Chief Elder Osiris : The Insensitivity Of Afrikan Americans Toward Our Enslaved Ancestors

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    The Insensitivity Of Afrikan Americans Toward Our Enslaved Ancestors

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There can be no sensitivity of Respect shown toward our Enslaved Ancestors as long as there is insensitivity shown toward self, so there is no wonder why it is that black Folks are in the condition we are in today Mentally, we are as a child that need to be led and told what is good for us and what is not, and in the case of Many Black Folks the people serving as our teacher happen to be the very same people that have caused Most Black People to be insensitive toward self and toward our Enslaved Ancestors.

    When there has been a disconnect between the Sense to Mind Relationship the end result is a misconception of self and the happening that goes on in the world, and where there is no knowledge of Self there can be no knowledge of our Ancestral Linage that will be of a Divine awareness, and without such an awareness it will cause you to be subject to the teaching of any and everybody that teach you about everything you should believe but have been made not to know and belief make you to become insensitive to the Divine Truth about all you need to Know.

    So do you believe that Black People have gotten into the mental cycle we now function in by accident, do you believe that we have been made to be insensitivity to the Divine Truth by accident, do you believe we have been made to be satisfied with a degraded nature by accident, do you believe we have been made to be ignorantly arrogant toward the Divine Truth by accident, do you believe we have been made to be Religious by accident and do you believe we have been made to want to be someone other than ourselves by accident, therefore causing us Black People to become insensitive toward our selves and toward our Ancestral experiences.

    Many Black People have been made to be satisfied with what we are only qualified to look at and the more we look the more we are made to be blind and can not see the things that require the mind to see and when the mind has been made to go blind in a people and in this case Black People, then you get the result that you now are looking at of Black People, a people who despise the Divine Truth and has grown to be insensitive toward self and our Enslaved Ancestors, as well as our Divine Ancestral Linage, a Linage we have been told and made to forget and not to remember, degrading our Past we do, to a level that cause us to believe our past is of no importance to be remembered, as so taught to Black people by the people who now own most Black People Mind and without control of your Mind you are no more than Children in a Matured body needing to be told everything to do in the activity of your life.

    In a state of insensitivity you become worthless to Self and when there is no sense of Mind of value of high quality of self, you become a people that is of insignificance to the world you once were a unique part of, in and of yourselves, so there is no wonder the Black World live now in a world that prescribe to Black People what their lives are worth and at such a low value the Black World now wander around with a Mind so acquired by us and that Mind is what is causing Black people to be satisfied with our present insensitivity and Mental defect that have black people behaving as we do today and with Black people approval.

    With such a low quality of Mind, we Black people now function with, there can be no sensitive Divine Mind elevation of the Black body life from the present state of the body life we now live, and that is a life that cause Black people to justify the present spirit most Black people display in life and it is that spirit that has been acquired by Black People from those other people we have been conditioned to love and worship religiously.

    Any people that is happy in being a second hand reporter of events that have already been reported is a people without their Divine Original Mind and is satisfied of that being the extent of the activity they perform in the present state of condition we find ourselves in, and take such a condition as a sign of progress and advancement, as if it is a Gift from God to be in a condition whereby we have to advance in life and progress in life, which indicate that the present life being lived is in a condition that somebody else other than self must determine the quality of our life condition and that beloved is being insensitive of Mind toward self.

    As long as Black People in America remain insensitive toward self and our Enslaved Ancestors we will remain to be a people that love lies and submit to deceit and despise the self of whom we are, and take no concern in respecting the Divine Truth, a Truth we long has forgotten and when the sensitivity toward the Divine Truth is no more, that is a sign that we now function with a Mind that is not our Mind and the evidence of such a Divine Truth, observe the state of condition of Afrika and those Black People referring to themselves as Afrikans.

    So tell me, what is going on in Afrika as I share this with you today, Black Folks running around being insensitive toward other Black Folks, raping, slaughtering, maiming Children, Women, Elderly, the young and old of Black People, allowing phony boundary lines and artificial Tribal difference to serve as a motivation to act as barbarians toward each other and you tell me that Black Folks have something to be proud about, Yes!!!, because Black people have been made to become insensitive toward each other, as we attempt to be arrogantly insulting toward each other every Time the Divine Truth is revealed and shared with Black People and those who are so lowly of mind to the point to believe that they are a worthy foe against the Divine Truth, having only what white folks have taught you as your weapon of offense, using simple elementary approach in an effort to discord the Divine Truth and it is that type of action that have Black People being insensitive to the Divine Truth, always leading in your attack of the Divine Truth with your Ego, Envy, and acts of Jealousy ( the trinity of evil ) serving as your weapon of motivation, how sad and pitiful of a people we Black Folks have become, with there being little room for exception to those who stand fast in the presence of Afrikan American adversary insensitivity.

    Any people whose Ancestors have been treated insanely vicious by others in attacking their body life and in our case, so much so, until it has caused a division between the children of those Ancestors to the point that a large fraction of those abused Ancestors children have been made to become so insensitive toward those Ancestors that was treated as Enslaved Chattel, so much so, until you have some Afrikan Americans who get offended when being reminded of what happen to cause us to be in America without a Visa or a Passport or Green Card or what have you to show you came to America by Choice and not in the Genetic Boat of of our Enslaved Ancestors and many of those converted Afrikan Americans have the audacity to speak in opposition to our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their Reparation and their Children having the Right of Choice as to remain in America or to go Home as the next established State in Afrika with a mission to help in causing Afrika to become Afrika again and to bring about a reunification of Afrikan Black People, in Afrika.

    So beloved, if that is not your motivation for Living Black, then what is, tell me, why are you Black People here on this planet, scattered to the four corners of this planet, all mostly being insensitive to each other and we call that being Normal Black People?

    Black people held in bondage so long until we have grown insensitive toward self to the extent Freedom is not a priority and Afrika and a Divided Black Nation today is taken to be as a natural progression of Black People and you have Black people claiming to be so intelligent but yet is so insensitive toward self and our Enslaved Ancestors using white folks argument for reason they are here and must remain here in America and they speak so aggressively against our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their Reparation and they have no sensitive and mental connection to Afrika or to what our people have been made to become toward each other in Afrika and every where else we are, and these are the European so call intelligent Black confessed Afrikan Americans, they who make claim to be the leaders of Black people in America and you wonder why the confessed Afrikan Americans and Afrikans every where else on this planet behave as we do today toward each other?

    Any so call Afrikan Americans calling themselves intelligent and will attempt to argue the reason to want to remain in America by using such argument of how our Enslaved Ancestors endured such a torture of treatments by the hand of the people whose mind we now wear today, as justification for our stay, claiming that is what our Enslaved Ancestors would have desired for us to do, you are a poor excuse for being Black and need to be tarred and made to experience the same torture our Enslaved Ancestors experienced and then let us see what your want would be concerning America.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, not until Black people regain a sensitivity with a Divine Mind, will Black people gain the respect we need of ourselves that will serve as our motivation to be free and for Afrika to become Afrika again and once again the Black Nation to be reunited again and yes we have been a United black Nation before.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement