Chief Elder Osiris : The Injury That Self Deception And Doubt Bring Upon Black People

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    The Injury That Self Deception And Doubt Bring Upon Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are many of Black people who wonder why it is that Black people are so disgruntle about the way Black people life is not taken serious and do not have much value in the world.

    Yet, there are some Black people going around just because they have completed the education indoctrination performed by the Human Being upon Black Americans, in their educational system, the Black Americans consider themselves to be among the talented tenth of Black people and with a Helluva intelligence.

    yet, I ask, is it not such false intelligence, that is not enough for the Black American to determine what and who it is that keep Black people to be the biggest Joke in the World,?

    Here we Black Folks are, running around referring to ourselves as being goddess and gods and do not have the mind to back up such a claim, running around claiming to be so educated intelligent, but can not determine where the Black people Liberation and Salvation reside.

    Black so call Afrikian People have been made to become a people over burden with self deception and that is why Black people are the most dishonest people on this earth, as well.

    Beloved, do you not see, because we refuse to recognize the fact that we no longer know who we are, therefore, we do not know what is to be acceptable and unacceptable to the Black life, so we deceive our Black selves by pretending that we do?

    Yet, it is our life condition and our position in the world that reveal the liars that we are, those claiming all is well with the individual Black life, because of our ascribed to mental individualism, a personality that will have you claiming you to be more than what you are in life, lying to self, just to give off the appearance of self containment and intelligent self awareness.

    A people who have no Trust and Respect for each other, is a people without the quality of mind that is qualified in revealing the Divine Nature of your Being, and not to know such a Divine truth, will cause you to have a spirit of self deception and a spirit that reveal that you are in doubt about anything told to you that did not come from the authoritative Human Being, the Black Afrikan oppressors.

    Tell me beloved, have you ever seen and or heard from those so call Black Afrikans who are always in opposition to what is not approved and sanctioned by White authority?

    Take Reparation as an instance, which I will use as a good example, have you heard from those Black Folks who come right out of their believing mind, being in opposition to Reparation, making emphatic statement as if they have an inside look in a Dimension that is not, which is the future, when voicing their doubting reason as to why Black people will not ever be paid their Enslaved Ancestors reparation, have you?

    Those who boldly speak as if to be a prophet of Reparation Doom, speaking as if they have gotten their instruction straight from their religious God mouth, they stating to Black people that those white people in authority will never pay what they owe to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is Reparation.

    Black Americans, they that speak in such a way about Reparation, speak as if they are in a wish mode against Reparation and do willingly serve as enablers to Black people oppression.

    Those Black Americans showing so much doubt about us receiving our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, they do so by showing such a position spirit in support of White people ability to oppress Black people, implying that Evil is to always triumph over the Greater Good in life, and it is Reparation that represent the Greater Good For The Black Children Of The Middle Passage life.

    When the naysayers speak falsely and negative about reparation, they speak with such a confidence of having such an insight into the psychic of White Authority and by doing so, it indicate how less of an insight that they have into themselves.

    Black People, indicating that Black people is no match with white authority, so they suggest to you Black people, all of the negative they have about Black people in comparison to white authority, which should have you to see and know who it is that is your greatest enemy, concerning the issue of Reparation.

    Such Black self deception and doubt, extend way beyond just the issue of Reparation, such a defeatist spirit is common in Black Americans and that is why you do not see and hear of Black Americans speaking and acting in the positive, when the issue is Black People present life condition and position is in the world today.

    Those self deceiving and doubting Black Americans, you will not ever see and hear of them speaking in the positive about our Liberation, Freedom, qualified Justice, Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, discrimination, and Reparation.

    They rather be more positive speaking, about white authority allowing for affirmative action, life advancement, community economic development, dependence upon America Government system to give a free hand out regarding their health care, and to be told when, how, and where you can travel.

    The Black Americans accept those wants not to be a handicap to Black folks Freedom and independence, because such high standards for the Black Life is not a goal of Black Americans, the naysayers of Black people right to Demand and collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Even those among us who make claim to be in pursuit for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, do so under the cover of self deception and doubt, believing in White Authority system to force its own system to do justice toward the Children of the Middle Passage.

    Not so beloved, only when the Children Of The Middle Passage come to See and Know that only the Children Of The Middle Passage, is qualified to Demand and to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, as well as our Freedom, Independence, the Sovereign of the Black Life, with Justice, happiness, and Joy, a Spiritual state that the Children of the Middle Passage is entitle to, as well as all of Afrika Black People, not until then, will the Black Life become Divine again in experience of knowing and not doubt.

    Whenever a people still in bondage of any kind and to be self deceiving and with doubt about the truthfulness of your life condition, there is no greater injury that can be self afflicted upon such people.

    Such a weak condition and position, will have a tendency to have such self deceivers and doubters to always be finding themselves attempting to justify the ignorant intelligence allowed to misguide us and to serve as a pacifier to the self deceiving doubting, Black Afrikans.

    So you see beloved, without the Divine Knowledge of the importance of having the function of a Divine Mind, a Mind capable of putting you into a spirit to know and act in the best interest of the collective Black self.

    Such put you to be capable of shielding and healing your Black Body Life, from all Hurt, Harm, and danger to come to your life.

    So, without such Divine knowledge about the Divine Power of the Mind, a Mind that must be Divinely in action, and is functioning Divinely in Thought, without your Black life being in such a Divine state to function, the Black Life remain destined to be in a state of self deception and doubt, concerning our Black selves.

    A Divine Mind produce a Divine Spirit and a Divine spirit is capable of putting you in such a Meditative state, until the questions you have about the physical state of life will come clear to you.

    But you must see, that is not all that a Divine Spiritual State can do, it will have you to be qualified to go beyond the state of the conscious levels and it is in that beyond Dimension, will you be qualified to know the Cosmic Metaphysical Quantum action that serve to you being intuitive informed about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and your Divine Black self and how you are to obtain your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, that will take you home back to Afrika, with dignity.

    Having such a Divine Mind in action, will in fact reveal to you the validity and reality of you being successful in obtaining your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, that sacred and Divine issue that a common indoctrinated into White Authority service Black American, is not qualified to understand or to know, about Reparation,

    It is such Divine Mental action that give to you the Spiritual Knowledge that is required for you to be in possession of, before you can come to know the imperative necessity Reparation serve to the obtaining of Afrika returning to be for the Afrikans and the Black Afrikans no longer being self deceivers and doubters, but will become a Reunified Black Afrikan Nation, in Afrika, once again.

    You may call this wishful believing which I do not subscribe to, but I take it to be what it is, which is Divine Knowing, which is not able to be looked at, because such an act prevent you from Seeing the Divine Truth about the Sacredness of Reparation, and the Black Afrikan Divine Life.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]