Chief Elder Osiris : The Insincerity Within The Reparation Movement

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    > Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:
    > You know dear beloved, it is imperative that we who are sincere in the
    > for Reparation, do not allow the insincerity of those who crave Reparation
    > for the hope for selfish material gain, absent of the pleasure to enjoy
    > restoration of our Hue-Man Rights along with our liberation from the evil,
    > immorality and abuse we now receive from those who are indebted to us, the
    > children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, for the evil they profited
    > by Enslaving our Afrikan Ancestors, here in america.
    > This I speak is meant to hit all who now cry out for Reparation without a
    > conscious of respect and honor to and for our Enslaved Ancestors.
    > Pretend as we may, but the voice of Truth, which walk hand and hand with
    > gods of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, will in fact, serve to reveal to
    > Family of those who went through that horror of Chattel Slavery, the
    > imposters among us, crying the loudest for Reparation for the mere purpose
    > to give it right back to a system that still has the blood of our Enslaved
    > Afrikan Ancestors dripping from their hands.
    > Reparation must not be used for the mere purpose to gain favor in the eyes
    > of the oppressor.
    > If the cry for Reparation is not for the restoration of our Hue-Man Rights
    > and our Liberation, which can only come with the desire to totally extract
    > ourselves out of the presence of a crashing and immoral society and a
    > prejudice racist system of governing, such is only an insincere cry,
    > from the mind of a well conditioned Slave.
    > It is a fool who is totally unaware of the power of Environment and in
    > america the Environment is so well structured for the purpose to continue
    > embrace the evil of prejudice Racism, toward a long time people that has
    > always been targeted as their play thing for immoral use and evilly abuse.
    > Only the white man Religion will allow the mind of an Afrikan to make
    > that God blessed america and now God is going to turn over america to the
    > Afrikan american, a land taken at the barrel of a gun followed by
    > unrepentant lies, yet we Afrikans here by way of the middle passage,
    > hesitation do so consent to sign onto such evil.
    > Not I, my dear beloved, my hearing is clear and my mind is free, therefore
    > can make claim in knowing who I am again and I can hear with clarity the
    > voice of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, as he so proclaimed to the world,
    > AFRIKA IS FOR THE AFRIKANS and there is no room for compromise or
    > gestures.
    > Until we are able to read with understanding the metaphors of yestertime
    > wisely interpret the magic of the Universe, we the Carbon Afrikan Nation,
    > scattered to the four corners of the earth and in particular the
    > AfroDescendants in the Diaspora and specially in america, will not be able
    > to appreciate the Sacred and Divine calling of Reparation, for our
    > Carbon Afrikan Ancestors and what is required of us in order to be
    > to cry out with demand,sincerely, for Reparation.
    > The insincere will attempt to make it seem as if Reparation has no
    > boundaries, they attempt to integrate as well as assimilate the purpose of
    > Reparation as being all inclusive.
    > Those of us who are insincere will make no distinction when crying out for
    > Reparation.
    > To the insincere, Reparation is to be used making no distinction between
    > Civil rights and Hue - Man Rights, assimilation and separation, religion
    > Ancient Afrikan Theology, affirmative action and complete independent
    > action, economic development and economic sovereignty, land lease and
    > control of land and injustice instead of justice.
    > Reparation is not in need to be studied, just implemented, the work is
    > and the worker is worthy of pay, a debt is owed to our Enslaved Afrikan
    > Ancestors and Justice demand payment and only a devil will deny such truth
    > of claim.
    > It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!
    > We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation !!!
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    > Harambee Radio Network, beginning at 7pm eastern time to 8pm.
    > The Time Has Come For Afrika And The Afrikan Liberation !!!
    > Only The Devil Is Unhappy With This Message.
    > Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Chief Elder
    > Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    > National Chairman
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement