince now commonly known as "Satan"(Shaitan-adversary). Satan is not a name but a title. The dark prince, is Set/Satan. Though Horus and Set are opposites they are ever linked which supports the balance. (yin/yang)